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As I’ve said many times before, I like Gov. Perry.  If he is the Republican nominee, I will support him enthusiastically.  And you know what?  That very respect for him makes the spin his campaign’s been shopping lately even harder to swallow.

First, after Gov. Perry bombed the most recent debate, the line was don’t worry, he believes the right stuff even if he can’t articulate it.  Guys?  I’m sorry, but I’ve seen the movie before where we hire a Texas governor whose heart is in the right place but whose lips can’t win a room, and it doesn’t end very well.

Now, tonight, after Gov. Perry lost the Florida straw poll–big–to Mr. Cain, the line is that the real story is a rejection of Gov. Romney.  Guys?  Seriously.  If there’s one thing we know here at EFM, it’s straw polls.  You poured resources into this one and got obliterated by a guy who (wonderful as he is) ultimately can’t win, and you barely edged a guy who didn’t even compete.  I know you get paid to spin, but that’s just sloppy!

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9 Responses to Stunningly Sloppy Spin

  1. Kathy says:

    This spin is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read…lol. The Perry camp is just really desparate and should be embarrassed at this point.

  2. Machtyn says:

    There seems to be a lot of sloppy going on in Rick’s campaign. From fact checking, to advice on attack vectors, to the spin room. The only thing Perry has going for him now is the Fox spin.

  3. Crystal Fernando says:

    THANK YOU!! You put into words exactly how I felt about this .. absolutely ridiculous .. actually insulting of my intelligence .. do they really think that everyone will ignore the fact that Romney wasn’t even competing?! I’m looking forward to someone coming up with the numbers of how much money each candidate put into the straw poll against the numbers of votes they got … and then reflecting on who best manages limited resources

  4. 4Aces says:

    I’m so dizzy! I’m not sure if it is because I have no heart, accidentally took a dose of Gardasil, was scratching my head too hard trying to decipher Perry’s convoluted answers at the debate or that I’ve been put into the spin cycle of Perry’s Whirlpool. Well, he’s going down the drain fast no matter how they spin it. Romney’s currently at 45.9% and Perry at 23.9% on Intrade’s Republican Nominee market – spin that Slick!

  5. Jonesy says:

    Texas toast is right! And unlike McCain (similar meltdown in the last cycle), Perry has given no indication of having the verbal capability to make a comeback. With the events of the last week donors will be walking away fast and Perry has no ability to carry his own water. A comeback seems impossible for this candidate.

  6. Lori Patriot says:

    How can an informed voter support Perry? He supported socialists like Carter/Clinton and Gore. He is for in state tuition for illegals that broke our laws and made themselves burdens on American tax payers. He refuses to enforce existing immigration laws or turn off the magnet the draws more illegals. Most of the illegals here are hard working and just want a better life. However, 30% of our foreign criminals in prisons are illegally here and their own countries don’t want them back. It costs 40K per inmate to feed and support them. We can’t afford millions of rapists, child molesters, criminals, gang bangers, drug runners and La Raza radicals in our prisons and clogging up our courts. Many Middle Eastern people are entering through our southern border pretending to be Mexican as well. Get the real 411

  7. Lori Patriot says:

    Perry is guilty of crony capitalism by mandating the Gardisil shot in order to pay back Merck for their support. How much Perry received from them is up for speculation. In addition, by mandating the shot, he got Merck off the hook for law suits as the government mandated the shot. Perry was not a JFK democrat or a moderate democrat. He was a full blown socialist democrat. Rove flipped him as he saw that Texas was going to the right.

    The success of Texas has little to do with the governor. He inherited a good situation. Low corporate tax rates, cheap land and rents,a strong and affordable work force, less union strangle hold on business all contributed to Texas success. However, most of the jobs (85%) created in Texas went to illegals. Why does this matter? Because over 50% of the legal and illegal immigrants here are on Welfare. We can not continue to support other countries’ citizens who send their money back to their home country, bankrupt our entitlement programs, take jobs from young people and non-degree holding citizens and increases crime and congestion.

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