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I’m in a hotel room in Des Moines, working on a writing project while local television drones on in my room.  Though I’m not watching anything in particular, I am enjoying the Presidential campaign ads while I collect information, organize it into a longer book format, research, order room service, and try to pretend I don’t know where the workout room is.

Anyway, I could not believe an ad that just played by Rick Perry, which seems like a direct assault on Gov. Romney.  I mean, it doesn’t have a floating cross in the background like the 2008 Huckabee ad, but still.  Check out what he says:

“When you run for president, you get a bunch of questions about your faith. People want to know what drives you, how you make decisions. Now some liberals say that faith is a sign of weakness. Well, they’re wrong. I think we all need God’s help. America’s greatest leaders have been people of strong faith, strong values. That makes for a strong America. I’m Rick Perry, I’m not ashamed to talk about my faith, and I approve this message.”

Do you think I’m overreacting or do you think this ad is directly aimed at Gov. Romney?

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22 Responses to I’m Not Ashamed To Talk About My Faith…. Like SOME People

  1. apollo says:

    I found Medved’s comments interesting today–rather be mormon than a moron. (talking about the terrible anti-mormon bigotry)

  2. Robin says:

    Yes, it is a passive aggressive assault toward Romney. It is so immature of this man. Religion is not part of running for President. Values, integrity, morals, those are all good things that can be discussed, but a persons particular religion is irrelevant and our founding fathers felt very strongly about that. Perry is desperate, has shown himself to be intellectually wanting, and so he again is trying to appeal to emotions about religion. He would make a terrible President. Mitt Romney is great and has uber integrity, values, morals, and he doesn’t do hurtful things like Perry does.

  3. Jason says:

    No, I don’t think this is aimed at Romney. He speaks generally of his faith, which a lot of candidates do. Just because Perry is an evangelical and mentions his faith in Iowa, doesn’t mean he is stirring anti-Mormon sentiments or attacking Romney.

  4. Ryan says:

    Every single word of a politician is calculated to help him in some way… and to distinguish himself from his opponents. Either Rick Perry is not a very skilled politician, or this was a dig at Mitt. ( But both are reasonable conclusions.)

  5. Terry says:

    Overdoing Obviousness, Obviously.

    Perry’s ad plainly targets the religious vote. It also, through inference, reminds potential voters that Mitt Romney was a *gasp* Mormon during the last election and is still *gasp* a Mormon today. Perry knows the trouble Romney’s religious preferences caused him among certain groups in 2008. He also knows about the damage that Huckabee was able to do to Romney’s campaign because of comments he made about Romney’s religion. I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but Perry is hoping his ad will entice voters to take religion into account when deciding who to vote for, and that maybe he’ll achieve the same outcome over Romney that Huckabee was able to achieve.

    Some tactics only work once, and I think this is one of those times. Romney’s religious leanings are pretty much old news now.

    Very old news, in fact.

  6. Yes, my first reaction was that it was aimed at Romney, and I still think so.

    It tries to exploit what Perry’s strategists see as one of Romney’s major weaknesses, and they’re unfortunately right to see it that way, though, in attempting to exploit it, they reveal themselves to be, at least in this regard, cynical and unprincipled.

    The calculation is that, if Romney comes out and speaks about his faith, that will stigmatize him as a weird and marginal cultist, while, if he doesn’t, he can be taunted as a coward who isn’t really committed to his beliefs.

    As I say, cynical and unprincipled.

  7. John Wyatt says:

    If it comes down to Mitt vrs Barak, will Perry’s ad be used against the Republican candidate to get Barak relected?!?!? I think it will. Why would a good republican undermine his own party? Mormons have been faithful Republicans for decades and have voted for “mainline” christians for office without putting down their “trinitarianism”. I think its time for mainliners to put their arms around their Mormon brothers and sisters and together beat the anti-family anti-faith anti-freedom party of the democrats. Once this is done we can all sit down and in a friendly way discuss our religious differences and become better informed of our neighbor’s faith . Understanding and emphathy is what Christ has asked us to do for each other. Lets leave the juding to Christ.

  8. Mr B says:

    Ok, when I first read this post I wanted to respond negatively. But after watching the ad I don’t think it was directed at Mormons. It was a little confusing. First he hits Liberals, then he talks about not being afraid to talk about his faith. Liberals don’t have a faith to talk about unless it is Gaia. A candidate should focus on one target at a time in an ad.
    If the ad was meant for Romney, Perry is wasting time and money. Attacking Mitt only drives other people of faith to candidates like Gingrich, Bachmann or Santorum or even Ron Paul. Newt has shown that talking positively about the other GOP candidates and attacking Obama is the best strategy.
    I think Perry’s first instinct is to fight. But that has not worked out well for him so far. It is taking a lot of self-control not to lash out at the other candidates.

  9. Jim Tills says:

    What is almost stupifying to me is that Mitt Romney is a man of incredible faith and as POTUS will be on his knees before God every day as part of his daily routine. Reliance on Jesus Christ is the main theological teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterr-day Saints (Mormons). That he doesn’t want to flaunt his religiosity is a sign of great spritiual strength. He doesn’t play the race card, the religious card or any kind of gamesmanship; his only game is concern for America, American jobs, and a rebuilding of our economy. A strong America is the grreatest ally peace in the world has!
    For men of faith to go to Gingrich because Romney has not commented much about his great faith in Christ (so sorely needed at this critcal hour in our history) is absurd! Gingrich (the man who converted from Luthernism, then to Southern Baptist, and then to Catholicism and has been unfaithful to the biblical values and morals delineated in all three of these religious bodies) will be hard-pressed to handle the brutally devastaing rhetoric that will come via a billion dollar Obama campaign warchest. The target on his back will highlight “F” for failure in faith, fidelity, and a futuristic philosophy that screams internationalism rather than Americanism. Eighty-four ethical violations, kicked out as Speaker of the House by his own Republican Party, and a history of support for liberal Democratic programs and liberal candidates on both sides of the isle will make it impossible for him to win over the Independent Vote needed to beat Obama.
    People of faith need to readjust their thinking, take off their blinders, and wake up to the reality that Obama must go and it will take united effort behind a man of good character, faith, and leadership ability. We have that in Mitt Romney. Perry’s subtle (or not so subtle) attempt to tear down Romney in this ill-advised ad is a sad indictment of Perry’s failing campaign.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      The big problem is the fact that we are up against the left, which will try and hit just about anyone who is of faith, and will exploit whatever past wrongs they can obtain. All that matters is if we have someone who knows what he is talking about, and whom we can really throw some serious support behind, or else, we’ll all end up sharing the same loss, Mormon, Christian, or whatever other traditional values belief system is out there.

  10. Lori Patriot says:

    What is Perry talking about? Perry was a democrat and backed candidates that endorsed abortion and practiced unfaithfulness. Perry is using the Tea Party almost as much as he uses his new found faith. Romney has given a very moving speech on his faith during the 2008 campaign. Romney just believes, like most of us, that you don’t wear it like a badge and it is personal what one believes.

  11. Lori Patriot says:

    What is Perry talking about? Perry was a democrat and backed candidates that endorsed abortion and practiced unfaithfulness. Perry is using the Tea Party almost as much as he uses his new found faith. Romney has given a very moving speech on his faith during the 2008 campaign. Romney just believes, like most of us, that you don’t wear it like a badge and it is personal what one believes http://

    Visit and to learn more, see the info on the Mass. Care bill and Romney’s resume

  12. Norm says:

    I find the statement in Gov. Perry’s ad acceptable, “When you run for president, you get a bunch of questions about your faith. People want to know what drives you, how you make decisions….” I do want to know what drives the soul searching decisions to go to war or to turn-the-other-cheek, to increase a tax burden or to require each citizen to shoulder their own burden, to restrict or to enhance opportunities of freedom. Each one of these scenarios have a time and a place; and these scenarios have been demonstrated by the life of our most revered secular and religious leaders. Mitt Romney has kept his personal vows to his God, to his wife, to his family, and to his community. Mitt Romney appears to have kept the 10 Commandments as well as I have (I readily acknowledge a prodigal son’s privilege to repent). I am also impressed that Mitt Romney’s choice as Governor was to direct his State to regard Life as holy. His conversion regarding abortion brings to mind the account of Peter, as told in Acts chapter 10. Mitt Romney does appear to have a religious fiber that makes me feel I can count on him to be inspired and do what is right, as he sees what is right. Finally , as head of the Winter Olympics and as Governor of the State of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney seemed to respect justice and at the same time apply the attributes of compassion and mercy. When I ask what drives Mitt Romney, how does he make his decisions, I conclude that he analyzes critical situation carefully using the best intelligences our science and philosophies can provide, he will experiment to see if solutions will work, and he will follow inspired thoughts when he is enlightened with knowledge he had not considered before. In conclusion I think I can trust him to act in the best interest of this country, using the best knowledge of our society and promptings from God.

  13. Dennis Martin says:

    I agree with all the previous commenters. With this addition:

    No one has yet addressed the issue of “Ashamed of his religion.” There has never has been a hint in Mitt’s spoken/written words, or actions that he is in even the very slightest way ashamed of his religion.

    Does a person who is ashamed of his religion:

    1. At the age of 19 leave his comfortable lifestyle, schooling, family, & sweetheart, and travel for 2 1/2years to a place where they speak a totally foreign language. And then go door-to-door mostly among the poor, boldly declaring the truthfulness of that religion to people who have no interest in his teaching. But, rather, distrust & ridicule him. He was so successful that he was appointed to be a leader among his peer missionaries.
    2. Allow (or even take deliberate actions to be sure) his religious commitment be/is known to his associates in big money deal making. Knowing full well that those with bigoted negative stereotypes buried in their beings would unfairly judge him negatively.
    3. Work as an unpaid lay clergy in leading his fellow members in their religious pursuits. Often donating 20 hours/week of his limited time to this work.

    4. In the midst of necessary business socializing always refuse to drink coffee, or alcohol (“even beer”) Knowing such actions were likely to tag him as one of those “odd” Mormons.

    5. Cheerfully deal with criticism of him & his religion.

    6. Not lash out at those who dishonestly and sneakily try to twist this issue to their own political benefit (as they suppose).

  14. Cambodia_Girl says:

    Please, Please, Please tell me why Evanglicals don’t walk the talk? I have read so much hatred spewed forth from people who claim to be “Christian” that it is giving that term a bad name. What has happened to the two Golden rules: Love thy neighbor as thyself and Love the Lord, thy God with all thy heart. How can such diatribes be spoken and written by people who believe in Christ? Why do they draw near to God with their mouths but their hearts are far from him?? Please tell me why any “Christian” would not support a man with integrity, morals, love of country, etc. such as Mitt Romney? Please explain it to me as you would a child because I am sincerely asking and the answer should be pretty simple………right?

  15. Ray says:

    ABC confirmed after the debate from BOTH printings of the book by reading verbatim, showing that Perry was a liar. He made this claim before in another debate. You would think the “Christian” candidate would be embarrassed to be a pathological liar. Gotta side with Romney on the truth. He is not a perfect candidate, but not the liar here. Rick was pathetic as usual except when he called a man’s integrity into question if he was not faithful to his marriage vows. Newt was squirming like an earthworm on a hot rock. Camera was dead on him at the time. So funny! Thanks for that moment Rick. Always good for a laugh. Just wish he had worn his “Brokeback” jacket to the debate.
    As one analyst said only the rich or those who bet on a SURE thing put up $10,000 Since Romney only took $1.00 a year for salary as Mass. governor and none at all for the Winter Olympics, had Perry accepted, then Romney would have surely offered the winnings to the winners favorite charity.

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