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Dear friends, I got off the plane today and saw the above sign.

As a Romney delegate for the 4th Congressional district in the beautiful state of Tennessee, I’ve been more than a little depressed by the past few days.  South Carolina evangelicals made the wrong choice.  People in the audience who stood and cheered for Newt during the South Carolina debate are completely misguided.  (Yes, you caught me.  I just wrote something more harsh and edited myself to look nicer than I am.  Here are my true thoughts on Newt’s answer in that debate: “Why Newt’s Answer Was Wrong.”)  Then, Newt’s surge in Florida just stung.  The GOP, the “family values” party, was rallying around the thrice married, ethically-dubious, dishonest guy who speaks bombastically and carries a small stick?  It was enough to put someone into a political depression.

But today is a new day.  Gov. Romney did very well in the debate last night, when given the chance to actually speak uninterrupted by boos and poorly placed cheers.  Relentlessly, he truthfully pointed out Newt’s record as speaker.  He said “resign in disgrace” three times in the opening minutes, and made Newt once again try to sell that Freddie Mac had given him $1.6 million for… history lessons?

So today, I am traveling for work related business.  (I actually have a job, believe it or not, that doesn’t deal with politics.  Check out my little “faith and family” portal at Patheos.)  Though I hear Gov. Romney will be here in Tampa today, I’m on my way to West Palm Beach.  However, I’m happy that this airport has a nice work station with outlets for my laptop, I’m happy to drink my brewed Starbucks and eat a (mostly) fresh banana, and I’m happy I saw that sign.

Will it be our destiny to travel back to this very place in August to cast a vote for Gov. Romney on behalf of his Tennessee voters?

I’m going to go ahead and reserve my hotel rooms while I’m here.

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23 Responses to Hello, from Tampa

  1. RC says:

    I also agree with you Nancy. The last 4 days have been totally miserable. I made myself watch the debate last night on the computer and I was elated that Romney came out swinging (politically speaking) finally giving the arrogant, ego-maniac, self-proclaimed annointed one, the truth that citizens deserve to hear because the media is surely not going to do it.

    I was actually hyped up last night – UNTIL – I started watching the pundits after the debate. What crap! They are totally, I mean totally anti-Romney. There was not one, not one, decent bit of information that was positive about Romney. I immediately turned if off. In other words, I can hear the sheep now – Baa, Baa, Baa……………

    • Breeze says:

      I’ve replied to your comments before….it’s like were on the same brain wage. I totally agree with your assessment.

    • Phil says:

      You know what else I found fascinating? After the election results in S.C. on CNN they were talking to a group of Florida voters in a “Frank Luntz” type of setting. One of the women in the room said she was now leaning toward Gingrich because she liked how he was “talking about family values” in his victory speech! My jaw dropped to the floor! I think my wife came into the room 20 minutes later and asked why I had a look of shock on my face. I was truly stupefied, and even to this very moment I cannot comprehend how Gingrich’s past transgressions (while divinely forgivable) don’t disqualify the man for the highest office in this nation. Or at least how it’s possible that he can still credibly discuss “family values” and have voters nod their heads in agreement. In my mind there are some mistakes that preclude a person from certain privileges here in mortality.

      Are we living in an alternate universe?

  2. Norm Chapman says:

    This country must have a change in leadership now. Mitt Romney is the one that could bring the most to the table — he is a self made millionaire, has governed a state, saved the Olympics back in 1992 and has run successful companies. What really has Newt done other than be the Speaker of the House who was cited for 82 ethic violations? He has a dark cloud over him and with questionable past, Fannie Mae, his constantly changing his stance on important issues….which ever the wind blows there goes Newt. I have been on Twitter the last couple of days and the “Evangelicals” have been downright un-Christian toward Romney while just forgetting what Newt really is. Yes they are angry about Obama and current disaster our country faces, but America is still made up of moderates, and moderates will never vote for Gingrich, in fact we may lose the opportunity of a lifetime just because of Newt’s theatrics and facade. They will vote for Mr. Romney however but if this newtsance continues that will divide the party, alienate the Independents and then we have four more years of Obamamessiah. Nothing could be worse than that. God Bless America because we sure need Him more than ever.

    • Bert says:

      The 2002, instead of 1992, Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, were the ones Mitt rescued from scandal. It has been
      truly sad seeing so many ostensibly conservative people excusing Gingrich’s infidelity and overstating his policymaking accomplishments.

  3. Layne Pitcher says:

    After the last few days last night was a breath of fresh air. I wanted to jump up and shout, GO MITT!

    It was about time Gingrich got called out. Gingrich tried his old attack the questioner and side step the truth again but when Romney would not let him off the hook he was speechless.

    Gingrich was throwing out historical “facts” left and right after Mitt Romney got him on the ropes. It has been fun to read all the fact checking that has been going on this morning. Even Ron Paul, who was there when Newt left office, stood up and corrected Gingrich on his convenient rewrite of history saying the he left because “he didn’t have the votes”.

    Gingrich got caught but RC is right, the NBC pundits were doing their best to cover for him after the debate.

  4. Terry says:

    This morning, I read a blurb on Laura Ingram’s web site of Newt explaining (in relation to his debate performance ): “Last night I thought it was useful to let people see how desperate Romney is…Thursday will be different.” Yeah…sure. Newt knows that Romney sandbagged him. What debater deliberately lets his opponent get the upper hand? In the next debate, if I were Romney, I would point out Newt’s desperation assertion and come up with a good line that would turn the claim back on Newt himself.

    Newt plays to people’s emotions, as he did, brilliantly so, (I give credit where credit is due) in the last South Carolina debate when he took the media to task for airing his wife’s interview. He’s also very slick at deflecting attention away from himself when the topic is something that would put him in a bad light.

    I’m thrilled to see Mitt getting more aggressive in a debate, as he did last night (didn’t see it my self, but caught some snippets of it this morning). His mild-mannered Clark Kent persona may have worked for awhile in previous debates, but we’re coming up on crunch time in Florida, where a loss to Newt there could be disastrous. Mitt absolutely has to be passionate about presenting himself as THE financial superman who has the skills to oversee the repair job on the economy. Personally, I think he is the only one who has any comprehension of how tough that is going to be–and I think that it wouldn’t hurt if he were to point out that fact in future debates, while at the same time correcting Newt’s claims of Mitt getting desparate. (“Mr. Speaker, for your information, I’m not coming from a position of desperation. I’m coming from a position of knowing–perhaps better than anyone here because of my experience as a businessman and real-world jobs creator– how much work it’s going to take to get this economy back to where it should be. That is something I am very passionate about.” Or words to that effect.)

    My one big prayer right now is that the people of Florida will vote with their heads instead of their emotions–as South Carolina should have done–but didn’t.

  5. VA4MITT says:

    Here are a few things that help me keep my head up; GOP Chair Reince Priebus pointed out that a prolonged primary season is GOOD for the GOP, not bad. I believe he is correct. Second, Gov. Romney is ahead in the popular vote. More Americans have actually voted for Governor Romney than any other candidate this election cycle. Finally – Since I live in Virginia, I can honestly say that nobody I know will be voting for Newt Gingrich.

  6. Steven says:

    Let’s keep up the faith!!! This race ain’t over ’till the “fat lady sings”. Ultimately, God’s in charge. Who knows — maybe He’s got something up His sleeve…. :-)

  7. Steven says:

    Let’s keep up the faith!!! This race ain’t over ’till the “fat lady sings”. Ultimately, God’s in charge. Who knows — maybe He’s got something up His sleeve…. :-)

  8. ignoramus says:
  9. Rodney says:

    Glenn Beck had a great commentary Monday morning (although he is obviously not pro-Romney). He warned that the republicans are going to pick Newt and that Newt will “put Obama in his place and tell Obama all the things that we have all been wanting to tell him… and then Obama will win the election and will be in the Office for four more years.” That’s not an exact quote but a summary of what Beck said. I agree. If Gingrich wins, he might win the debates but he loses the election. John McCain all over again! I find it a little frustrating that SO MANY of those voting were swayed the last few days before the vote. Is that really an educated vote? Now, is it just me or have the debates and campaigns been running for a LONG time now. The candidates positions have as well. It’s sad to see so many people swayed by current popularity, not policy. It’s said to know that the Republican party is filled with lemmings, not an educated electorate. South Carolina didn’t come through. I am hoping and praying that those from other states start re-evaluating the latest fad and vote strength, character, and oh yeah, that little thing we like to call RESULTS.

  10. Liz says:

    I am thrilled to have a real choice this cycle, and an honest and competent candidate that I can throw in behind. It is bizarre how well the Grinch did in South Carolina…I lost faith in my fellow Americans for at least 24 hours. This is the battle, though, folks. Americans DO pick and choose their values via presidential candidate. Romney definitely stands for what I believe in. Grinch is more like a….CHINO. Christian in name only?

  11. Dan says:

    if by chance Romney does not get the nomination, do you think he will run again in 2016 against whomever the Dems put up (Hillary?) I still have hope that he will, in fact, win the nomination.

    While I am disappointed in the SC results, and the apparent polling trend nationwide, we need to wait until more states have their caucuses and primaries before the party determines who the nominee will be. If by chance Newt wins the nomination, I guess I just hold my nose and vote for him, because while he is certainly flawed, he is closer to my values than Obama (clearly not family values, however).

    Also, while I think Ron Paul is wacky wrong on foreign policy, he is an honorable man, and I think he will be an ally for Romney against Gingrich’s pomposity and delusions of grandeur about his record in the House and his work with Freddie Mac. I am glad he called out the Grinch on his comments about the ending of his Speaker position. Paul’s ads are now airing in MN, the first ones I’ve seen for any candidate.

  12. Liz says:

    Dan – it has to be now. The US is critical in many ways, culturally, economically, morally..what, you think the US populace will have increased civility and morality in four more years? If they choose bombast and excess over decency and competence now…..that window closes.

    • Norm Chapman says:

      I totally agree with Liz on that Dan. Don’t give up! Now is the time and it must be now — with Obamamessiah wracking up the debt and now talking about cutting 13% of our military budget, now with China an ever powerful presence, and the Middle East worse than it has ever been there may not be a 2016 free America. Problem now is Obamamessiah is having these little ‘victories’ like the rescue of the American young lady last week. While I totally am thrilled with her release this just looks like another feather in his cap on security, when all it really is is a diversion. God Bless America, home that I love, where I grew up but I feel so much like I am in a strange land nowadays.

  13. jrobertoviveiros says:

    Not to change the subject … but have you read about our own Ambassador to Russia ??? his comments that He and President Obama supporting ‘UNIVERSAL VALUES” AND NOT AMERICAN VALUES ?????? INTERVIEW WAS DONE THIS WEEK AT NPR ???? PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO MITT’S PEOPLE …. ! Roberto

  14. Terry says:

    The above link lets you access and watch all the GOP debates that have occurred thus far, plus the upcoming debates as they happen.

    That said, I was able to watch the last debate which I had originally missed because of business elsewhere. I thought Mitt won, which was mildly surprising considering that my previous take on the debate was based on news media opinion and what few video clips I was able to view on my computer.

    Mitt really took it to Newt at the beginning, even managing to frustrate him a time or two. On one charge Mitt made about Newt, Newt’s answer was something like “I’m not going to get into that right now. It will be on my website tomorrow.” I felt that Newt didn’t have a an answer at that moment, so he opted to blow it off.

    Mitt handled himself extremely well, especially when discussing financial things. You got the opinion watching him that this was a man who knew what he was talking about and was extremely comfortable doing it.

    The three person panel summary after the debate was pathetic. If you haven’t seen it, I’d advise you to not waste your time. The panel did give Mitt credit for coming out more strongly against Newt than in previous debates, but that was about the limit of their praises for him. Almost everything else was Newt this and Newt that; how he acted like a front runner because of dodging some of Romney’s accusations, etc., etc. It was the kind of wrap-up that ruins one’s appetite for a few hours.

    But even with that, I feel better about Mitt’s chances in Florida now.

  15. Lee says:

    If Romney does not win in Florida( which I think it is still to close to tell but I sense that Romney is starting to move again) Nevada (with the heavy Mormon vote) and Michigan (home state of Romney’s) will give him the momentum again. Once he gets the momentum again, I believe he will continue until he secures the nomination. I see him winning a large majority of the states on “super Tuesday”. I admit, I can’t remember when it has been so depressing since So. Car. I’ve even been on a news fast. I can not even stand to watch Fox anymore. This will be our last chance (and second chance) for a bite of the apple . The repubs blew it in 08 with McCain when the economy was starting to tank. Now we have the last chance to make it right. We can’t blow it again.
    Romney needs to strongly remind the viewers in the audience that there are three candidates on the stage that live “family values” by example. And there is one candidate that does not. Do we want to send that candidate (Newt) up against a good family man who promotes family values like Pres. Obama. We can fault him on a lot of things but family is not one of them. That’s when the race will turn against Gingrich because the Dems will use that. And that puts us at a decided disadvantage. A disadvantage we do not need.

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