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I would not want the pressure of a debate in front of million of Americans.  Preparing for these debates has to be a difficult task indeed.  Having said that, I feel Rick Perry’s debate performance tonight indicated — once and for all — that he is not ready to go head to head with the President.  Watch this, and imagine Obama standing next to Perry instead of the affable Ron Paul.


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18 Responses to Not Ready to Debate Obama

  1. Jim Tills says:

    It was an almost unbelievable gaffe by Rick Perry. He handles himself like a puffed up bulldog at times but his memory “senior moment” gaffe was the final straw in his attempt to win the Republican Nomination. I can’t imagine how the majority of voters could in good conscience vote to put him up against a super-charged articulate Barrack Obama. The debate would be painful to watch and a complete tragedy to our hopes to end the tyranny of Mr. Obama and the Democrats. We must win this election or our Nation is doomed.

    If Obama gets another four years, I am afraid we will have a potential bloodbath on our hands. My opinion is that slavery under the guise of “transformation” into a socialist state, will cause millions of red-blooded Americans to rise up and attempt to take our Country back the way we originally won our Independence. I pray to God that I am dead wrong.

    We need a man of conservative and moral values, integrity, incredible skills and leadership as much now as we needed such a man in the days of Washington and the days of Lincoln. Mitt Romney is that man.

  2. Mike says:

    Nancy, you are correct. The pressure of a presidential debate must be tremendous and anyone could have a memory lapse. The problem is Rick Perry isn’t just anyone, he is a candidate for the most powerful office in the free world. As such, Republicans need to nominate the best and brightest they have to go up against Obama in 2012 and Perry simply doesn’t fit the bill.

  3. Kyle says:

    Wow, Rick Perry may have just blown his chances at the Republican Nomination tonight! I was watching it live and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt sorry for the guy. As always Mitt was rock solid!

    • Rakesh says:

      No, I had written this broefe I noticed your comment, but trashed it because I planned to work on it later. I found the article linked on Free Republic. This is what we are referring to when we talk about the Yankee Question: Romney supported the American Civil Rights Movement while governor.[99] His hardscrabble background and subsequent life experiences had given him a different perspective from the LDS Church policy on blacks;[15] he reflected, It was only after I got to Detroit that I got to know Negroes and began to be able to evaluate them and I began to recognize that some Negroes are better and more capable than lots of whites. [80] During his first State of the State address in January 1963, Romney declared that Michigan’s most urgent human rights problem is racial discrimination—in housing, public accommodations, education, administration of justice, and employment. [100] Romney helped create the state’s first civil rights commission.[101] When Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Detroit in June 1963 to stage a civil rights march, Romney issued a proclamation in support of the event and sent two representatives to it on his behalf, but did not attend himself because it was on a Sunday.[99] Romney did participate in a smaller march protesting housing discrimination the following Saturday in Grosse Pointe, after King had left.[99] Romney’s advocacy of civil rights brought him criticism from his own church; in January 1964, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles member Delbert L. Stapley wrote him that a proposed civil rights bill was vicious legislation and telling him that the Lord had placed the curse upon the Negro and it was not for men to remove it.[29][102] Romney refused to change his position and increased his efforts towards civil rights.[29][102] They don’t have quite the same experience as us.Integration was forced on Dixie in the Civil Rights Movement. OTOH, Yankees wanted integration and had been practicing integration for almost a hundred years in the Northern states by then.Northern ethnics in states like Michigan opposed George Romney. They voted for George Wallace in the 1972 Democratic presidential primary.Just the other day, I got into an argument with a clown at Free Republic, who proudly pointed out to me that Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire had given citizenship rights to blacks broefe the 14th Amendment.

  4. Crystalf says:

    I agree with you. And I would like to point out that while everyone was either a) laughing at Perry (in the audience), b) taking advantage of this horrible moment (the moderator), c) standing stunned (other candidates) … Mitt (and to some degree Ron Paul) tried to come to Perry’s rescue by offering him an “out” by breaking the tension & trying to suggest what might be the department he was searching for. Coming from the two candidates that have been treated most abusively by Perry, I think the experience also highlighted the compassion and decency of these two men.

  5. RC says:

    1 (Democrats)+1 (Independents)+1 (Republicans) = 3. A majority is needed to win the Presidency! (2 of 3)

    1 (Democrats) = Does not equal the majority.
    1 (Republicans) = Does not equal the majority.
    1 (Independents) = Does not equal the majority.

    1 (Democrats)+1 (Republicans) = 2. Not gonna happen in a million years.
    1 (Democrats)+1 (Independents) = 2. Majority.
    1 (Republicans)+1 (Independents) = 2. Majority.

    The Independents are the “key” and the “solution” to the 2012 Presidential Race. Independents are moderates. (From both the Democratic and Republican parties)

    Conservatives had better get their head out off their ??? (where the sun doesn’t shine) and smell the roses. Compromise a little and the sway for the Independents will come. Without them, Republicans are TOAST. We live in a country of 320 million people. Does one really believe that “true conservatism”, in today’s society, is going to gain converts (Independents) over night? Yea, right! (while holding my thumb and forefinger together, pressed against my lips, and inhaling)

    Beating Obama in 2012 with “true conservatism” ain’t going to happen in a trillion years. Never. Republicans keep pressing as far to the right as they can push. Blinded by the fact, the more right they push, the further away from winning the nomination in 2012 it becomes. But most on the right are unwilling (stubborn as they are) to compromise politically, to their own demise. Why do the Republicans continue to try and make someone “bend” to their ideology? (namely, Mitt Romney) Why haven’t they produced one of their “own”?

    Republicans need to get over their “holier than thou” attitude, get over their “haughtiness” and their “pius” character. Use your brains for once. You need to rally behind someone who attracts more of the Independents in the GOP field than any other, that is, if you want to beat Obama. If you are not willing to change a smidgen, then I can do nothing for you, but hand Obama to you on a silver platter.

    • Terry says:

      The only thing I see wrong with your logic is that you seem not to have taken percentage into consideration. Independent voters are in the minority, and while they can influence a political race if the voting is close enough, it’s an impossibility that 100% of them will choose one party over the other. Thus, your logic that “1 (Republicans)+1 (Independents) = 2. Majority”, for example, takes a nosedive as soon as you exceed the number of independent voters there are. After that, you can’t use them in the equation. It then becomes a question of, will R+I be greater than D+I when the voting has finished, and if so, did the addition of “I” to both “R” and “D” change the outcome of the election as opposed to what the outcome would have been if “I” had not been present.

  6. Terry says:

    Romney (or a Romney supporter) should make an ad using Perry’s gaff. Picture this: a split-screen with Obama on the left and Perry on the right. Obama asks a few questions or makes a few statements, and Perry responds with his stammering/stuttering debate replies. Fade out…then white lettering on a black screen appears: “Is this who you really want as your next president?”

  7. Marc Richter says:

    Romney has to have enjoyed last night watching Perry stumble . As much as right-wing conservatives may want someone other than Romney to take the nomination, it’s not going to happen. We got a group of conservatives that weren’t ready for prime time this year, while Romney went through the gauntlet in 2008. This is his to lose.

    I’m sure Gingrich will be the new flavor of the month but as we all know, his problem is he’s had one too many wives.

    We can expect a Romney and Obama in November. Go get him Mitt!

  8. RC says:

    Terry, thanks for your insight. I think you are correct in what you said. However, I believe that next year’s presidential election WILL come down to the Independent voters. Seriously. From that assessment, that is why I feel so strongly on backing an individual that has the political appeal (both in character and substance) to persuade the middle of the field voters that the green grass is here, not there.

    If the Republicans try to nominate the most conservative candidate THIS time around, it will be to their doom. You need someone THIS time around to step back from the fray and LEAD from the center. That candidate is President Mitt Romney.

    By the way Terry, what State are you from? (Just curious)

    • Terry says:

      RC — Currently living in Nebraska. I agree that Romney is the best bet for defeating Obama-ha-ha. And, I side with you about needing someone who leads from the center, or at least appears to others to be leading from the center. Pure conservatism isn’t going to work–yet–in my opinion. This country didn’t get in the mess it’s in overnight, and it’s not going to extract itself over night.

      • RC says:

        I love Nebraska, it is a beautiful State. I kind of lean toward the Eastern portion of the State. Have a next door neighbor that just moved to Lincoln last week. They were excited, his last name is Cluff. Anyway, it’s time for the Christian Coalition, collectively as a whole, need to unplug their head from their you know what and profoundly back someone with full force (from all angles) if they don’t want to be left in servitude to the OBAMA machine. Certainly, that would most likely put a damper on future avenues that the Christian Coalition has taken for granted. I am 52 years old and I am not ready for the end to come…………..

        • Terry says:

          Well, I’ve got you beat on age…never mind how much. Right on about the Christian coalition. They need to realize that, politically, religious preference doesn’t mean near as much as which direction a candidate’s moral compass is pointing. In this election, as in the last election, the Mormon compass and the Evangelical compass are both pointed in the same direction. Both groups basically stand for the same “stuff”. The fact that the two doctrines clash does not matter. Romney has pretty much the same values as Evangelicals do.

          • RC says:

            From your picture, you look my age! Are you originally from Nebraska? My wife is from Ohio, and we pass through Nebraska when we travel eastward. I really feel in my heart that the Christian Coalition is starting to “see the light”. Mitt does possess the social and cultural values that they want in a President. I just hope that they progress in a rapid manner in the next 8 to 12 weeks.

            I just cannot believe the roller coaster ride that the GOP (candidates)have been on for the past 3 to 4 months. Tim Pawlenty’s rise and fall, Rick Santorum’s rise and fall, Michelle Bachmann’s rise and fall, Rick Perry’s rise and fall, Herman Cain’s rise and fall and now it looks like a Newt Gingrich’s rise (and fall) and who is it that has b een steady like a rock throughout the whole process? Oh, yea, Mitt Romney.

            The pundits are staying that Mitt cannot get above 25% in the polls, because of his “flip-flopping”. Excuse me, I think “the people” need to look in the mirror. Who is the flip-flopper? Look at the above paragraph and that should asnwer your question. The people themselves flip-flop faster than a rabbit can hop. (hence, the flavor of the month). I really do believe, in the long run, that the Christian Coalition will not be able to see how lucky they are, after Mitt is elected President, how foolish they were during the Pre-Primary time. Then, and only then will they be able to look back and say, “Wow, I sure am glad Romney’s our President”.

    • Terry says:

      Okay…your last reply had no “reply” thingy to click on (comment column getting too narrow, I guess), so I’ll start over. I’ve been in Nebraska for about 25 years now–before that Idaho and before that Utah.

      The accusation that Romney can’t get above 25% is a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. The important thing is that he’s been steady, and has not been pulled into the flavor of the month club. Come time to select the GOP presidential candidate, I think voters will give some pretty serious thought to who they really want, and they will decide that their flavor of the month candidate doesn’t measure up. One thing that has amused me is the polls that show Obama leading Romney in a mock run-off–like that means anything (mild sarcasm intended). When the real voting takes place, I see Romney winning handsomely.

      • RC says:

        Had Stake Conference today…… was great. Where in Idaho and where in Utah? We have lived here in Utah for 6 years now. I love the Mountains. Do you own alot of land there in Nebraska?

        I agree with you 100%. Have you ever thought about running for Pulic Office? It sounds like you would have the tanacity to do so. You have a way with your words that is very clear and understandable to comprehend. Well the time is clearly approaching for the Primary voting to begin.

        Every one of my Christian friends that I am in touch with are voting for Romney, because they also see the necessity and the urgency to make a difference with their votes. The French’s sound like wonderful people. I would like to meet them sometime and just say “Thanks”.

  9. ignoramus says:

    I am pleased to see Perry self destruct on his own. He is a certified Mormon hater and Mitt has vowed not to defend himself on those terms. I am a believer that the Lord blesses those who play by His rules.
    I was a Texan once and that was enough.
    I never met a Romney I didn’t like and I have known some for a long time. My fondest dream is to see Mitt as the President of the United States of America.

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