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I understand where you are coming from, because I used to be there too.

Read about the day I told David, “I’ll never vote for a Mormon”… and why I changed.

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12 Responses to A Letter to Evangelicals who Don’t Support Mitt because of His Mormonism

  1. KRIS LARSEN says:

    Thanks Nancy, Very well written. LDS and evangelical differences will always exist but it must be remembered, we all want the same things politically, and we all worship the same Jesus. For many of your readers, listening or watching the Elder Holland (LDS apostle) talk a few years ago about the “are Mormons Christians” debate might be helpful. I have attached a link. It is very worthwhile. I wish Pastor Jeffress would take a listen. Thank You

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Lisa, my only issue with the whole issue against Mormonism is the fact that we’ll all be in the same boat eventually when the tide against religion in general rises. I am someone who is not Mormon, don’t think I ever will be, but I am secure in what I believe and could care less right now if someone from that religion were elected right now. That’s the least of the problem facing evangelicals right now, there’s plenty of anti-religious prejudice that can come up against all of us. I remember back when they didn’t have drug commercials on TV, they really didn’t used to. They used to shut down everything but emergency areas on Sundays, and I see plenty of excuses for fornication and adultery too, and more and more people live together without marrying, this is a problem for anyone who believes in God, and that’s why I support Romney, sure he’s not my faith, but my faith or not, he does a great job living up to these values, not just preaching them. We need that more than anything.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful article. I have to agree that Mormons do have the same morals/values as Bible believing Christians and usually the same political policies, but as an ex-mormon, I want you to be very clear. WE DO NOT SHARE THE SAME JESUS! That is such a huge misconception! We do not share the same God, the same scripture or any of the same basic beliefs. So, I ask myself, would I vote for Mitt Romney if he was the Republican nominee? That is such a sad thing to me. I want someone with the Christian values that I believe in and that I believe our Country was founded on, but I want to know that our American President prays to the same God of the Bible. The one and only true God. Not a God that used to be a man. Just some God that is one of many out there. The Mormon religion is not Christian! So, does that matter if they are moral? And we have the same political views? What if he was a Muslim, or an Atheist, should religion even matter? To me it does. Yes, we have had a lot of Presidents who proclaim to be Christian, but that does not mean they are followers of Christ. That is one reason I believe that our country is where it is today. Do you think God would have told the Israelites, I don’t care who you follow or who your leaders are, as long as they are moral. No! He wants His people to rely on Him. to me that means Evangelicals have to elect good leaders that follow the same God of the Bible! I think it is so sad that we have a President right who is who he is, and next we may have a mormon President. I think it shows the downfall of our country. The corruptness and the turning away of God.

    • Lena says:

      I also live in TN. I was a Pentecostal for 50 years and I converted to LDS in the fall of 2009. I read the History of Joseph Smith and I wept and cried and felt the holy ghost, had chills on me, I cried with joy. Then I read the BOM and I did the same, wept, chills of spirit and other good feelings. I know the Mormons are Christians. I have wonderful Mormon friends and they act like a real Christian. I am still Pentecostal, due to they believe about the same thing , such as healing, laying on of hands and fastings. I went to a Ward in Murfreesboro this past Sunday. On the way I stopped at 2 Pentecostal chruches, because these churches were closer to my home. Less gas to use. I just didn’t feel right at these 2 churches, Something was strange in my heart, I wasn’t supposed to be there. Only a few cars in the in both churchs parking lot and this was around 10am. I went on to the lds ward and the church parking lot was over full. I always have to park in the extended parking lot and too they have 3 services on Sundays’. All the automobiles in the parking lot should tell you something. I think because Jesus Christ and God are there. There are too too too many highly genius people of the LDS Faith and I think if the LDS was in error with their smartness I would think they would see if the lds is a wrong teaching. They are so smart that they see see in the scripture the lds teachings are true.

  3. James says:


    While there is indeed much to consider in this article and many good points made, I have to tell you that evangelicals and Mormons do not worship the same Jesus. While I have many Mormon friends and relatives, the Mormon church is not a Christian church.

    Nancy, it would probably be good to leave the discussion of religion off this site. It will not draw evangelicals to Mitt, rather make many more suspicious.



    • Nancy French says:

      James – this is EVANGELICALS for Mitt. We had an Evangelical telling people not to vote for Gov. Romney. Of course we are going to hit back on this. And by the way, you can believe that the LDS church is not a part of historical Christianity and support Romney — that is our point!

      • James says:

        I certainly understand. My only point is that there are real differences on the religion front. And the LDS folk will indeed use this as a platform to say claim they serve the same Jesus that we Reformed Presbyterians do. Sadly, that is just not the case. And such claims may distance evangelicals from Mitt.

        I hope that makes sense.



        • Nancy French says:

          Dear James,

          I understand your concern. Read all of our material, and you will see we talk about these issues soberly and Biblically. (and sometimes not so soberly! Sometimes we have fun with it, like when we make fun of the no-caffeine thing.) We have stated our position a million times – we have been doing this since 2005 – and we have archived everything very carefully so the curious can go and read and criticize and comment and lament all of our words. (Check out “how can I vote for a Mormon candidate? In the archives. It is RICH.)

          Additionally, it makes sense that LDS folks will talk about their faith, just like we talk about our faith. There are issues where we differ, which is why I’m not a Mormon. I think everyone should be PCA. :) LDS folks disagree with us too — they think we should be LDS. There’s no disrespect either way by saying we disagree.

          Here’s the thing. I’m not afraid of LDS folks talking about their faith, and we don’t have to bash their faith — or marginalize them, or make sure we hit all the talking points where we disagree — to talk about Gov. Romney. I am THANKFUL for LDS folks – -they are amazing, they’ve taken bullets for us in the social arena, when evangelicals were burying their heads in the sand. (Prop 8 in California, for example.) I won’t use this platform to bash them or their beliefs.

          Especially when the evangelical church is so squishy. (There’s an Episcopal church in Pennsylvania with a priest who is AN ATHEIST, after all.) So, in other settings, let’s delve into the richness of our theology and compare the two. But here? I’m not going to censor our friends from talking about things that matter to them.

          And I’ll say it a million times. I’m thankful for them, for their hearts, their steadfast voting records, and their dedication. And they are welcome here.

        • americanfirst says:

          Not wanting to contend on this matter but just wanted to submit a consideration.
          How can any well intended Catholic or Protestant establish that because Mormonism is doctrinally different in certain aspects it resolves that their definition of Christianity is by default correct which means that Mormon’s definition is by default incorrect – exactly why couldn’t the argument go the other way?
          What if – Mormons have it right and mainstream Christians are just so set intheri parameters that they fail to evaluate the data objectively?
          In fact, isn’t that essentially the problem Jews of the time had with Jesus? It didn’t fit “their picture” of what the messiah was in their head and/or they where threatened by the doctrinal departure that he espoused. Same argument – latter day, right?
          The idea from the Mormon mindset is not to contest the content of the Bible as it stands but rather to further testify of it’s authenticity. Interestingly, that is evident to anyone who objectively investugates the data and weighs it on it’s merits.
          The Mormon church is not just Christian – it is Christianity squared!
          Extremely edifying Christian faith – no question.
          I’ve been a Catholic, I’ve been non-denom, I’ve been Baptist, Ispent time with the Methodist church – but if you want to talk about the one that has fed me and edified me the most – it’s been the Mormon church hands down! certainly THAT accounts for something, right?

    • americanfirst says:

      I disagree. I think it is time to resolve what Mormon’s are really all about – and mainstream Christianity has been deliberately disingenuous about Mormonism for some time. Remember when Mormons have vote d historically they obviously haven’t withhled their votes on a religious basis – the issues only arises when a Mormon runs and non-Mormons become threatened and make it an issue. Obviously, Mormons don’t run on the platform of their religion.
      Consequently, it is more important for people to evaluate the riligion from sources other than their Protestant ministers. The objectivity has just historically not been there. People need to know the truth but they need to get to it themselves. To say nothing of the obvious conflict of interest with asking a mainstream Christian clergy. Most, if not all of them, get paid for their ministry. Not so in the Mormon church.
      Again, not contending but people need to know the truth – all proselatizing aside. Now for good or for bad the Mormon chruch will be in the lime light through this and honest question about who they are will come up. They are entitled to answer those questions honestly. People with the absence of the honest experience will simply not have objective data here – anymore than asking a Catholic to teach you about the Baptist faith.
      You can’t ask an italian man about the Chinese experience – you want to know truth… talk to someone who has actually lived for a period of time the actual experience.
      The Mormon faith is an extraordinary religion that deserves, at the very minimum, a fair evaluation.

  4. RC says:

    Today is my fist day on this website. I praise you Nancy for your trying to seek common ground for the better cause. I think you are an awesome individual that has there head on straight. I will admit myself from reading these posts above, that true colors really do come out when there is no face, nor identity required. However, I will be the first one to admit that I DO NOT have an exclusive, nor universal claim on Deity. Even the Christian God is the God of all people.
    When “Lisa” above mentioned that “We do not share the same Jesus” makes me think twice. I am a parent and I DO NOT love one child more than another. I love my children the same, no matter what they are or who they are. I believe God is the same way. This same “Jesus” can be (and should be) shared with everyone, not just a few.
    Then what “James” said, I also have to think twice. He said that we “do not worship the same Jesus”. I was not aware that this “Jesus” had died a second time and left James in charge of Judgement! I have no claim, no right nor authority to make such a claim, such as Lisa or James. I am here to live my life the best I can and to love everyone the best I can.
    Nancy – you are engaged in a good and great cause. I admire you for your courage and forthrightness. You are standing up today, just like Jesus did back then, to the establishment (both politically and religiously). Keep up the great work.
    Love you guys.

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