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“I am frankly not interested in your attempts to get Republicans fighting with each other.”


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One Response to Go, Newt!

  1. Thank you Nancy and David for what you are doing. I am LDS “a Mormon” and I remember in 2008 researching the issue regarding abortion and Mitt Romney. I was not going to vote for Mitt just because I am LDS. I wanted to make sure that I understood these controversial issues, as I had to vote with a clear conscious myself. I know firmly the importance and sanctity of human life and the importance of marriage and the family among those of my faith and knew that an LDS member in good standing would not have any difference of opinion. I realize, though, that a Governor or President does not have complete authority, and realize the challenge he must have had to defend these issues while working with a very liberal state.
    I truly feel that as Christians from all denominations (and yes, I consider myself a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ) need to join together in the battle of what is truly evil. I realize that there may be doctrinal differences, but I truly hope that evangelicals can stop fighting against “Mormons” or one Christian religion against another and begin fighting together for this great nation and constitution which was truly founded through the guidance of our creator and our God! God will only bless our nation if we remain true to Him! Thanks again for providing sound information to help us in the decision process.

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