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The voting is about to start, and the time is coming for our closing arguments.  Why Mitt?  In Patheos I make the comprehensive case for Mitt Romney.  Do you wonder why we’re enthusiastically pro-Mitt?  Look no further than this article.  It begins:

Why Mitt?  I’m asked the question almost every day.  Friends will pull me aside at church, casual acquaintances will stop me at Wal-Mart, and longtime colleagues will call for extended conversations.  They see me as a rare breed:  The “movement” conservative who is unabashedly, enthusiastically for Mitt Romney.

Read the whole thing for my answer.

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  1. RL Yergensen says:

    Let us talk about Elder Romney as a missionary, I believe that he spent time out in the rural ares just as I did in my mission to Virginia and North Carolina, this was a very rewarding time of my life, but it was not easy. I returned home from my mission

    Within six months after my return, I married my wife whom I plan to have for ever!! I am still saying this after being married fifty five years plus. Three months after our marriage we were called on a mission to the Samoan Islands. Our second assignment was to build a chapel, in Savaii Western Samoa.
    The name of the village was Fa’a’ala. We had been precede to Fa’a’ala. by Elder Nolan Married but alone on his mission, He and his local volunteers had built a house right on the edge of the ocean,
    They had filled an area with rocks in order to have a place to build the house. No one could ever know how much effort it took to build this house, without being there. A small flat bed truck was rented, it was loaded by hand with rock, then placed by hand in the area for the foundation and yard for the house.
    We had a nice place to live, a gas lantern for lights, a gas cook stove, a gas refrigerator, and a toilet that flushed unto sea.
    The villagers used tiny shacks built on stilts above the water we called them tidal flush,
    It was our project to build a big chapel about two hundred feet inland, we used the same flat bed truck and same method to prepare the foundation. The Chapel in nine months all by the hands of volunteer workers.

    Back to Mitt

    You see after a time in the field he was called to be an assistant to the mission president, Why because he is a natural borne leader.
    “It was a house
    built by and for rich people,” said Richard Anderson, the son of the
    mission president at the time of Mr Romney’s stay. “I would describe
    it as a palace”.Tearful as he described the house, Mr Anderson, 70, of Kaysville,
    Utah, said Romney aides had asked him not to speak publicly about
    their time together there.

    Richard Anderson six years the elder of Mitt Romney, passed over by his father
    to be the assistant mission president.Also the fact that his mother was killed when riding in a car driven by Mitt Romney, even though it has been admitted that it was not his fault. Why else would he be bitter?

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