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Ambassador Jon Huntsman, taken by flickr user saucy_pan, used under a Creative Commons license

If you read all the way to the end of this New York Magazine piece (which takes some doing), you’ll find Jon Huntsman, President Obama’s ex-ambassador to China, saying the following of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a fellow presidential candidate:

She makes for good copy—and good photography.

Author John Heilemann uses the term “indelicate” to describe that comment.  I could come up with some more creative terms.

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3 Responses to Some Diplomacy, Ambassador

  1. Christian Whitney says:

    My first impression when Huntsman’s people started talking about a run while he was in China was that he was entering the race as a plant for Obama. I realized that notion seemed a little nutty (conspiracy-theory-like), even to myself, but I can’t convince myself that I was wrong. Everything he’s done in the race has been to undermine Romney (the candidate in the best position to beat Obama). I think he called Romney’s jobs record an “abysmal failure” or something like that, and that’s not the only area where he’s directly attacking Romney in a way the other candidates are not. For the most part, the candidates are keeping the 11th Commandment. He could have sort of positioned himself a little more to the right in this race and maybe had some success, but he’s going for everybody’s left. He’s sort of the Obama in the race. He has no constituency but the media. He’s trying to compete directly with Romney in Romney’s areas of strength, i.e. New Hampshire. He won’t win there, but maybe the idea is to pull enough support from Romney in NH that Romney has a less impressive win there or loses because Huntsman split the vote. OK, call me crazy, but I can’t help but think that Obama made a deal with him: You go make some trouble (be my proxy) in the Republican race and you’ll raise your profile and if I get a 2nd term and you still want a job, I’ll make something available.

  2. Tony says:

    I’ve lived in Utah for several years now, and I must say that while Huntsman governed, he had a very supportive legislature and was able to ride on the economic coattails of his predecessor, Mike Leavitt (Olene Walker rode on those same coattails). Huntsman governed fairly moderately in a conservative state. Contrast that with Romney who did not have a supportive legislature, and who governed conservatively in a liberal state. Romney was still able to pass a lot of reform legislation in spite of the legislative climate. This to me is the difference between a politician and a leader.

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