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With the South Carolina primary reaching levels of near-insanity, Nancy and I surveyed this scene and said, “This primary contesting is missing just one thing: A full-page ad from the co-founders of Evangelicals for Mitt.”

With the primary two days away – and with our new book out – we wanted to let South Carolinians know they could read the true story of Mitt and Ann’s faithfulness and integrity.  We took bought a full-page ad for our book in South Carolina’s largest-circulation newspaper.  This ad runs tomorrow, the day before the primary.  Tell us what you think:

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8 Responses to Evangelicals for Mitt: The Full-Page Ad

  1. Momof Four says:

    Thank you for your efforts to help get the word out about our best choice for President in 2012. Mitt is so capable and willing to take on the troubles of our country. He and Ann have also set a great example for Americans to follow. May God bless you!

    I like the ad, and I hope South Carolinians will like it, too!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I have followed this blog since the 2008 election and have such admiration for your integrity and courage in the face of opposition to promote the presidency of a truly good, intelligent, and capable man! I pray that your efforts and the efforts of thousands of others who support Mitt Romney will be fruitful.

  3. J Bell says:

    Thank you David, for your support and hope the people of South Carolina, take the time to read this very important messages. Jerry Bell, Jefferson City, Tennessee.

  4. Terry in Nebraska says:


    Perhaps this ad will convince enough voters to see the light and change from whoever to Mitt. We don’t need rock stars (Newt) running the country right now. We need someone who has real-life experience with turning failing business around. That, coupled with his experience as governor of Massachusetts, makes Mitt the only logical choice of informed voters.

    That ad was a brilliant move, EFM!

  5. Shaun Weaver says:

    You were right on the money Mrs. French, when you referred to the gaps between Mormon, Evangelical and Catholic voters as, “unnecessary”. Certainly we have doctrinal differences, that’s why we belong to different denominations. But as you point out, the important, fundamental values are shared and clearly differentiated from the values of the current administration. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I find it disingenuous at best to claim to be a christian and then presume to define authoritatively who or what a christian is (or is not) without also claiming divine investiture of authority. The adversary will succeed if we allow him to divide and conquer those of us who recognize that not only is the a God, there is one who seeks to destroy the works and the people of God. My prayers go out to you for your health, your prosperity and your success.
    Thank You,
    Shaun Ted Weaver

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