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Hey, friends!  Thank goodness, it’s time to talk about the economy.  Who’s watching tonight’s debate?  We finally found it on the Bloomberg channel — didn’t even know we had it.  A friend texted, “No wonder Rick Perry doesn’t prepare for these debates!  No one can find them!”

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22 Responses to Economic Debate

  1. Charles Mitchell says:

    Funny question from Mr. Cain to Gov. Romney–can he name all his 59 points–but really a missed opportunity, I think.

  2. Charles Mitchell says:

    So glad to hear Mr. Cain has thought about whom he will appoint as Fed Chairman, and won’t reveal their names.

  3. Charles Mitchell says:

    Yikes. Gov. Perry says he doesn’t like corporate welfare, but WaPo reporter says (correctly) that he did it.

  4. Charles Mitchell says:

    Most notable thing about this debate: Gov. Romney’s lapel pin was crooked. What happened to his trademark sartorial excellence?

  5. Liz says:

    Cain had the best tie. Then Huntsman. Perry had funky hair, Ms. Bachmann was absolutely ravishing, and although Romney’s tie looked like it was made from my grandma’s couch, he was A-game again tonight and he’s won himself at least a minor respite until the healthcare and religious attacks start up anew.

  6. Liz says:

    See those interviews of Christie and Romney? That’s the ticket right there, and a formidable one indeed. Obama needs diapers.

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