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Jason Sudeikis is Mitt Romney, Alec Baldwin is Rick Perry.  How do you think they did?

Click through to get a laugh.


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4 Responses to Saturday Night Live Does the GOP Debate

  1. Vineyard says:

    I think Alec Baldwin bombed as Rick Perry. Baldwin is usually dead on in his 30Rock parody of all things conservative. So I was disappointed. But having Perry fall asleep at the end, was somewhat redeeming.

    I also found it funny that NBC can’t quite figure out a way to make fun of Romney. I think in 2008, it was all hair jokes.

  2. Matt in Idaho says:

    SNL USED to be funny. I think the skits go on far too long, which is an eternity when the material isn’t that funny. I will say I thought the Huntsman character speaking Chinese was pretty good. I did laugh there but don’t often find Baldwin very funny. And the Newt bit was quite lame too. I stopped watching SNL not long after Chris Farley died. It’s gone downhill from there. How’s that for sunshine and lollipops?

  3. Mark Evans says:

    I enjoyed it. I hadn’t seen it before Nancy posted it. To be honest, it’s been years since I’ve remembered to tune into the show…although I usuallty make exceptions duing election years. The Ron Paul person was great.

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