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According to Chris Cillizza, this guy did.  Why?  The very week he was supposed to wow us with the flat tax idea, he brings up the validity of Obama’s birth certificate. Then:

“Doubling down, inexplicably, Perry explained to CNBC’s John Harwoodthat he was flirting with birtherism because “it’s fun to — to poke at him a little bit and say, ‘Hey, how about — let’s see your grades and your birth certificate.’ ”

To say the least, this antagonism is not the most Presidential behavior no matter how much the GOP voters supposedly want a “red meat” candidate.  Will Perry be able to resurrect his fledgling campaign?


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8 Responses to Who Had the Worst Week in Washington?

  1. Bob says:

    Just a note on flip flopping. Megan Kelly had Michael Regan on her show today. He said that his dad (Ronald Regan) changed his mind several times on important matters after he was 50 years old. He also pointed out that candidates have all changed their mind on issues or impotant matters. Think a again Rick Perry. Can a person change there mind after the age of 50.
    I’m only sure in my mind that Romney changed his mind on one important matter and that was abortion. The other matters can be argued to some extent. Watch out Mr Gov. Rick Perry..Your pejudice is showing. Mitt is the man!!

  2. Jonesy says:

    Perry… I first started researching him about two weeks before he entered the race. I was a little excited about him. I’d heard positive word about his accomplishments. However, the first thing that struck me when I listened to him was that he sounded so… stupid? It wasn’t the “I can’t tell how smart he is because he talks with an unsophisticated accent” kind of dumb. The man just struck me as D-U-M. I believe he’s accomplished a great deal DESPITE having a low IQ and I congratulate him for it. But he is just not a very bright man and his lack of intellect would be a dangerous proposition for Americans at this time.

    The reason Perry’s tax plan hasn’t caught fire is simple. (1) It does NOTHING. It keeps everything Americans despise about our tax code and creates one additional loophole–if all of the other loopholes couldn’t get you below 20%, you’re in luck! The max rate just dropped to 20%! (2) It decreases revenue in a huge way. We’re struggling with a massive debt burden and NO economist would suggest Perry’s plan will do anything but worsen that situation. No one that understand economics thinks potential growth could match the revenue loss. (3) Perry can’t effectively explain that 2+2=4. And in this case, he isn’t even willing to try. Every question he gets on it receives the response: “I firmly believe we have to grow our way out this mess.” And behind his eyes you see, “Please stop asking me questions about my plan! I don’t understand it myself for Pete’s sake!”

  3. Terry says:

    Perry’s problem is one of growing desperation. It’s showing more and more with each debate and with his ads. Romney’s the better man and Perry knows it. The more relaxed Romney appears, the more desperate Perry becomes. Cain has been a bigger sideline problem for Perry than for Romney, and by the time voters come to the conclusion that Cain is jut a one-talent candidate (finances), Perry will have slipped too low in the polls to recover. His acts of desperation are going to do him in.

  4. Salem STanley says:

    I am an MBA student doing a research project regrading Mitt Romney’s candidacy. We need to interview 6 people who are strongly supporting Mitt. If you or anyone you know might be interested in talking with us please contact me. We need to conduct the interviews sometime before November 19th.

    Salem Stanley

  5. John Haas says:

    I don’t know: I carry no brief for Perry, but, really? He didn’t go to the right school, didn’t get the best grades, seems kind of dumb? Doesn’t that line of attack sound familiar?

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