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Okay, demoralized Romney fans.  The day is coming when conservative voters will realize that Gov. Romney is to the RIGHT of George W. Bush, will recognize he is our best hope to win the White House, and will enthusiastically support his candidacy all the way to victory in 2012.

In fact, that day is now.

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4 Responses to Romney’s the One!!

  1. Jim Tills says:

    Agreed! 100 percent! A tremendous article appeared yesterday telling how Mitt couldn’t possibly be the Republican nominee because he is too “1950′s Good.” The first half of the previous sentence is false; the second half is thankfully true. The “good old days” really were the ’50s and there was righteousness in the land before the moral decay of the ’60s on forward have brought us to this sad plight of having a Socialist in the White House.
    This radical blighted counterfeit hypocritical lying person has led a destructive onslaught against the Constitution and our Nation’s people for three years. His transformation of America, if allowed to continue, will destroy this Nation and the World and in my opinion, enslave the American people into mediocrity.
    The hope we have is that a person of outstanding moral principles and leadership with the ability to turn around our Nation’s failing enterprises will be elected as POTUS. The only man out there that meets that necessary scenario is Mitt Romney. The sooner a majority of Conservatives see through the lies being foisted upon them by the Left and some idealogues on the Right regarding falsehoods being spread about Mitt Romney, the sooner Ms. French’s observation will be verified.

  2. RC says:

    Jim, spot on brother. The day of reckoning is HERE. Our nation stands on the brink of total collapse. The only question I have is – “Will the conservatives of the GOP and the TEA party truly understand our plight and our necessity in voting for an individual who can beat Obama, serve the people and restore honor and dignity to the Oval Office.”

    I have always said, that the Democrats on their own cannot elect the next President, nor can the Republicans. They need the Independent votes to win. Polls show that the majority of Independents are moderate. And want someone to govern from the center, not from the wings.

    Mitt Romney is that person. If the conservative base doesn’t get their head out and think clearly, it will be to late.

  3. Jean says:

    I couldn’t figure out as to why the so called conservative and Tea party nick picking Romney but give Newt a pass. Romney is not perfect but he is close to perfect. I think Romney may be reserved but not cold. We need someone who is in control of the situation (thinks and analyzes thoroughly before making a decision) not the one who makes the important decision on a whim and brushes off the question of his past bad decision as just a mistake like Newt. How many more mistake can we afford? Newt has so many baggage , personally, politically and professionally and he is so arrogant about it. If he gets the nomination, I am pretty sure Obama will have another term. That we cannot afford it.

  4. Terry says:

    Popular Vs Qualified

    Newt’s current poll numbers don’t scare me. Whether or not he is the current flavor of the month is a non-issue, in my opinion. When crunch time arrives, when it’s time for the voters to choose who they want as the GOP nominee for president, when it’s time to take a good hard look at qualifications, Mitt will emerge as the candidate who is by far the closest to being the total package. As I heard one journalist comment about him in the 2008 primaries, “The man is a walking PowerPoint”. He knows his stuff, and he’s especially qualified to take on the problems that most need fixing in this country right now.

    I’ve heard the argument that good advisers can make up for what a sitting president lacks in knowledge on certain issues. While I agree with this to some extent, I believe that a president needs enough knowledge on various topics to know whether the advice he receives is good or not.

    When Newt-mania cools and it’s time to fill in the small square, most qualified will win out over likability.

    If it doesn’t, we’re in duck soup.

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