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Perry's ghost

The story of Cameron Willingham’s is more than a tragic story of justice denied.

Rather, it’s a ghost that could haunt Gov. Perry’s Presidential aspirations, especially as voters understand the extent of his role in what very well could be the first execution of an innocent man in modern American history.

Read about it here.

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4 Responses to Rick’s Ghost: How an Executed Inmate May Haunt Perry’s Presidential Ambitions

  1. Crystal says:

    .. hmmm .. sounds Perry’s “Maurice Clemmons” (Huckabee) or “Willie Horton” (Dukakis). Of course Mitt will never do a scathing ad on it, but as long as good people, like yourself, make sure the truth is told, eventually a better picture of Perry will unfold. Thanks for revisiting this tragedy of a government unwilling to lead by morales and accept responsibility for its mistakes.

  2. Jeff Wright says:

    I’m a big fan of the French’s so I’m surprised and disappointed to read this smear here. The only thing missing from this article, other than the facts for the other side of the story, is a call to “Vote for Mitt!”

    Was Willingham innocent? Was Perry responsible for executing an innocent man or not? If you don’t know then it is irresponsible for you to insinuate with your emotional appeals that he did. If anyone formally concluded that Willingham was innocent, who was it? When did this happen?

    What do you think of Perry’s spokeswoman Lucy Nashed’s statement: “Willingham’s conviction was reviewed and upheld by multiple levels of state and federal courts, including nine federal courts – four times by the U.S. Supreme Court alone – over the course of more than a decade.”

    It’s my understanding that the Corsicana Fire Department disputed key parts of the Beyler report. “The City of Corsicana was extremely critical of Beyler’s report, and produced a 21-page response pointing out that his report lacked objectivity, stating ‘Given some of Dr. Beyler’s distortions of the trial record, as described below, it may be that he has assumed the role of an advocate.’” I don’t understand why you failed to mention any of this.

    I know you’re a big supporter of Mitt Romney but perhaps you’ll be a bit more fair in your treatment of his top opponent in the future.

    Jeff Wright

  3. Jeff Wright says:

    “…but as long as good people, like yourself, make sure the truth is told..”

    This must be forthcoming in a subsequent post because it did not appear in this one.

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