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Again, here we are with a Wednesday night debate.  (Doesn’t anyone go to mid-week church services anymore?  No?  Only the French family?)

A great deal has changed since the last debate, most notably for Herman Cain.  Will the moderators ask Cain about the allegations of sexual harassment?  In the words of our esteemed GOP Vice Presidential candidate in 2008, “you betcha.”  How will the other candidates respond?  Will attack-dog Rick Santorum try to peel away conservative voters from Cain by challenging his response?  Will Michele Bachmann?  Will Perry and Santorum allow Gov. Romney to finish a sentence?   Will Newt Gingrich act annoyed by every question and then dazzle the at-home viewers anyway?  Will Rick Perry take a nap in the middle of the debate?

The debate, which focuses on economic issues, is taking place in Michigan.  This definitely give Romney the home field advantage.  Not only did he grow up there, his dad was a popular Governor there.

Will Gov. Romney be able to dazzle potential voters with his competence?  I guess we’ll tune in at 8 p.m. eastern for the — count ‘em — tenth debate of the primary season to find out.

Right after church.

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