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I have no set opinion on the death penalty, and I have gone out of my way to be kind toward Gov. Perry, as a fellow evangelical and a politician whose record I generally respect very much.  But I have to say that I found his answer tonight–in which he said he’s never lost sleep over any of the hundreds of executions he’s authorized in Texas–to be absolutely chilling.  Only God should be that sure, Governor.

I’ve got a Reformed understanding of who the children of God are, among other disagreements, but I agree with Quin Hillyer that this is not just disturbing, but disqualifying.

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8 Responses to Way Too Cavalier for Me, Cowboy

  1. Jeff Yeager says:

    I felt the same way. Out of all the comments I heard tonight from Rick Perry, that one baffled me the most. No matter how good the system is there, he should be praying often that no innocent man be condemned to death. In my mind it was a cocky, inappropriate answer, and is not the humble confidence that we need in our president.

  2. PAULEE says:

    I think the answer was cold…and the audience was not thoughtful at all…The one and how many others that might have been innocent have loved ones…I was sad that an evangelical could respond that way..I ask? What would Jesus have done? Perry should have been more ….considerate…and if it did not keep him awake at night…shows me lack of depth of his faith….nor do I respect his record…He has not had proper vetting…

  3. William says:

    Give it a rest already. He was saying that justice is done. Suppose one in a hundred is innocent. So we argue do away with the death penalty. We cannot have innocent people dying. Then ban all cars, buses, trains and planes. Every day thousands of INNOCENT people die in accidents that could be prevented if only we banned everything but walking. Even horses can be dangerous!

  4. Vineyard says:

    I had a different take, except on the clapping. That was just out there. But to me, Perry seemed to emphasize that in Texas if you commit atrocities, especially against children, you are going to pay. While it maybe cavalier, I was happy to hear someone essentially say, “If you are a sick, creepy, bastard that harms children, or other vulnerable people, you don’t deserve to live off tax payer moola for the rest of your days.” Let the Lord deal with folks like that.

    Seems to me, he felt confident, in those extreme cases, Texas had their man/woman. Quite frankly, I was okay with that confidence.

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