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…believes that Gov. Romney is the “best choice.”



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3 Responses to George H. W. Bush Endorses Gov. Romney

  1. Larry says:

    No surprises here. Just one RINO supporting another. From the President who distanced himself from Reagan (and began the effort to undo the gains realized under his leadership) to the man who insisted he was no Reagan man. This just another very clear signal that Mitt is nothing approaching conservative.

  2. Sherri Voebel says:

    I don’t agree with the press on a great many issues. This mornings Political Wire published a true statement. Most of the Dems and political analysts are saying that if our party will unite, and concentrate on Obama’s shortcomings and the economy we can claim victory in November 2012. Here’s the quote.

    From – Dec 28, 2012 Political Wire :
    “For Republicans, the coming presidential election should be presented as mostly a referendum on the record and performance of President Obama. If it is, the president will be genuinely vulnerable, given the weak economy. Instead, Republicans have wound up making their party the focus of the campaign, to their detriment. ”

    It’s time to rally and turn out the vote for the most qualified person who can unite the party – both traditional republicans and tea party behind one theme – “Beat Obama!”. This candidate must not only pull in the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina voters, but be able attract cross-over voters and win a general election.

    I believe Mitt Romney is our man to accomplish this task and am grateful for President George H.W.Bush endorsement.


    • Larry says:

      I believe Obama is exceedingly beatable … period. If there is a candidate who is more likely to lose, however, (apart from Paul) it is clearly Mitt. His policies, his actual record and his many speeches do not offer the necessary contrats to President Obama. Worse, if Mitt does win he will not govern as a conservative but rather as merely another big government Republican.

      This moment, ripe for change, will simply pass by. Democrats will, overtime and in the absence of a compelling, competing vision, continue their efforts to drive the nation leftward … and over the cliff.

      The “ratcheting effect” Margret Thatcher wisely noted has been in motion since Reagan’s departure from Washington … with the exception of a few bright years of conservative leadership through the 104th Congress UNDER the leadership of Newt Gingrich. From President HW Bush till now, Republican Presidents and Nominees have been Big Government Republicans … thus insuring the Left’s agenda even when they fail to hold the WHite House.

      Newt Gingrich, not Mitt Romney enjoys electability and, more to the point, authentic, tested and proven conservative leadership.

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