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Romney versus Perry
Calvin Freiburger wrote an interesting article over at RedState about Rick Perry’s own history of changing positions.  He pointed out that many conservatives are holding Romney to a completely different standard than they hold other candidates.  Check out this article — and leave him a nice comment. He wasn’t quite well received over there.

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9 Responses to Confronting the Flip Flop Theme

  1. I’d be interested in seeing if there are examples of Mitt Romney promising one thing in his campaign for governor and then changing his position after he was elected and violating the promise. So far, all the so-called flip-flops seem to be that at some prior point in time, he may have held a different position than he does now. But it seems to me the real question should be whether he will keep his campaign commitments. I haven’t seen any examples of Romney violating campaign promises on which he was elected.

    • Jeannine Richardson says:

      An excellent question that needs to be asked. I am a Romney suporter and I hear he flip flops, he’s a RINO etc. without any facts.

      I beleieve he is a man of his word but the facts about his campaign promises vs his actual performance would be nice know.

  2. Tony says:

    While we’re on the subjet of flip-flops… why does it seem that the core Republican base has given a free pass to Newt Gingrich on his history of flip-flops, not the least of which are: a) his changing his religion, and b) flip-flopping on being faithful to previous wives.

    • David Walser says:

      We don’t have to get into Newt’s personal life. Newt argued for a health insurance personal mandate — it used to be considered the conservative approach to healthcare. Now, Newt’s against the personal mandate. He’s switched positions on lots of other public policy questions. Which, is as it should be. Only God has never made a mistake or taken the wrong side of an issue.

  3. Jim Tills says:

    Such a disservice is being done to Mitt Romney and the Nation by the radical left and deceitful right. Changing one’s opinion through an evolution of thought and experience is what true conservatives want. That’s the “flip of it” and that’s good. (e.g. Going from pro-choice to pro-life.) What we do not want is the “flop of it” which indicates a wishy-washy “politician” who floats with the wind and is a deadly threat to our survival as a Nation.
    A true “statesman” is one who will flip when his experience and wise reasoning show his position(s) to be contrary to the common good and constitutional wisdom’s standards. Such is the case with Mitt Romney who is a solid conservative which, if he attains the Presidency, will be proven Only a “politician” will flop or return to his previously flawed position like a “dog returning to his vomit.” Mitt Romney has never done so. Therefore, to call him a “flip-flopper” is a severe disservice and an insult to him, his family, and our Nation’s chances for survival.
    Mr. Gingrich is a good man, extememly intelligent, a great historian, and a solid conservative. We would do well with him as President. However, he has made noticable gaffes politically and as times, unfortunately, has been a “politician” in both his personal and political life. I love his wit and wisdom and good ideas. He is so beautifully articulate that I could support him whole-heartedly as a candidate to beat Obama—who must not be allowed to serve another four years to the downfall of our Nation. However, it is clear to a majority of honest Republicans that Mitt Romney is the better “statesman” and deserves our full united support. Flip, yes; flop, never! Consistent and steady, exactly what we need in our time of greatest peril.

  4. Jim Tills says:

    I do not believe anyone in the Rpmney Camp is overconfident about his winning the nomination. With the “Anyone but Romney” website and the desparate Democratic Left combining forces, the fight to get the best candidate since Ronald Reagan the Republican Nomination is anything but a cakewalk. Mitt Romney is that candidate. The issue of “Flip-Flop” for Romney is bogus. He flipped from pro-choice to pro-life but he never flopped back. We want to see “flipping” like that as evolution of though, reason and wisdom prevail in a candidate’s progression in life and age.
    Newt Gingrich is marvelously articulate, witty, and a known history buff who can wow crowds with his charm and brilliance. His past personal history is a tragedy; if not for it, in my opinion, he could have run previously and already been POTUS. However, I doubt seriously that the American People will forget the past unfaithfulness and broken promises that marred his otherwise incredible career. Of one thing we can be certain, if Gingrich does manage to beat out Romney for the Republican nomination, Obama’s cronies and supportive media will drench the American public with the most negative smear campaign against him ever launched on anyone. Because his past failures have no real excuse, Obama would probably prevail.
    If Romney wins the nomination—which on strength of character, experience, and proven business acumen in turning around failing enterprises—would be the wisest decision collectively that Republicans could make, the Obama attack dogs unleashing their most vitriolic and salacious lies will not find much traction. Romney’s character is almost flawless and his record unbelievably great in every field he has been allowed and fortunate to enter.
    Will he win in Iowa? Perhaps not but he will either win or be 2nd or 3rd. Will he win New Hampshire? Undoubtedly yes. I believe as the American people continue to see the real Mitt Romney and not the MSM countefeit bogey man the Media Left has tried to create, he will zoom to the Republican Nomination and then become POTUS.
    I can hardly wait to see the campaign debates between he and Obama. If there is any semblance of proper balance and sensible questioning, Romney will win in a landslide.

    • Jeannine Richardson says:

      I agree with your assessement of Romney. He has made out to be something he is not. He is a man of good character, has donated his time and money to many causes. He is reliable, steady and from what I hear from people who know him a real penny pincher. He is being sold short and the media is propagating the RINO an flip flop issues. I live in NH and will proudly vote for Mitt in January. The fact that the people in NH are 41% behind him should speak volumes to the rest of the country. After all, we are his neighbors and know how he governed in MA.

  5. Terry says:

    There Is No Perfect Candidate

    I listened to Glenn Beck today, nit-picking at Mitt Romney over a supposed flip-flop on illegal immigration. I had to ask myself: “Do these people not get it?” What America needs the very most right now is someone who can pull this country out of the disastrous financial shape that our professional ‘Community Organizer’ of a president has gotten us into. Had I been able to, I would have called the show and reminded them that there is no perfect candidate, then asked them what they thought was the most serious problem facing this country today. I would have been surprised if they hadn’t chosen the economy. For me, that will be the number one priority the new president will need to work on. Newt and Cain are likable candidates in my opinion, but likable or not, if the economy tanks, it won’t make much difference who flip-flopped on this or that issue, or who is better qualified at solving X, Y and Z.

    After the general election, I want to be able to rest easy at nights secure in the knowledge that someone who knows what they are doing is working on getting the economy back to the triple-A rating it used to have. The best man for that job–and the only man, for that matter–is Mitt Romney.

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