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Drudge is reporting that Rick Perry is dropping out of the Presidential campaign and probably endorsing Newt Gingrich.  How will this affect Gingrich’s efforts to beat Gov. Romney?  The Anti-Mitts have been trying to coalesce behind one candidate to increase their chances of beating him.  Now, they’re one step closer to their goal.

Also, Newt’s second wife gave ABC an exclusive interview that promises to spill the goods about her former husband.  Will evangelical voters really feel enthused about this kind of drama?

Plus, there’s another debate tonight, which means the GOP candidates will have had 4,509,301 debates during his campaign cycle.

How on earth will all of this end?

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3 Responses to And Then, There Were Four

  1. wendi chamberlain says:

    Thank you for all you are doing.
    I will get it out there…I am a Mormon.
    When I vote, I look for someone that fits my values: God, Family, Faith love for Country. I thought I could have voted for Perry. That being said, I am shocked that he endorsed Newt over someone like Mitt. If you take away religion and look at their fruits, isn’t that enough? I’m trying to understand. I know God forgives but do we want a home wrecker in the white house as an example to our young daughters?

  2. Bill Bell says:

    The criticisms of Romney are easy to answer. Bain did not invest in companies hoping they would fail. Most did well, but in spite of their best efforts, some failed.
    He didn’t run for a 2nd term as governor because after taking the “conservative” stance on marriage and the sanctity of life, he was too conservative (stress that) for his state.
    He paid the tax that Washington bureaucrats and congress decided was fair for income, and now he is paying what those same people think he should pay on the ivestments he made with the money Washington allowed him to keep. Buffett wants the rich to pay more tax, but he gave the bulk of his money to the Gates Foundation because he knows it won’t be wasted. Romney pays his required taxes, and gives a lot of money away with the knowledge that a Washington bureaucrat won’t use it for a pet project, but instead will be used for the benefit of others.
    He also has no ex-wives that may say something embarassing.
    Mitt needs to be more Newt-like answers.

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