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Romney versus Perry

For those of us who are sick and tired of hearing how the Republican field is weak, Yuval Levin is a breath of fresh air:

It looks likely that the Republican nominee will be either the current governor of the nation’s second largest state (a job he has held for a decade, during which his state was among the most prosperous in the nation) or the former governor of a blue state who also has a great deal of private executive experience (much of it turning around failing ventures thanks to good management instincts and a strong command of economics). Both of them seem to be reasonably solid social, fiscal, and national security conservatives (which is actually very unusual for Republican nominees), even if they have not always been so. Both have more relevant experience than most presidential candidates tend to have, and each in his way has a great story to tell in the kind of election we’re likely to see. There is no better preparation for the presidency than a governorship (except perhaps a vice presidency), and voters clearly like electing governors to the White House.

We have a serious race with serious candidates — any of whom would be a vast improvement over Barack Obama.  I particularly like Yuval’s point that both Romney and Perry have “a great story to tell in the kind of election we’re likely to see.”  That’s exactly right, and I’m glad to see that Mitt is going to step up and offer his own jobs plan just as Obama unveils his.  America needs to see the contrast.

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7 Responses to A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Nate says:

    Agreed! great way to look at it. From what I can tell, Rick Perry seems like a very capable, good man that could make a very good president. I still support Romney over him, but if they end up being the final two we are in good shape either way.

  2. Jim Tills says:

    I am 100% behind Mitt. Governor Perry has been benefited greatly by being elected in a strongly conservative State (speaking comparatively) to most other states, especially Massachusettes. His allowing the Chinese spy agency to have their main office in Plano, Texas when even Clinton wouldn’t allow it access to the United States, and his push to have the transportation super highway from Mexico to Canada run through the heart of Texas, which super highway is one of the goals of the radical left, and his support of Al Gore as the nominee to be President of the United States shows me he is a professional politician whose finger is in the wind testing which way the wind is blowing and in my opinion, not a true patriot. This election is too critical to have the radical left poison it once again by having a “poser” who drifts with the tide—saying all the right conservative things, but then bowing to the radical left’s agenda. We can no longer afford to have such a leader as this. We are too close to losing America, the land of the “used to be free” and “home of free goodies for all if you vote Democrat.”
    We need Mitt, a man who said in 2008 that Washington is broken, and that he would go through the government programs and cut waste—like he did in Massachusettes where he turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion surplus without raising taxes. This is exactly what we need to do now in Washington in order to cut down spending, encourage the private sector and create solid jobs, not just the McDonald’s jobs and such that were the core of the job creation in Texas.

  3. Liz says:

    Our family just benefitted from a high paying hig tech job out of Texas. So that tripe about minimum wage or McDonald’s jobs only doesn’t ring true with us real people. Nonetheless, the poor guy running Texas flunked economics and that is pretty critical this cycle. I’m going with the expert Mitt Romney.

  4. Jim Tills says:

    Response to Liz.

    Texas has had the aerospace industry, big oil, and numerous other productive high paying industries located within its boundaries. Its tax rates are low and Texas has done most everything right.

    The comment made by me wasn’t that there aren’t or haven’t been high paying jobs, I said the “core of job creation” under Governor Perry’s watch was lower paying jobs such as McDonalds. This is a true statement.

    On another note, Mitt Romney’s greatest assets besides his dependence on God which he does not tout, are his ability to turn around failing businesses, large enterprises, and the real creation of meaningful jobs by proper stimulation of small businesses who provide work opportunities for others.

    The fact that he will kill Obamacare, streamline government and eliminate the massive waste that exists, and appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court and nominate conservative federal judges are frosting on the cake. The Massachusettes example can not be overlooked. 3 billion in debt with an 85% ultra-liberal Democrat dominated legislature who wanted to spend its way out of their dilemma and yet, as the chief executive, he battled the legislature with over 800 vetoes, and ended his four years of service with a $2 billion surplus. Does it surprise anyone that his salary during his administration was $1 a year? This is the man we need in Washington!

  5. Paulydan says:

    This nation has ample opportunity to elect a man that is arguably the most qualified candidate ever to step onto a national platform. Calm, collective, and brilliant are just a few of the many capabilities found in his arsenal. It seems Perry is a capable follower of wise advice, however, Romney is the capable adviser, acing an intellectual capacity far in advance of his competitors, especially Rick Perry. America is at a cross roads, at a juncture where the brightest, most gifted student of policy and economics is required. Mitt is the physician of choice in a sick and collapsing economy having as her symptoms, dismal job creation, staggering unemployment, downgraded ratings and fizzling hope. If I were an ill man, who might I choose as physician: The man that aced in the realm of my disease, or the guy that flunked, or at best, scored near fail. The answer is obvious. Mitt Romney. Perry doesn’t even come close. Monday’s debates, and debates to follow will prove this point. Mamma said, “All that glitters is not gold.” I remember that well.

  6. Doug Campbell says:

    We need more of these comments posted following the news articles on the major news web pages. I don’t see these comments being posted out there. There is a lot of Romney bashing going on out there usng a lot of false statements. We need these facts posted out there too. Not just to the choir. Help me!

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