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Herman Cain’s new video cracked me up when I saw it this morning.  Literally the photo above is his Chief of Staff, Mark Block.  I’m not sure why he added a cigarette into the campaign message (or even the ‘stache!), but it’s jarring enough in this day of political correctness to get attention!  As one commenter on YouTube, put it:

All this video needed was Mark Block leaning against a Trans Am and it would have been a win.

Click through for the video!

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5 Responses to Herman Cain’s New Campaign Video

  1. Jon says:

    Not to be mean. I think Herman Cain is a decent guy, but that video was corny. It kind of seemed like a desperate plea cloaked in a guise of hipness… sort of. Oh, I don’t know. It was just hard to describe. At any rate, I don’t think it will cause throngs to flock to him.

  2. ccr says:

    That was ……..just a strange ad. Really….the smoking??? I like a number of things about Cain…..this is NOT one of them. He doesn’t look like a serious candidate…or prepared candidate……..for POTUS.

  3. David Walser says:

    I think your reaction to the video depends a lot on your perspective. If you don’t view Cain as a serious contender for the nomination, then you might enjoy the ad’s irreverent attitude. Similarly, if you are tired of the candidates taking themselves too seriously, you might find the ad refreshing. On the other hand, if you think being President is serious business and that the Office demands a certain reverence and respect, then the ad might seem to strike and off note.

    Personally, I want a candidate that doesn’t take himself seriously but, out of respect for the office he’s seeking, conducts himself (and his campaign) with the decorum one hopes for in a President. That’s a fine line that, for me, this ad crosses. It’s not a big deal and not one that would prevent my voting for Cain. I just wish Cain, and all the other candidates, would try to act as if they already were the President. I doubt a President Cain would intentionally put out a video of his spokesman smoking — as if that’s the image he wanted to present to the world. While I don’t smoke, I wouldn’t hire a non-smoker over a smoker (on that issue alone). I also wouldn’t want any of my people to POSE for photographs or videos in a manner that shows off their smoking. If someone’s picture is taken while they’re smoking, fine. Pose with a cigarette dangling from your lips, not so fine.

  4. David French says:

    Ok, I have to admit it. I LOVE THAT AD. I’m not sure what it will do the race, but the smoking is just so off-the-wall that I laugh every time . . . and it’s not just the smoking; throw in the swelling of the music and Herman Cain’s smile, and you have pure, unadulterated win. Five stars.

  5. JediMormon says:

    Maybe he’s trying to convey the image of Joe Sixpack, Mr. Common Citizen who’s willing to take the burden of being president of the United States upon himself so that he can fix the country? Who knows. I can’t see money pouring into his coffers with ads like he’s putting up.

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