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There are no words.  Seriously.

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16 Responses to Herman Cain’s Newest Video: “He Carried Yellow Flowers”

  1. apollo says:

    I hope he comes out with one of these every day. I thought this was a SNL spoof, a really bad SNL spoof–one that they wouldn’t even show because it is too bad to watch.

    Publicity is good, but publicizing insanity never helps. What is the message of this?

    We’re talking about President of the USA. Not president of SAG.

    Roll out a few more. Hopefully!

  2. Billy Bob says:

    This is the last straw for me! This Cain craze is driving me mad! He will get obliterated by the Obama machine in the general. The man can’t even pronouce “Uzbekistan”. Is this really who we want representing the GOP? It would be an even worse beating than Obama gave to McCain. Please let America wake up and realize how illogical and outright stupid a vote for Cain would be. A vote for Cain, just like McCain last time around, is a vote for the Dems.

  3. Vineyard says:

    I like the videos. They are entertaining and off-beat. I don’t think the videos are hurting his campaign. In some ways, I am guessing, the videos are probably helping, Hermann Cain. Now when he makes one attacking Obama, it’s gonna be GREAT!

  4. Terry says:

    I would comment on this, if I knew exactly what it is that I’m commenting on.
    Maybe I’ll give it a try anyway. Pick your favorite.

    Top 10 possible comments:
    1. “Huh?”
    2. “What in the______?” (add favorite expletive here)
    3. “Cut! Cut! I was told this was a political ad, not an audition for a western. Where’s Mr. Cain?”
    4. “Maybe if it showed the guy getting the girl?”
    5. “What if we replaced the yellow flowers with a cigar? You know, more of a he-man look?”
    6. “That was pretty bad acting. Maybe Mr. Cain should have considered playing the lead part.”
    7. “What’s the word for worse than pathetic?”
    8. “The only thing this video lacks is a circus act in the background.”
    9. “Oh, wait a minute. The entire video is a circus. Never mind.”
    10. “Now how in the world could a cheap production like this go over budget?”
    11. “Your grandmother wears army boots!” (Choose this one if you didn’t like any of the others.)

    Okay….I’m out of here. (I tried picturing Romney making this kind of video, but my imagination refused to stretch that far.)

  5. Joel2012 says:

    This is a joke! But the problem is too many people are buying into this candidates ‘real man’ persona. I’s like watching the current incumbent’s rise all over again ; it’s driving me crazy! Who falls for this kind of politician? The man has no real experience and no real substance. And those who are supporting him in the polls are making a mockery of this primary campaign. Everyday that we have to endure more and more of this nonsense creates room for the other side to win this race right out from under us. It’s unbelievable! Wake up people! We don’t need another candidate, we need to rally around the best candidate in the field, period! Mitt Romney.

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