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Univision’s talented Jorge Ramos asked Newt Gingrich a great question in an interview released yesterday.  But Newt lied.  Again.

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4 Responses to Newt Accused Clinton of “Decadence,” Evoking “Jerry Springer,” and Creating “Tabloid Headlines”

  1. Larry says:

    I find appalling the breathtaking dishonesty of Mitt Romney personally, and his team in general. I’ve never witnessed this level of sheer deception in a GOP presidential candidate in my adult life. His very behavior betrays the complete absence of a Conservative ethos.

    He’s running his campaign in the fashion of a liberal Democrat … dishonestly and underhandedly. He is relying on ignorance to persuade others of his lies. How any conservative can continue to support such a man is deeply puzzling. Only a willing blindness could afford anyone the ability to both support and cheer such a man.

    If Mitt wins the nomination … I pray he does not … there now exists a very strong chance that Obama will enjoy a second term. Mitt and his supporters have now so fouled the waters with their bitter lies that not a few conservatives will simply sit on their hands come election day.

    Mitt and his unthinking supporters will have themselves to thank for such an outcome. Democrats can get away with such behavior … they’re not the most principled lot. Conservatives, however, are likely to find Mitt to odious a character to vote for in good conscience.

    Had he fought a fair campaign and won … conservatives would have supported him. However, had he fought a fair campaign … he had no chance of winning. Enter Mitt the Dishonorable. Exit principle, exit honesty, exit ethics.

    Exit the conservative vote.

    • Utah_Todd says:

      Larry, I think you had some typos in your comments. For some reason you accidentally wrote “Mitt” everywhere that you meant to write “Newt.” Maybe you can ask the moderator to fix those mistakes? You may also want to consider including actual examples and facts rather than 100% opinion — it would be much more effective.

    • Terry says:

      Larry, m’man! I have a slight (as my mother used to say it)…bone to pick with you–and it’s this: despite your protestations to the contrary in the past, you have thoroughly convinced me that Mitt’s religious affiliation has permanently clouded your perception of him. You won’t be the first Pastor (or whatever your official title is), to have that problem, however. You have every right to your view of course, and I wouldn’t want to take that away. But, I have to believe that you would rather come down on the side of truth.

      You state that “How any conservative can continue to support such a man is deeply puzzling.” I’ll tell you how they can. There are a lot of citizens in this country who have not let themselves get sucked in by the untruths the other political campaigns have manufactured about Mitt. A little unbiased research on your part–and on the part of those who were gullible enough to believe the Bologna Sandwich rhetoric the other camps put out–would prove me right. Utah_Todd was correct in his post. I think you had a period of confusion when you were writing yours, and got Mitt confused with Newt. Name a supposed “lie” that Mitt has told, and I’ll bet anyone who posts on here would be glad to un-confuse you (use of the word “un-confuse” deliberate) on the matter. In fact, I’ll even help you out. Pick one Mitt “lie”–any lie–and I’ll give you the straight of the matter on it. Fair enough?

      Ball’s in your court, dude.

  2. RC says:

    Let’s all do the same thing that Larry has been doing, OK, ready – on your right hand put your thumb and index finger together with the other three fingers away from the first two, gently raise your hand and bring your touching thumb and index finger and press against your lips, then inhale really big.

    Larry, what have you been smokin’? I don’t think you will find anyone here at EFM to join your “Woodstock” movement. You would be like a fish out of water. I am sorry you feel this way. I hope you get over it real soon. I wouldn’t want you to explode.

    David and Nancy are some of the finest people in the world and what they are doing here at EFM is 100 fold more uplifting and inspiring to help our country than your personal tirade and tantrums.

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