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Has Mitt suddenly become the least religiously controversial of the three leading Republican contenders?

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3 Responses to Am I Living in an Alternate Universe, Or . . .

  1. Ogrepete says:

    I’m hearing dribs and drabs of things about Michelle Bachmann’s church in Minnesota that she left a few months ago (calls the Catholic Pope the anti-Christ, but not in a hateful way). I’ve also heard some whispers and accusations about Perry’s Prophecy/Apostle leanings; but nothing I’ve understood. It’s all rather hush-hush.

    Is it not being reported on because it isn’t controversial or is it not being reported on because it’s being saved for the General? I hate having two counterpointed medias… the Mainstream Media which pushes Left, and the Conservative Media which pushes Right. Isn’t there anyone in the middle who can just report the facts without adding their two cents?

    • ccr says:

      I’m with you……..why can’t we get some REAL info on TV? FOX is obviously biased FOR Perry! The other networks biased for Obama as before.

  2. Bruce says:

    Very good point, Mitt definitely is an honorable and decent man and is founded on strong Christian values. He pays way more than 10% to charity, and like you have pointed out before has given many years of his life to volunteer service. I understand that Rick Perry’s donations to charity were 5%, not even a full tithe. Normally would not bring this up but it is Mitt who is being accused of not being a Christian and ten percent equals a tithe.

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