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You MUST see this Jon Stewart clip, which shows how Romney’s opponents are using anti-capitalist language and class warfare to get ahead. (Or, to not get ahead.) Click here.

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4 Responses to “Its Like Romney Answered the GOP’s e-Harmony Ad”

  1. 4Aces says:

    The enemy of my enemy must be my friend – Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry team up with and Obama to fight Romney with socialistic rhetoric against free enterprise, capitalism and business principles. What is next? Newt teaming up with Marx to advocate for income redistribution and an entitlement society?

    • ccr says:

      Hey, 4Aces! Interesting “friend” Gingrich and Perry are aligning themselves with.

      Anyone watching a segment of the Gingrich attack on capitalism can figure the ideology from which it originates. True colors and display of lack of integrity coming from two “has beens”.

  2. Ryan says:

    Comedy Central is coming to Ellijay, GA this Friday to interview big time Mitt supporter Joe McCutchen. Keep an eye out for this interview. If anybody is in the area, feel free to come join us at Poole’s BBQ at noon for this event.

  3. Layne Pitcher says:

    As a long time Romney supporter part of me is totally disgusted that Gingrich’s supporters would stoop so low. This “documentary” is so full of lies and distortions and is so anti free market business that anyone that is even close to this is disqualified in many republican’s minds from participating in politics, from the right anyway.

    On the other hand maybe we should be thanking them for showing how really ridiculous this argument is. And, how many lies you have to tell to make this even plausible. It’s not like Obama’s campaign wasn’t doing the same thing already. Now, because this is coming from the right, everybody gets to know how ridiculous this line of attack is before we get to the general election.

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