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Dear Mitt supporters, if you’re like me, then someone in the last few days has called you a “RINO” or worse for supporting a candidate who’s pro-life, supported cut, cap, and balance, is strong on border security, and wants to repeal Obamacare.  My theory?  These ideological witch hunts are killing the Tea Party.  Over at Patheos, I make the case:

By mid-2011, Tea Party popularity had turned upside-down, with significantly more Americans viewing it unfavorably.

Tea Party defenders blamed the media, and they were right — at least partly.  The invective and slander kept spewing from the Left, with labels like “extremist,” “racist,” and “violent” used virtually as talking points.  But something else was happening, something far more dangerous to the long-term health of the movement.

For many activists, the focus changed — moving away from making constitutional arguments to the American people against Obama’s excesses and towards a vicious ideological battle within the Republican party.  Peruse popular conservative websites, and you’ll see writers calling fellow conservatives “gnomes” and some of the most popular even banning dissent from their comment boards.  On talk radio, hosts are attacking other conservative candidates with unrestrained ferocity.  In a strange turn of events, a conservative can agree with a fellow conservative on every major substantive plank of conservatism and still be labeled a “RINO” if their tone isn’t angry enough or if they support a different Republican in the primary.

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4 Responses to Witch Hunts Are Killing the Tea Party

  1. Annette says:

    The original purpose of the Tea Party was a call for fiscal responsibility and smaller government. But how the Tea Party is defined has become confusing. Tea Party people may differ on other issues and it’s going to create a break down in the Tea Party. The Bret Baier interview was the effect of some of the conservative right deciding that Newt will hold his surge and so now it’s time to destroy Mitt to get him out of way. Mitt called it like he saw it. If he believes that Bret is attacking him on flip flops based on a false premise than he has a right to say it. Everybody applauded Newt for becoming augmentative with the press didn’t they?Some say Mitt takes a stance based on which way the political wind is blowing? Oh really? That’s why he supports MA Care even though it may lose him the election.

    December 3rd is another DEBATE. Gingrich is the front runner and an easy target. Both Bachman and Ron Paul are not happy with Newts shifting positions. Don’t forget right wing social engineering and an ill defined immigration policy. It doesn’t look like Cain and Huntsman are showing up for this one. It’s give less people more time to talk. Look out Newt!

  2. Mr B says:

    Lately I’ve been hearing Tea Party types say we won’t have a perfect candidate until Jesus Christ enters the race. The truth is, if Jesus entered the scene anonymously, the Left would certainly attack him. But there are also plenty of so-called Christians in the Tea Party movement that would find cause to attack him as well. Many Jews did not recognized the Messiah in this life because he did not conform to their narrow set of beliefs and causes. Many “Christians” today would reject the Savior because of their own narrow views.

  3. Chris Gagne says:

    I denounced my Tea Party affiliation for the very reason you have pointed out in your article. I also had joined with the Tea Party because I was tired of the corrupt politicians who were sent to Washington to serve the people and instead were serving their own self interests. I am convinced that Mitt Romney will do so much more than just turn the economy around. He will restore honor to the highest office in the land. He will bring a divided nation together again. He will restore HOPE in the American people and in are friends around the world that America is still and always will be the shinning city on a hill. He will Restore Our Future and the future of our children. He will lead by example by leading from the front. We don’t have to guess on this, his record and those he has served, will testify to this. Mitt 2012!!!

    • Miss A says:

      I agree with you completely, Chris, and thank you for writing and telling the truth. I got a recorded call from the Newt last month, and he was so convincing! Then I look at his personal life, and he’s a mess. Do I really want more of that in the White House? No! Mitt has a record I can stand behind, and I’m happy to have a moral man willing to put up with everything involved in a White House run. I know we’re all a little afraid of his religion, but I’ve known and worked alongside Mormons for the past 19 years, and I’ve got to tell you, no finer people walk the earth. Two of my Mormon coworkers joined me in prayer for Billy Graham during our lunch break. One of them initiated it, and I was glad she did. I know our little prayer helped. It’s time to put God back into the equation of who we trust, and we all believe in the same one. I’m sick of political correctness shoving belief and faith into a joke. To me, it’s no joke.

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