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Wow!  I’m the type of person who gets all worked up over the debates, and I’m glad that this one is on the books!

Best: Gov. Romney shined.  He looked Presidential, commanding, and aware of the issues. Andrew Cline on NRO said, “Romney is shining as the most polished candidate with the smartest, most well-considered answers. He looks like the adult in the room.”

Great: Michelle Bachman handled her questions with grace and knowledge.  I was particularly impressed by the way she handled the question on gay marriage.  She is a very impressive candidate.

Worst: Pawlenty — who had previously called Obama’s health care disaster “Obamneycare,” purposely conflating Gov. Romney’s plan with the president’s – completely chickened out when CNN host John King asked him directly to challenge Gov. Romney on state.  He looked weak, indecisive, and afraid.

I liked what Stanley Kurtz said, “… I think Romney has come across well. He knows how to handle himself, the format makes it tough to go after rivals, and the candidates clearly prefer to hammer Obama rather than each other.”

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4 Responses to It’s in the Book, Folks!

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  2. Jody says:

    I applaud the candidates tonight.. they do not need to go after each other…. they need to go after Obama! We do NOT need a repeat of the last election when we as republicans spent so much time slinging accusations and mud at each other we actually made Obama look like the only choice. We need to point out the differences between our platform and Obama’s.. we need to point out his failures.. we need to point out his socialist agenda and let the best candidate for the Republicans rise to the top unscathed so he shines and the differences between us and Obama are evident without all the mud slinging distractions!!! I hope this kind of debate are all we see from the Republicans … a good exchange of ideas all with the same message.. OBAMA must go!!!

  3. Andrew Williams says:

    I was well pleased with the debate last night. Despite all the comments that the republican field is weak and unsatisfying, I felt most of the candidates last night showed a strong grasp of the issues and I was inspired that most of the candidates would do a wonderful job as president. Of course, I “Stand with Mitt” because I feel he has the right skill set that is needed to get our country back on track, but was also encouraged that several of the other candidates would also perform well as president should they emerge as the republican candidate. My choices for president among this group of candidates would be: 1) Mitt Romney 2) Tim Pawlenty (not a great performance last night debate wise, but this man can govern!) 3) Michelle Bachman 4) Rick Santorum 5)….. Ok, I guess I only think 4 of the candidates are experienced enough to govern… :)

  4. Bloodshy says:

    Even though it didn’t look good, Pawlenty was smart to back away from the attack. In virtually every election the attack dog loses (regardless of whether he kills the candidate he attacks). Primary attacks rarely open any doors for the attacker. They merely drag down the attacked and the attacker together, creating space for someone else. If Pawlenty went hard after Mitt, Mitt would be forced to focus more attention on Pawlenty. Mitt has more money, experience and superior positioning. If he forced Mitt into a personal fight, Mitt would probably take some damage, but Pawlenty’s candidacy would be over. As things stand now, Pawlenty’s supporters will stay with him and he’ll have plenty of opportunity to redeem himself as a tough guy that can face Obama. Moreover, he can position himself as a very influential politician, regardless of outcome (as long as he avoids making enemies).

    The GOP is very smart to keep it clean. Everyone in the debate came away looking OK or better. The only ugly moments (Pawlenty/Cain) were self-created stumbles. The overall goal is to take down Obama and that needs to remain the top priority. We don’t want to send damaged goods to the general.

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