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Sylvia, a voter from the audience: “What three steps will you take to defund Obamacare and to repeal it?”

Gov. Romney said he will de-fund “Obamacare,” will give the states a waver to get out of it, and outlines a few differences between Obama’s plan and Romneycare. John King, however, helpfully points out that Pawlenty called Obamacare “Obamneycare.”  Ouch.

What will Pawlenty do?  HotAir predicted Pawlenty wouldn’t use this newly coined term tonight:

Tim Pawlenty downplayed the political significance of his newly coined term “Obamneycare,” saying he likely won’t use it tonight to attack Mitt Romney at the GOP presidential debate. …

“The point wasn’t to make a swipe at Mitt Romney. I was responding to the question of the similarities and the differences between Obamacare and what happened in Massachusetts,” he said Monday.

But he added: “During the debate, I’ll certainly respond to any questions that come up.”

But the debate host won’t let him get away so easily.  He asks him why he would use that term in the comfort of a television studio, but won’t defend it with Gov. Romney standing right there.  Pawlenty tries to dodge the slur against Gov. Romney and doesn’t have the guts to challenge Gov. Romney directly.  When Gov. Romney gets the floor, he ignores Pawlenty completely, attacks the President, and knocks it out of the ballpark.

Nicely played.  Will that be the end of the healthcare issue tonight?



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