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After a few debates, Perry seemed to have developed a pattern: coming out strong and fading fast.

Would he continue this was?  Before the third debate in fifteen days, David sighed.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for another one.”

“Imagine if we supported another candidate?” I said.  Haven’t we all gone into debates with much trepidation because we supported someone who was not as eloquent as the other guy?

Yet, Gov. Romney has been consistently good, while Perry proved his pattern.  In fact, Karl Rove just said on FoxNews that Gov. Romney should request a three hour debate because Gov. Perry just gets worse the longer you see him.

And other pundits agree.  Here’s a round up.

GOP Debate’s Winners and Losers

Rick Perry’s Problem with Primetime

Texas Toast?  Perry Worries the GOP

This morning, my friend from high school commented on my Facebook page in respond to my question about who won the debate.  Referring to the awesome kids’ show Phineas and Ferb, in which they have a pet platypus who frequently disappears, my friend from high school wrote, “Hey, where’s Perry?”

Hopefully that’s a question everyone will be asking over the next few weeks as voters move past his campaign’s honeymoon period and realizes that Gov. Romney is the only candidate who can beat Obama in the general election.





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18 Responses to Hey, Where’s Perry? The Rick Fade

  1. 4Aces says:

    Perry’s handlers will explain Perry’s debating ineptitude away by saying that he is not a good debater because he is authentic and sincere and speaks from the heart. However, the real reason is that Perry is not mentally disciplined . He hasn’t done his homework. He hasn’t thought deeply about any of these issues. He just isn’t interested in the world beyond what it can do for Rick Perry’s ambitions. Perry isn’t interested in doing the hard work of learning what it takes. He is arrogant and thinks he already is ready for prime time – he thinks he doesn’t need to be a good student, but only a slick salesman. His flunking chemistry and 2.3 GPA in college are consistent with how he does in debates – he is shallow, unprepared, and undisciplined.

      • Sarah Nelson, CO says:

        He shows up at a GOP Presidential debate in 2012 when UE is 9% without a Jobs Plan. He didn’t want to defend 1M+ UE in Texas so he skimmed the question of UE. He could not even share a framework for his jobs plan because he can’t create jobs. TX is a deep red state that he’s Governed for 10yrs, the UE and lack of HC insurance for 30% will give Obama a huge edge.

    • Sarah Nelson, CO says:

      Perry’s problem is not just debating skills, it’s his very bad policies. Middle class families don’t appreciate in-state tuition for foreign students while they pay full tuition. Perry could not defend that BIG issue decision.
      His bi-national HC proposal makes Obamacare seem like an American Dream Policy. His proposal to make
      SS state level program is incoherent at best. But most off all, his debating skills will give Obama the
      opportunity to paint GOP as the party of bad judgement that wants to destroy SS, are beholden to
      pharmaceutical companies (Gardisil) and oil companies. Perry is a regional candidate. He should focus on TX

      • 4Aces says:

        You’re abundantly right – it’s just that to defend all those bad policies in a debate, he would need to be a lot better prepared than he is. After 10 years of being bought through cronyism you’d think he would have his lines of defense worked out. Nope . He doesn’t even understand that he is vulnerable. He’s dumb and arrogant and saddled with a lot of bad polices. I started wondering if we was being purposely pathetic to get the sympathy vote.

  2. John Elsegood says:

    The comments by 4 aces are spot on.
    Perry is not on top of his brief and it shows. All swagger and no substance.
    If you act like a duck, look like a duck, and quack like one then you are a duck. Rick Perry.
    One candidate, and one only, looks presidential,acts presidential, and speaks presidentially. Mitt Romney.

  3. Alicia says:

    We already have a smooth talked in the White House. It doesn’t qualify someone to be president. Sounds like Romney flat out lied when he denied changing what the paperback said. They both made themselves look bad & gave soundbites for the democrats to use in the election.

    • Nancy French says:

      Alicia, did he say he didn’t change it? Hard cover books that turn into paperback books frequently change during the new iteration, for many reasons. I don’t recall him denying this… Do you remember differently?

    • 4Aces says:

      The book was updated as essentially all paperbacks are. Obamacare wasn’t out when the book was first published. The paperback came out after Obamacare, which gave Romney the opportunity to explain what the differences are between the MA plan, and Obamacare. For example, the paperback added:

      “Obamacare will not work and should be repealed,” and
      “Obamacare is an unconstitutional federal incursion into the rights of states.”

      Perry tried to imply that Romney stated that the MA plan should be done throughout the country. Of course, that was not the case at all. Romney said that the idea of each state figuring out their state’s solution, for example, what MA did, was good for the country. Perry (more likely his handlers, Perry can’t read) purposely distorted the contents of No Apology.

    • Jonesy says:

      Lying is a problem–your claim about that is well addressed below by 4Aces.

      We DO need a “smooth talker” in the WH, or at least someone that can avoid sounding like a world class fool.

      As much as Bachman suggests that considering “electability” is paramount to “settling,” the reality is that we need a VERY strong candidate to beat Obama in ’12. Obama will have $1B to spend–that’s insane. His bankroll will change minds. The question is how many. The Republicans will NOT win in ’12 if we send a candidate that gets owned by Obama in debates the way McCain did in ’08. We need someone who has the conservative bonafides + someone that can express them coherently. Mitt is easily the best choice.

  4. Jonesy says:

    The amazing thing to me is that conservative big-wigs are still in love with Perry. They’re so behind him that some (Rush) seem to be totally reversing their position on illegal immigration due to Perry’s welfare + in-state tuition for illegals problems.

    On the issue of Romney’s book–which NEVER recommended a national health care plan (only suggested that Romneycare was indeed good and could be a template for other states if they so decided)–Glenn Beck called Romney a “liar” today. He made no mention of Perry’s “lobbied by a 31-year old w/cervical cancer” stretch.

    These talk show folks better start practicing more fairness and honesty or they’re gonna lose some followers.

    • 4Aces says:

      The thing is – Rush and Beck are blowhards and so is Perry. They all are preaching to the same choir who really aren’t that interested in truth or competence. Hopefully, that choir isn’t so big that we end up with the cowboy boot wearing Texas version Hugo Chavez as president.

  5. Liz says:

    Yup. I’ve signed off of Beck and Rush because they are into twisting the truth now and re-inventing Perry to fit their personal idea of who they should be. Romney is the serious candidate with the right skill set. Perry is painfully unprepared. I won’t say dumb. But you know a lot of us thought it once or twice.

  6. Robert says:

    Dumb is relative. Rick Perry may have higher than average intelligence (though he hasn’t demonstrated it to me). But shouldn’t we expect much more from a Presidential nominee? Perry is certainly not intelligent in the way Romney and Gingrich and Huntsman are intelligent. It’s going to take a lot of intellectual candle power to lead this country, and I don’t think Perry has it.

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