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I no longer can objectively tell who wins these debates.  I get so riled up in the drama of it, I just can’t judge.  However, at least two people are calling it for Mitt:

The Fix:

Mitt Romney: Four debates. Four times Romney has wound up in the winner’s circle. It’s not a coincidence. Romney proved yet again that he is the best debater in this field with another solid performance in which he effectively downplayed his liabilities on health care and accentuated his strengths on jobs and the economy. Romney played more offense than he has in previous debates, taking the fight to Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Social Security. He also got a major assist from Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.), both of whom relentlessly bashed Perry. But that’s how debates work. Romney also, smartly, ignored the tea party audience in the hall — who occasionally booed him — and focused his messaging on the much broader audience of people watching the debate on CNN.

And then, Mark Halperin puts Romney at the top with his grading system (in their photo above).  Is this the first time Mitt has gotten lower than an A in his life?

More analysis to come!

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21 Responses to Who Won?

  1. Lily Anne says:

    Seriously you gave Rick Perry a B-, wow he had a horrible debate…the guy self destructed. Nobody sane votes for a man who can’t even figure out his own stance on the issues!

    And Ron Paul….D…..WOW…..

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  3. James says:

    Yah, gotta love how the so called ‘frontrunner’ gets a smiling pic and down the line the rest turn to frowns or whatever….such a crock.

    Paul wins 90% or better of the online polls. Polls for which you can’t ‘spin’ the question to get the outcome you want to, other than by omitting him- as CNN has done on their poll tonight, unless it gets corrected. Simploy saying “oh he’s not electable- SAYS WHO?? Certainly not everyone who votes for him. Most polls are geoip’d so you can’t vote twice on them… so it’s one vote each.
    The person that the establishment says can’t win, is usually where you should consider placing your vote. Project Mockingbird (still very much alive) would be a big hit to the talking heads and other ‘mainstream’ media if Paul was elected.

    Ron Paul 2012, thanks for reading.

  4. Ben Doverhereitcomes says:

    How can anyone who says they’re evangelical vote for a liberal like Mitt Romney or Perry? I don’t get it. You guys don’t read your Bibles? You don’t understand whats coming (or who’s coming back!)? You just want to hand our great country over to the ones who want to destroy it? Every candidate except for Ron Paul has been bought by the very people who want a one world government. Who do you think is going to run that government? You want to hand us over to him! Do some research.

    • Fuzzy says:

      Then I ask you, why would a Christian person vote for a candidate that wants to legalize drugs and prostitution? That equates going to church with smoking marijuana? Someone that believes states can constitutionally implement slavery or polygamy? The good Dr. Ron Paul is a bit too godless for many of us. He didn’t exactly come across as a patriot in this debate, nor the last. He’s been in Washington D.C. for too long withou much to show for it. He has become part of the problem, in that respect.

  5. Here’s a thing. Do you think Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum went after Rick Perry so strongly because he’s the frontrunner or because they genuinely are that opposed to him becoming the nominee? I mean, they haven’t attacked Mitt Romney that hard throughout the entire season so far, even when he was the man to beat. Is it possible, just possible, that when they drop out of the race (and they will), they’ll end up endorsing Romney over Perry?

    • Joseph Cahoon says:

      Given all the warrentless hype about Perry when his record is seriously lacking to be a member of the tea party, Romny as well, they are getting a huge amount of attention from the media because they are backing the huge corporations interests. I wonder if Obama has finished paying the debt he owes to his big money contributes yet. Fact is Ron Paul gets his contributions from everyday people and veterans like me because he has been tirelessly warning us of our misconceptions for over 20 years. Unfortunately for our Nation, to a prophetic degree. Come on! Are the majority of my neighbors and fellow countrymen naive enough to think that anything will change with these two posers. Did we learn our lesson by electing a 2 term Senator. Do you really want a greenhorn to continue running this country? Or, should it be someone who has been around the block a few times and knows his way around yet has stuck with his values and stood up for The People since day one without wavering an smidgen.

  6. Fuzzy says:

    The high point for me was when Romney very genuinely said with enthusiasm how much he can’t WAIT to cut waste from the federal budget. Attaboy. That’s the attitude I want in a candidate this cycle. And knowing he has the SKILLS to do so makes it all the more exciting.

    • Connie Pafford says:

      But the question you have to ask is what waste. He started socialized health care in his own state. T
      he one thing that he and the others don’t want to cut is war. That is the BIGGEST waste and makes our country less safe. The one candidate who tells me they are going to stop the wars; they’ll get my vote. If you understand how bad the economy is, you’d know that simply cutting waste here and there is not going to do it. We, as a nation, are in serious trouble.

      • Sam's wife says:

        BUT, not all of our government is wasteful. There are very good programs that help people who really need it . There are also many good people who work for the government who try every day to whole-heartedly provide helpful services for the public. Most of you people have no idea exactly what government employees do and only believe whatever you read. Go out there and see for yourself. And educate yourselves on what exactly Socialism is and is not, as it appears that many of you are confused and label everything that you disagree with Socialism. Wars are a necessary part of life. Men are not perfect, and evil men exist in this world. Wars are created from men who are greedy, self-righteous, power-hungry, and controlling. To protect our freedom and way of life, sometimes we must protect ourselves. Otherwise, we simply surrender our free will to choose the life we wish to lead for ourselves and our family. We should embrase our differences, not hate those who have different opinions. Not everyone is a christian or a jew. Not everyone is white or black. Americans should love ALL Americans, not just those who agree with our opinions. Isn’t that the Christian way?

  7. Steve says:

    I realize that everyone is entitled an opinion and also everyone is entiltled to freedom of choice, but those two liberties I just mentioned are in jeopardy here. But the fact that they wont even ask the same amount of questions to each candidate and give them fair air time, is just simply rediculous……………unless THEY dont want the public to here what he has to say. The MSM continues to act as if Ron Paul is just a stage prop. Even the ones who were lower in every single poll before this debate got more air time than Mr. Paul. (Backmann, Santorum, Huntsman, Cain, and Newt.) I just started following Ron Paul this year and after watching what has unfolded and seen how the media has treated him, even though he is running at least 3rd in this race, is an absolute outrage. Every candidate deserves to have their time to speak and it should be done fairly and non-biased. This is VERY disrespectful and would be to any candidate. My personal opinion about these candidates goes like this: Romney – Romneycare (failure) Perry – HPV, immigration handouts (TOTAL failure) Paul – anti-war and anti-big government and a TRUE Constitutionalist (Very good) Bachmann – me, me, me, blah blah blah (self centered and has ideas but nothing that someone else hasnt mentioned…..before she did) Cain – was Chairman of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City ( DEFINATE no) Newt – love the was he takes on the critics and the media but this is not helping his campaign (eh, so so) Huntsman – this guy has some VERY similar views to Ron but he seems like a pre programmed robot when he talks (something just not right about him) and last but not least Santorum – this guy scares me almost as much as Perry and Romney (war-mongerer). Ron Paul just makes sense. If you want more of the same than you might as well just vote Obama back into office because with Romney, Perry, Santorum and Newt, things will NEVER change. Wars will continue, economy will continue to fall, the value of the dollar will continue to fall, and the national debt will continue to rise, guaranteed.

    • Sam's wife says:

      You know what they say when someone says the word ‘BUT’, that everything that they said before it, they didn’t mean.
      Ron Paul cares for the rich. Take his flat tax plan. That ends up being a tax cut for the wealthy and a tax increase for the average person. And why decrease government? Do you REALLY know what hard-working American government employees do for a living? They help people like you – the average American. Less people working for the government means that your services will become slower or completely eliminated. You may think that you aren’t affected by government, but just think about how much slower things will be if Americans are laid off of work. You’ll expect the same quality of work with less people. And I can tell you that government workers have already been laid off from their jobs.

  8. Ryan says:

    Why does Ron Paul insist on defending those who wish to harm America? I don’t know that answer to that, but I know that is why he will never win.

    • Connie Pafford says:

      You haven’t studied why he says this. The CIA warned about blowback with our meddling in other countries’ internal internal affairs. We have been giving foreign subsidies to Middle Eastern countries so they’d do what we want. We’ve been helping rebels take out leaders only to replace them with sometimes more tyrannical leaders. We’ve been doing this for many many decades. They don’t have short memories over there. How would you feel if Communist China came over here, took over our government, replaced with whomever they wanted (for their interests) and tried to tell us what to do? We’d be up in arms. But that’s what we’ve been doing over there. I don’t know about prior to 1953 but that’s when we took out their elected leader and put in the Shah of Iran. He was worse to the people and they had great resentment towards us. Our founders never intended for the Americans to meddle in the affairs of other countries. Non-intervention is not isolationist. It means trading and being friends; not forcibly changing their laws, customs, or leaders. The CIA had a report on why 9/11 occurred and the media doesn’t want the people to know about “blowback”. These countries over there can’t even make gas from their own oil resources. Most don’t have navies, air force, or formidable armies. If to them, we have attacked them, doing something like 9/11 was their version of a retaliation to our aggressive acts. I’m not saying it was right but what we’ve been doing isn’t right either. And then with continuing war and drone attacks, killing of innocent civilians is going to create more resentment. We wouldn’t be happy if in China’s attempt to take out our govt, innocent people were being killed at the same time. We’d be very unhappy. Dr. Paul’s words on why 9/11 happened isn’t to defend those that did it; rather it’s to educate us on the motives so we can prevent future attacks.

  9. Connie Pafford says:

    Five years ago, I might’ve thought Dr. Ron Paul was a little different. But he is the one who got me back on my history books, studying the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and our founders’ original intents. Now that I am more aware of what should be, he makes perfect sense. And on top of that, knowing the man is a physician, was an Air Force flight surgeon (during the Vietnam War), receives more donations from the military than all the others combined, never participated in the Congressional pension program, never voted to raise a tax, voted in 12 terms, scholar of the Austrian theory of economics, has been warning us for over 30 years of the economic crisis we’re heading towards, educating on why the Federal Reserve is causing our economic woes, etc etc etc. He deserves an A+ for the courage to say what he’s saying. Everything is tied to the economy. The dollar is worth only 13 cents of it’s full value compared to a full dollar in 1913. He’s been warning of the dollar collapse if the spending continues. The govt. needs to be reigned in on the spending. Everytime they ok more spending, it has to be printed by the Federal Reserve or borrowed by foreigners (and they aren’t too willing to do that now). Everytime the printing press goes on, the dollar is devalued. What he’s trying to say is that we are headed for a complete collapse (like the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union) and it’s going to be far worse than a terrorist attack. When the dollar has no purchasing power, what do you think is going to happen? All the wars will end. People will have to depend on themselves. We are heading towards a Weimar Republic form of hyperinflation and it’s going to be bad. Dr. Paul is a brilliant man and is able to see outside the box. He knows what we are heading for and he’s doing everything he can to get people to think. If we think the role of government is to take care of us from cradle to grave, then we know where we are heading. If people begin to remember American history, maybe we have some hope. Let it not be said we did nothing.

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