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The L.A. Times has an article about — you guessed it — about whether evangelicals will support Mormons during the next election.  They talk about plight of Gov. Huntsman and Gov. Romney, who both are members of the LDS Church:

Polling shows that Mormon candidates have an uphill struggle. A Pew Research Center survey in June found that 34% of white evangelicals said they would not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate, and that a quarter of all Americans said they would be less likely to do so.

This attitude led Tennessee attorney David French and his wife, Nancy, to found the website Evangelicals for Mitt in 2006. It has been resurrected for this election.

French said he believed that only a “small number” of evangelicals would reject Romney based on religion, and that many were seeking a candidate whose values, rather than religious beliefs, mirror their own.

“Where does he stand on abortion? Marriage?” French said. “If you talk to evangelicals, many will say even if they disagree with Mormon theology, the Mormons they know are rock-solid conservatives with values that should be of comfort.”

Also, allow me to clarify.  We don’t think you should vote for any Mormon — just the one who turned around Massachusetts and the 2002 Olympics, and actually has a plan to turn around America. Read the whole article here.

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3 Responses to EFM in the News

    • Joel Cannon says:

      Odd…. I am a Mormon, and it does not feel like I belong to a cult…… I have many non-mormon friends, and none of them have ever told me that they were concerned that I had been brainwashed by a cult. My friends respect me and my beliefs. Of course the don’t always share my beliefs, but that is because we live in a society that allows for freedom of religion.
      I suspect that you do not actually know any Mormons personally, and have never attended one of their church services. I invite you to visit a local congregation and check it out. I predict you will be impressed by the quality of the families that you meet.
      A hundred years ago, it was a common rumor that Mormons had horns (today the same is expressed by declating them a cult). I have no horns, and if you insist, you can ask to feel a Mormon’s head to confirm for yourself.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Yeah, but let’s get off the attack part, and let’s stick it to Romney here. Romney has only had one wife, and has gone without the serial divorce. I have wanted the GOP to turn up someone who at least exemplifies what I believe in: i.e. one man, one woman, marriage and lived it. Plenty of people who aren’t Christian can live decent lives too. Plenty of people who aren’t Christian can exemplify what we should strive to become as well. I don’t share Romney’s beliefs, but he has the values of a faithful husband, and decent financier, and a cautious man at making decisions that the GOP needs in it’s frontrunner, and that matters way more to me than if he’s my brand of religion.

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