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Rich Lowry helpfully points out this gem, located by Andrew Kaczynski on BuzzFeed:

Newt Gingrich has had a hard time attacking Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan — which, like “Obamacare” — required all citizens to have health care. What’s more — as The Wall Street Journal reports today — Gingrich actively praised Romney’s plan. And in this newly-unearthed video from a Gingrich speech to the Alegent Health Clinic in June 2008, Gingrich did much more than defend the mandate: “I think you gotta require that everybody have insurance or post a bond,” he said. To be able to afford insurance and not buy it, he said, is “immoral.” The video is a reminder of the degree to which a mandate was conservative orthodoxy a decade ago, and of the degree to which it’s now a target of convenience, not principle.

Watch the video here.

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6 Responses to Newt Praises the Individual Mandate in 2008 Video

  1. Terry says:

    Newt Tops Sen. Bob Kerry

    Remember Senator John Kerry’s now famous convoluted reply to a question in March of 2004 about his refusal to vote for an appropriation for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan? When asked why, he replied “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

    Newt has manage to top Kerry’s flub. Fox news, in an interview with Mitt Romney that aired this morning, played a clip of Newt explaining why he is against RomneyCare this election, when he was for it in 2008. Here’s what he said: “The difference between me and Romney is, we both used to have the wrong idea. I’m willing to say it was the wrong idea. He’s not. And I think it’s funny that they want to attack me for admitting that I was wrong, but they won’t admit that he’s now wrong to think he’s still right when he’s wrong.”

    I had to transcribe the clip, then read it over several times to understand exactly what it was he was saying.

    Just as the Bush camp picked up the Kerry’s gaff and ran with it, I think that the Romney camp should take Newt’s tongue-twister and immortalize it in a campaign video.

    I would love to hear Newt try to explain this one. My tongue is already aching just thinking about what he would have to come up with.

    On the lighter side during the interview, the news anchors played a clip of Lucille Ball’s 1952 classic chocolate factory episode. Romney had disagreed with Newts comparing of Pearl Harbor with his not getting on the Virginia ballot, and likened it instead to the Lucille Ball comedy skit.

    Newt has now challenged Romney over the comparison, and has challenged him to “say it to my face”.

    Sometimes, politics is just plain funny.

    Anyone who would like to watch the interview can see it here:

  2. Larry says:

    Newt addresses this issue. Its sad that Mitt must rely upon puerile and dishonest attack ads because he remains unable to attract thinking conservatives to support him. Their reason for rejecting his candidacy? Mitt is not a conservative.

    He speaks in platitudes rather than specifics. Indeed, he is the GOP’s version of Barack Obama. Here’s a prime example on C-SPAN today (link here )

    Here is Newt from today (link here ). Substantive and credible details from Newt … nothing of substance from Mitt.

    Here is a link to Blitzer’s interview of Mitt in which Newt deals with the lies coming from Team Romney … the Home of the “Principled” and “Honorable ” candidate? (Link here! )

    • RC says:

      ” Mitt is not a conservative.”

      Larry – Finally, finally you say something that is somewhat TRUE! Like I have said from the very beginning, if all of the registered Democrats voted for Obama, Obama could not be elected President. If all of the registered Republicans voted for Romney, Romney could not be elected President. Therefore, it boils down to the “Independents”. Since they are the majority of what is left of the voting block. The Independents will DETERMINE the next President of the United States.

      Of the Independents, the majority of them are moderate – centrists. If the Republicans voted for a true conservative purist – they would fall flat on their face in the general election. The Independents would not take to that at all. The Independents want someone who can lead and govern from the center. Whoever is closest to the center will win the Presidency. I really think Republicans are now starting to wake up and realize that this is the case.

      I am a true conservative, however, I realize that voting for the most conservative candidate this time around will NOT beat the Obama machine in the general election. I really don’t give a rat’s butt if Romney is not the true conservative in the race. I am looking straight ahead for November of 2012. Like Romney said, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the (political) kitchen.”

      • Larry says:

        Your “strategy” has led to multiple GOP defeats since a very Conservative Reagan won against a very liberal Carter. Herbert Walker Bush lost (in the absence of Reagan’s “ghost”) against Clinton … Ditto for moderate Dole. Next we find moderate McCain falling to Obama.

        Its a failing strategy. Worse, those moderates invariably lie to conservatives while campaigning. Woow, great leadership. Winning elections is a conservative specialty … so is effective governing.

        • RC says:

          Larry, my man………..where do you come up with all of this political B.S.? That strategy may have worked back then, over 30 years ago, but common sense says otherwise today. Even your nonsense political b.s. is probably just as muchas mine. But, I really don’t give a toot on how well people write or try to write . Many are educated far beyond their intelligence.

          The bottom line for me is beating Obama. And in “my” opinion, the candidate that can take the heat and might actually have a chance would be Romney. Newt is a ball-baby that can’t handle the heat in the kitchen. Like I said before, I am a true conservative. My gut, not my head or my intellect or my degree or my elite status, is telling me that Romney can beat Obama. That is who I am voting for. Go Romney.

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