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Gov. Romney to Gov. Perry, as transcribed by the Los Angeles Times:

I don’t suggest you distance yourself from your faith any more than I would. But the concept that we select people based on the church or the synagogue they go to, I think, is a very dangerous and enormous departure from the principles of our Constitution.

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2 Responses to Line of the Night Tonight

  1. Jim Tills says:

    Mitt Romney is so clear and correct in his comments as to what the founders of our Nation intended regarding the religious faith of potential leaders, that it becomes obvious where real bigotry exists. Introducing fundatmental error or as stated “the Religion Question” into the National Debate is a serious flaw promulgated by the Perry Campaign and will backfire against him.

    He should bow out now and save the multi-millions of dollars he will spend needlessly trying to destroy Romney— and in essence, our Nation’s dwindling hope for salvaging the Constitution being relentlessly destroyed by Obama’s transformation of America into a socialistic state.

    Last night’s debate left no doubt as to Romney’s ability to answer the numerous attacks, petty as they really are, in a reasoned manner. While we can all realize that small things mean a lot, when contrasting Romney’s miniscule so-called faults against the huge issues facing us for which Romney is eminently qualified to handle, the attacks are infantile and superficial. It is my hope that the harrange and attention on the thin things of virtually no major importance leveled against him will not distract the great body of Americans from realizing he is the most competent and best qualified to confront the thick things of monumental importance our Nation is facing and will continue to face in the immediately near future.

  2. Terry says:

    Good debate.
    I thought Romney handled himself very well, especially when Perry brought up the lawn service non-issue. Trying to tell Romney that he had no credibility to comment on Perry’s immigration issues because Romney himself had “hired illegals” to take care of his lawn, was absolutely pathetic.
    In my opinion, I think that most of the candidates are now realizing that Romney has a good shot to go all the way–Herman Cain being the only one who may not be of that opinion. I like Cain, but I don’t think he has the foreign policy knowledge that Romney has, or quite the financial expertise of Romney.

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