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Dear friends,  I know it’s not fun to tune into the straw poll results and to see your candidate so far down the list.  But here’s a little perspective.  Gov. Romney won this straw poll last year, but that didn’t pave the way for him to the nomination.  In fact, John McCain — the eventual GOP nominee – got less than 1% of the votes in the 2007 Ames Straw Poll.  This year, Gov. Romney decided not to sink resources into this contest, which is a simply a fundraising racket for the Iowa state Republican party.  Ramesh Ponnuru has an interesting analysis of today’s straw poll results:

Michele Bachmann won the greatest victory of her political career the same day much of the rationale for her candidacy evaporated. The Minnesota congresswoman came in first in the Iowa Republican straw poll, effectively removing former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty from contention in the presidential race. But Texas governor Rick Perry entered the race today, too, and he may do to her what she just did to Pawlenty.

Bachmann appeals to Republican voters who are searching for an articulate and uncompromising conservatism, and to an overlapping set of voters who prefer their leaders to be evangelical Protestants. They can find those traits in Perry, too—but Perry also has executive experience and a record of accomplishment that Bachmann lacks.

None of this means that Bachmann cannot continue to gain followers. She may even win the Iowa caucuses. But Perry and Mitt Romney will now dominate the race for the Republican nomination: One of those two men is highly likely to be the Republican nominee.

Read the rest here.  And don’t be discouraged.  We suffered through 2008, but 2012 will be our year!

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13 Responses to Chin Up, Romney Fans!

  1. Liz says:

    Michelle Bachmann is a lovely lady and very accomplished. Perry is a handsome Texan-type with a confusing record. Romney has been fully vetted, has the skill set, the competence, and there has never been a greater need. I think the primary will be exciting and when Romney finally goes head to head with Obama, try not to feel sorry for Obama. He is not prepared. And it’s his own, pathetic fault. I’m sure he’ll understand, Americans just need the pain to stop. They just want him gone.

    • nikki says:

      amen to liz’z remarks august 13th, @ 11:32 pm:) mitt will pull this off as he is the all around package that america needs at this time. mitt has the skills and the ability to lead and get things done. the ills that face america at this time in history require the skills that mitt can bring to the WH:)

  2. Daniel Peterson says:

    As the former Texas chairman of Al Gore’s presidential campaign, Rick Perry might have a slightly difficult time making the “flip-flopper” charge stick against Mitt Romney.

  3. Billy Mays says:

    Two years into his governorship, in February 2005, Romney announced his opposition to stem cell research. Then, to the dismay of his pro-choice supporters, he vetoed a July 2005 bill making available Plan B or “morning after” contraception. Also that year, in an op-ed for the Boston Globe, he declared himself pro-life.

    Romney says he changed his mind in November 2004, when he met with a scientist from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Romney claimed in a June 2006 interview that the researcher had told him: “‘Look, you don’t have to think about this stem cell research as a moral issue, because we kill the embryos after 14 days.’” Romney went on to say that both he and his chief of staff had an epiphany, recognizing that embryonic stem cell research cheapened respect for human life. However, the scientist with whom Romney had met, Dr. Douglas Melton, disputed Romney’s story. A spokesman for the institute confirmed Dr. Melton’s account, saying, “The words ‘kill’ and ‘killing’ are not in Dr. Melton’s professional vocabulary, a vocabulary used to discuss finding cures for diseases in order to save lives.”

    Was Romney an unseasoned politician who changed his views upon deep reflection? Stockman, of Republican Majority for Choice, thinks not. “He was a grown man in 2002 and very thoughtful and introspective,” Stockman says, “so the fact that he says he hadn’t thought through these issues seems very odd.” Melissa Kogut, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts’s executive director, says, “It is conventional wisdom that candidates in Massachusetts need to be pro-choice to win. He ran as pro-choice. As he began exploring the run for president, he changed. No matter where you stand on this issue, you should question where he stands.” Angus McQuilken of Planned Parenthood says, “When a candidate or elected official can move so easily from one position to the opposite overnight, it leaves voters wondering whether he has any core values.”

    • Deg says:

      Romney is a pragmatic at heart, whatever works out best for the desired outcome, however, don’t ever doubt that because of his faith he would have deep pro-life personal views. He had never been a politician nor seen the results or effects of taking a pro-life or pro-choice position from a situation of being in office.

      You should give Romney the benefit of the doubt, he did not fully realize what it meant to be pro-life or pro-choice until face to face with the effects of that position. Having lost a relative due to an illegal abortion he also knew what it meant not to have safe options for mothers that wish to carry out abortions.

      Romney is a true convert to the pro-life movement, after being heavily surrounded and preached in his life to respect a woman’s choice he came around and made a firm decision to be pro-life when he realized what were the effects of society in general to have a pro-life position. Don’t misconstrue his conversion for political advantage even if it may appear that way to you. Give Romney the benefit of the doubt and take him at his words rather than what other people might say.

    • Agkcrbs says:

      Nah. To change positions on something shows you have an open mind, and are educated, and have participated in respectful debates before, and all that.

      The sin is the closed mind, not the open one. Romney is only one of millions upon millions of Americans who personally wish there were not such a thing as abortion, but who have striven to responsibly answer the difficult question of whether they’re right to impose on those parents and doctors who are determined to perform it.

      Personally pro-life, Northeasterner Romney (where Republicans regularly moderate such views) thought that allowing democracy to prevail in MA was a position he was comfortable with taking, as a regional leader. Over time, and viewing the question from a national perspective, in which he would potentially have a much more determinative role to play, he reverted very easily to an undiluted pro-life persuasion.

      Was it beneficial and even needful for his presidential run? Undoubtedly it was both. Romney is what we call a pragmatist, interested primarily in effective solutions to problems. But can anyone demonstrate that he is not committed to his stated position? They cannot, unless and until he begins to advocate, legislate, and administer oppositely from it. Judging from his record, his assurances that he is pro-life are reliable, despite a very “thoughtful” approach to governance in Massachusetts that would not alienate the large majority of his constituents, whom he was, ultimately, supposed to represent rather than dictate to.

  4. Ray Blevins says:

    Seems like flip flop label could be dropped on Reagan and Saul of Tarsus. Making a change when confronted with facts or truth does not bother me. This is a sign of maturing no matter how young or old one is. Converts often make the best recruiters to the cause.

  5. Greg says:

    Governor Romney’s never going to talk about it, but keep in mind that he became “pro-choice” when one of his cousins died of an illegal abortion in the 1970s. Think of it as a formative experience of youth. My other favorite “flip-flop” argument is the one about gay marriage. Romney has called for gays not to be discriminated against (I think the Savior taught that we should love the sinner but not the sin) but is adamantly opposed to gay marriage. In fact, the Mormon Church may have even helped in the fight against Proposition 8 in California. There is no contradiction there. I feel the same way. As Christians attempt to follow the example of Jesus Christ, we should fight against evil (moneychangers in the Temple) but still love the sinner. “For all have sinned and fall short of the Grace of God…”

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