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Mark DeMoss

Mark DeMoss endorsed Gov. Romney recently — during our website renovation — and we weren’t able to properly discuss.  However, in this article, DeMoss reaffirms his support for the Governor:

“I decided that it’s more important for me that a candidate shares my values than it is [if] he or she shared my theology,” said DeMoss, who also supported Romney during his 2008 run. “I don’t have the tiniest bit of doubt that Gov. Romney shares my values on so many important issues.”

DeMoss – whose PR firm represents such influential evangelicals and groups as Franklin Graham, Chuck Colson, and Campus Crusade for Christ – believes Christian voters mistakenly place theology over qualifications when they select a candidate for the presidency. Shared theology, he noted, is a benchmark that many Christians only use inside the church or church ministry.

“I don’t know why we take a test that we don’t apply anywhere else in life, for the most part, and apply it to the one job in America called president of the United States,” he said. “I just don’t agree with that.”

Since then, of course, he was named Senior Advisor for the Romney campaign.  Congratulations — both to Mark on his new position and to Gov. Romney for an excellent hire!

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2 Responses to Prominent Christian Backs Gov. Romney

  1. gene hand says:

    Mitt and Mark ! Prez, V.Prez !

  2. Suzy Lloyd says:

    Here’s another really worthy talk (forum) given at BYU in Provo, Utah on January 24, 2012 referencing the Civity Project that March Demoss and Lanny Davis started, among other gems of wisdom. I woke up one Sunday morning to this talk on my television and it lifted my spirits immensely and I re-listened and it had the same effect. I hope you will post the link so others may benefit from it and it will lift the hearts of those who are beginning to feel discouraged!!page=1&season=2000

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