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One of the great things about EFM is the fact that we get very high quality reader mail.  Here’s a great note from James, who shows that the gap is narrowing between Gov. Perry and Gov. Romney…  And that Gov. Romney would do better against Obama:

Nancy, here is a new poll by Bloomberg with some interesting numbers. It puts Perry over Romney 26-22. What I found most interesting is the percentage of people who had very unfavorable views of candidates. Romney came in at 15% only 1% higher than the low of 14% for Huntsman and Cain (both of whom have 51% who don’t know). If you subtract out those who don’t know on candidates, than the percentage of very unfavorable looks like this:

% Very Unfavorable

% Mostly Unfavorable to Very Unfavorable (hard to imagine people voting for someone they view as at least mostly unfavorable)

If the “not sure” people break the same way as those who already know these candidates enough to form an opinion, and that assumption seems more likely than the opposite, than the only candidate with a chance of beating Obama is Romney.

To put this data a little differently, if, out of those who have an opinion, you subtract the unfavorables from the favorables, this is what you get:

Perry:  -8
Obama:  4
Romney:  4
Bachmann:  -26
Paul:  -12
Gingrich:  -32
Cain:  -10
Hunstman:  -30
Santorm:  -34
Palin:  -44

Also Romney trails Obama by 5%, while Perry trails Obama by 9%.

Here is the link.

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3 Responses to From the Mail Bag

  1. Tim says:

    “than the only candidate with a chance of beating Obama is Romney.”

    So what you’re saying is, we’re stuck with a liberal either way.

    • 4Aces says:

      Hi Rick… sorry, I mean Tim. You might want to go back to your high school government textbook and look up the defintion of liberal. A little studying would have helped you do better than your 2.3 at A&M and maybe kept you from flunking out of organic chemistry. Good luck at the debate tomorrow – I’m excited to watch how quickly you slide from inarticulate to incoherent.


  2. Jim Tills says:

    I liked this article because it was measuring an important aspect not regularly seen in most polls. It is reflected when you see one-on-one polls of a Republican Candidate vs Obama. Romney normally wins those at a higher percentage rate than any other Republican running.

    It is hard to understand so many perople’s adversion to Romney on the radio talk shows. Why they constantly bring up so-called Romneycare when his explanation is so clear, concise, and demonstrably exactly what the situation in Massachusetts called for at the time it was implemented. The Democratic override of his many vetoes hurt the bill; however, those who don’t want Romney to succeed still parrot the Democratic lies and blame him for the defects in the bill. Then they double the injury by parroting the other big Democratic lie that Obama used Romneycare as his model for Obamacare. What a crock! Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Romney can not be called a “flip-flopper” this time—though the mass media and the left has tried to get him to refute so-called Romneycare so they can level that charge at him. It is good that the general public including many of the Tea Party, like myself, see through the desparate lies the left is constantly putting forth. No, Romney is not seen as unfavorable by most people.

    Thank you for your excellent reporting and articles.

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