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Jordan Sekulow knocks this appeal out of the ballpark:

Social conservatives, it’s time to stand with Mitt Romney. Instead of a long, and likely brutal primary campaign, uniting behind a candidate early will give the Republican candidate a long time to take the fight directly to President Obama.

Click through to find out seven reasons why.

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11 Responses to Attention Social Conservatives: Time To Join Mitt Romney

  1. Jim Tills says:

    Jordan Sekulow knows Mitt Romney well. His father is one of the most conservative jurists/attorneys in the world and also believes in Romney. They both realize that Mitt will nominate solid Conservative judges to Federal Courts and to the Supreme Court as the time comes for doing so. Robert Bork, admitedly one of the most conservative jurists in the land, is on Romney’s judicial team of advisors. For the nay-sayers to attack Mitt Romney on the false ground of appointing liberal activist judges while Governor of Massachusettes is yet another lie emanating out from the Democratic left and wannabe Republican nominee campaigns. (Newt Gingrich comes to mind!)
    The more I study Mitt Romney, the more assured I am that he is the most conservative electable candidate in this race. Since we have the absolute necessity to remove Obama and his crony capitalism, socialistic agenda, and bend on transforming from a Constitutional Republic, we must do as Jordan Sekulow asks and that is to rally around Romney NOW giving him more time and the necessary resourses to fight the Democratic/socialistic machine that is determined to maintain and increase its power and control over America.

  2. Layne Pitcher says:

    Social conservatives need to get past the “he is not one of us” mentality and take a second look at Romney. His record is actually quite conservative when you take into account that he was Governor of a state with an 85% Democrat controlled legislature.

    Evangelicals for Mitt does a great job of debunking the myths that the Obama campaign and the DNC have so desperately tried to tie to Romney.

    Romney successfully managed businesses, the Olympics and Massachusetts. And, while in public office didn’t take a cent in pay for it. Did he get everything done in office that a conservative would have liked to, how could he have given his circumstances? But he got things done and right now that is what we need more than anything, someone who can get things done and move things in the right direction.

    In the end, if you take a good look, all that is left is a conservative Washington outsider with unique business qualifications and a man who takes his faith, family and commitment to his country seriously.

  3. Terry says:

    With Newt offering to team up with Santorum, one wonders if they will try to duplicate the 2008 McCain-Huckabee sabotaging of Mitt?

    Even if they do, I’m not certain that it would work this time around. Huckabee had to get derogatory about Mitt’s religion, and I can’t see Santorum or Newt (even as much as he seems to dislike Romney now) taking that chance. They would hurt themselves far more than they would hurt Romney.

    • Terry says:

      (Pssssst! How come Nancy and I are the only one’s with pictures showing on our posts? We can’t be THAT intimidatingly good looking, can we?)

      (Speaking for myself, of course.) :o )

  4. Liz says:

    As an average Tea Partying American, I appreciate the call for conservatives to get behind Romney early and be serious minded about this election cycle. We cannot afford another experiment. Romney is a sure thing with the right skill set, and the current administration is just killing me and my family. Do it for us.

  5. K.G. says:

    Nancy, you were great of Fox!!! I’m so grateful you were able to get on this cable network and set the record straight. For some reason (many different speculations) it appears Fox has been very cool to Mitt while touting to the high heavens each of the non-Mitts. Romney endorser Gov. Sununu was also on with Judge Napolitano, who joins Fox pundits in looking under rocks for negative things to say about Mitt. Suununu blasted the good judge, basically calling him out as a liar or least guilty of misrepresenting Mitt.

    Napolitano asked the same annoying question: Why can’t Romney get above 25%? The good governor was forthright: Because you keep misrepresenting his record. Thanks for you willingness to speak out on behalf of Mitt. It looks like this log jam might be breaking up and we’re grateful for your role in helping it happen.

  6. BillFrom VA says:

    Never. Not in a million years. If Romney is the Republican nominee, I will vote for a third party candidate. He is not, despite your protestations to the contrary, a conservative… especially a social conservative. Just ask MassResistance about Romney’s real record.

    • Nancy French says:

      Dear Bill,

      We are very familiar with MassResistance’s lies and deceptions. If you’d like to read any of the many times we’ve debunked their lies, please check out our archives.


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