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Gosh, keeping up with Perry’s misrepresentation of Gov. Romney’s record is really exhausting.  The Washington Post says it’s running out of “Pinocchios” for him in their description of his newest ad.

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6 Responses to Perry’s Newest Ad Grotesquely Misleading

  1. Hannah Rebekah says:

    I hear that this is how Perry wins his races is to smear and throw mud at his opponents hoping that some of it will stick with the uninformed and naive ones. I hope that leaflets are distributed with all the information showing Perry’s lies, the fact checks and shows how manipulative and dishonest Perry really is. And he claims to be a conservative. Yeah….right!

    • Jeff Wright says:


      I would be very interested to learn more about the “Perry lies” you are referring to. Would you provide further information on this?

      One lie I know of from Romney is when he claimed that Perry is committed to abolishing Social Security. This is one of many examples of Romney’s willingness to say anything in order to get elected and further proof of why he is untrustworthy.

      Jeff Wright

    • Jon says:

      Hi Tim,

      Another “just curious” question for you. Do you honestly equate Romney with Obama, or are you just employing hyperbole to make your point?

      • Tim says:

        I’m sure you’re quite familiar with Romney so I’m assuming you know about his many changed positions over the years. When he ran for Senate he ran to the left of Ted Kennedy. On many important issues, Romney has come down on both sides of the issue over the years. His fluctuations in policy seem to be based on political expediency rather than on actual principles. For example, his views on abortion have changed now and again. Up to just a few years ago he was pro-choice on the issue of abortion. Also, the debacle of Romney was used as a template for Obamacare. When he ran against Kennedy he said he wanted nothing to do with the policies of Reagan/Bush. Now we are supposed to take him at his word that he is a staunch conservative. That just doesn’t cut it. So in my eyes, if we end up with Obama vs Romney then we will be forced to choose between two liberals.

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