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It’s correct-the-record day regarding Mitts’ record on life and marriage.  In the heated last days before the Iowa caucus, conservative critics are recycling old abortion attacks.  I respond here.

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3 Responses to Don’t Believe Misleading Attacks About Mitt’s Record on Abortion

  1. Barbara says:

    Can we handle a president like Mitt Romney? What would we do with a president who doesn’t drink, smoke, chew, or cheat on his wife? Who has earned the name of the “turn around guy” because of his ability to take failing businesses and making them healthy? A guy with government experience too? Who has degrees in law and Business and was valedictorian in college? Who is known for being hard working? Who has been responsible for people losing their jobs–uh, wait, as owner of a successful business I am thinking that the failing businesses wouldn’t be turning to Romney unless they were in deep trouble and need reorganization and hiring and firing as necessary. I think it isn’t good business practice for a failing business to keep failing and go under just to keep the same people on the payroll, as some seem to suggest. I guess I’ll vote for Mitt after all.

  2. Barbara says:

    Does character matter in the presidency? Does it matter if someone is unfaithful to their spouse—not once but several times? Here are the skills needed to be unfaithful:
    1) You have to learn to be good at being secretive so as to not be found out.
    2) You have to learn to live a lie successfully (who tells their spouse they are cheating on them?)
    3) If confronted with a question about faithfulness, you have to be proficient at lying and making it sound good. You have to be adept at misrepresenting the facts (like saying you are going somewhere when actually you are secretly going somewhere else to cheat on your spouse).
    4) If unfaithfulness occurs more than once, deception is most likely a pattern of behavior. (What if a man is married, cheats on wife #1 and divorces wife #1 to marry wife #2 that he cheated with, cheats on wife #2 and divorces wife #2 to marry wife #3 that he cheated with?)
    5) How many times does items 1-4 have to occur before deception becomes easier and one becomes adept at lying and misrepresentation? Lying + Misrepresentation = Dishonest + Untrustworthy.
    All you have to do is google Newt Gingrich and you can find out about his pattern of unfaithfulness in several previous marriages. Newt’s only reply is that he admits making mistakes and has asked for forgiveness from God. Well, that’s between him, his former wives and God. As for me, I don’t like his pattern of behavior, don’t trust him, and won’t vote for him.
    Mitt Romney has never been accused of cheating on his wife. Integrity and Trust are components of a successful marriage. These are also qualities that the American people should be able to expect from the President of the United States of America. Romney is also the only one that has had both political and a lot of economic experience—he understands the economy (Gingrich is just a lifetime politician). Barack Obama is well aware that he is no match for Mitt Romney—watch the attacks on Romney from Obama’s camp and the liberal press; they want Newt Gingrich because they feel they can win against him. Let’s all join together in voting for Mitt Romney!

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