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I responded to Warren Cole Smith’s argument that a vote for Romney is a vote for the Mormon Church in the Daily Caller today.

Read it here.

Read it, share it, tweet it, and comment.  We need to use the notoriety of Smith’s column as an opportunity to make the case for Mitt.

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6 Responses to A Response to Warren Cole Smith

  1. Liz says:

    I appreciate this effort. I’m not sure what drives it but I find it noble. On the other hand, I wonder exactly what standards are required to be an “evangelical”. I’ve known some pretty wild ones. What would you say the root belief is that inspires such…..what do you call it when you absolutely detest someone because of their religious beliefs…..derision and disgust towards LDS folk? I think it is taught from youth up.

    I don’t really want an answer to the question, because my gut tells me it is based in ignorance. Dialogue and good reasoning like you find here are likely part of the solution.

    Here’s to a better, less divided America.

  2. tiafala says:

    An outstanding response with lots of senses.
    Mr Warren Cole Smith has a very different agend for attacking MR based on MR’s church affiliation. MR lives his daily life based on his church teachings. He is a real Christian to the Bone. How about you? Are you taking over God’s place as the Judge for MR and his religion? Give unto Caesar what is rightfully Caesar, and to God what is Gods!!!!

  3. Steve Bigelow says:

    I judge a man by how well he exemplifies the teachings of Christ in his actions, not just his words or professed beliefs.
    God may or may not judge a man by his “works” but I am not God nor do I profess that I can stand in the place of God, when it comes to judging a man. Many may draw close to Christ in their words or professed religious beliefs but are not even close in their actions or works.
    The best way to judge future behavior is to look at past behavior. Mitt Romney exemplifies the commonly held morals and ethics that Christ taught, in his actions as well as his words.
    He is also unparalleled among other candidates at building incredibly successful companies and projects in our American free enterprise system. Without bringing our country back from economic disaster, we will not have the ability to provide the freedoms and opportunities that America has always been known for in the past. If America declines further, who will dominate? What practical hope will we Christians have for spreading the “Word”?
    No man is perfect. But among the republican candidates, Mitt Romney is the clear choice. A combination of:
    Conservative morals, ethics held by all Christians regardless of their religious affiliations
    Proven leadership ability
    Charisma & presidential poise
    The rest of the candidates are all good people but we need more than just that!
    Our country, our way of life, our freedoms are at a turning point. Good conservatives must unite. We need to pick the best candidate to fit the job! This is not just a popularity contest.

  4. John says:

    Four years ago, people like Warren Cole Smith gave us the destruction of the Obama administration because they could not separate the need for competence ,knowledge and real world experience in a President from their prejudices and fears that another man’s beliefs might cause the Mormon church to grow. He and many others are making that same terrible mistake again. Hopefully the results will be different this time. Imagine people so filled with Old Testament attitudes so much so that the Lord of the New Testament would only recognize their actions and motives as those of Pharisees. Where is the “Christ” in these Christians? Where is the patriotism in these Americans?

  5. Pam says:

    Thankyou for you site. I am LDS and was forced to quit our local Tea Party, that I helped start, due to the insults about my religion. The irony was that it was mostly during a class “The 5000 Year Leap” how they really loved this book and it’s Christian priniples. I never told them that a relative of mine was the author since I wanted them to learn about the Constitution without holding the religion of the author against the contents of the book. Most information about our church is incorrect. There may be plenty to argue with without making stuff up. ha I understand that. I certainly would not hold it against Rick Perry for his individual faith or Michelle Bachman’s. I feel they are sincere. As I told a Baptist preacher, client of mine, that I certainly hoped that Jesus Christ would judge each person by their own relationship with him and not some doctrine they just were wrong about. I imagine when He returns, we will all have to adjust our thinking. Thank you for your support of Mitt Romney, I don’t support him because he is LDS, really can’t stand Harry Reid, but I agree at such a critical time in our history we need a person of his caliber for President.

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