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Even though Mitt is spending much of the summer “laying low” (in other words, trying to avoid over-exposure), he still weighed in on the debt ceiling debate:

After Romney’s opening remarks – and promising the audience that he wasn’t going to “be the cure to their insomnia” – he took questions from the audience.

The first one asked what he would do regarding the debt ceiling if he were president.

“The answer for the country is for the president to agree to cut federal spending and cap federal spending and put into place a balanced budget amendment,” said Romney. “That for me is the line in the sand.”

“It is within the president’s power to say to the leadership in the house and the senate that ‘I’ll cut spending I’ll cap the amount of spending and I’ll pursue a balanced budget amendment and if the president were to do that this whole debt limit problem goes away,” he said.

The Left has an allergic reaction to the balanced budget amendment (because it would stand as a firewall against using the budget for social engineering), but we may be crossing an important threshold in popular opinion.  The Tea Party has put the debt at the center of the national debate, Mitt — the Republican frontrunner — has experience rescuing companies, Olympics, and a state from budget disasters, and the public is tired of seeing their future mortgaged.

Cut, cap, and balance may not win the day in the present debate, but it’s an idea with staying power . . . and a very important supporter.


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