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As I told Nancy over the weekend, we’ll see many ups and downs as we head towards the first caucuses and primaries (I’m bracing for the Perry hysteria if/when he gets in the race), but this week has been quite good. Peggy Noonan agrees:

In other news, Mitt Romney had his first good week. It was startling. He stepped out from the blur. The other candidates now call him “the front runner.” By most standards he was the front runner months ago, but nobody talked about him. He didn’t live in the Republican imagination. It was “Will Mitch run?” and “You like Pawlenty?” Only seven minutes into the conversation would you get, “How will Romney do?” He was so ’08, that disastrous year.

But this week he got three big boosts. He had a reasonable announcement speech followed by a lot of national interviews. Then the Washington Post poll: Mr. Romney leads President Obama.

Aside from Noonan’s gratuitous and catty shots at Sarah Palin, the entire column is worth a read.

(By the way, why does Noonan insist on attacking Palin so unthinkingly and viciously? It’s unbecoming, juvenile, and extremely irritating. I appreciate Sarah Palin, respect her and her entire family, and think she’s one of the conservative movement’s greatest — and most fearless — assets. I loathe the way the MSM mauls her, and to see Republicans attack her in the same way is sickening.)

Back to the main point. For now, at least, Mitt is strong and getting stronger. But hang on to your hats for Hurricane Perry . . . I expect he’ll blow into town sometime in the next four weeks.

More on that later. For now, enjoy Noonan’s (mostly) sharp analysis.

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