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Was wondering how Newt’s affair with his third wife broke, and came across this Colbert video from March of 2007.


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35 Responses to Newt: “The Best Adulterer We’ve Got”

  1. Laura says:

    That is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing. His last sentence pretty much sums up the feelings of South Carolinians (imo) : “I still won’t vote for a Mormon, and you’re th ebest Adulterer we’ve got.” Hopefully America will wise up.

  2. Larry says:

    That a site identifying itself with Evangelicals should elect to broadcast such a video is ample evidence that you speak for slice of evangelicals so narrow as to be perfectly irrelevant … and hardly evangelical.

    • Nancy French says:

      Larry, what exactly are you opposed to? You should be opposed to Newt’s behavior — not the video which points out your candidate’s behavior.

      • Larry says:

        Nancy, you and your husband David have gone to great lengths to explain away
        very serious error in Mormon doctrine … at times condemning any believers who
        expressed legitimate concerns … no matter how carefully. Christian leaders were
        portrayed as ignorant, bigoted and hateful … as political hacks.

        Yet here, you offer a tawdry and hateful Colbert bit that makes light of the
        Redemption Newt embraced. That sort of convenient morality and ethics is precisely
        the sort now on display with Team Romney. This site has championed error while
        making light of another man’s repentance and redemption. Sad. Sad and disqualifying.

        Its the sort of behavior that costs credibility … and worse … personal integrity.

        • Matt says:


          I’m glad that you forgive Newt and take seriously his personal
          redemption and sincere repentance. I know that I do. For, it is not
          in my capacity nor is it my right to deny any man this. I must forgive all men.
          Heck, I can even forgive a man who, after molesting a child, seeks
          forgiveness through repentance. But, trust this man to watch
          my 5 children for the weekend? Not a chance. Rejecting Newt as
          a candidate for the highest office in the land isn’t because he can’t
          be forgiven. No its about being able to trust him. He’s a serial offender
          who has shown a pattern of behavior, and should NOT be trusted
          to hold this sacred office. But, never fear. He did sign a “no adultery”
          pledge. Is that REALLY good enough for you?

          • Helen says:

            Very well said, Matt!

            It’s so sad that people are blinded by the cunning crafts of Satan. In the scriptures, there are ample examples of wicked people calling good evil and evil good. I know people are blinded when they call Newt a good candidate. Nothing is further from the truth.

        • Chris says:

          Larry it’s people like you that make me more certain Romney is the right guy. Thank you Nancy. Keep up the good work.

          • Nancy French says:

            Larry, where have I “explained away serious errors in Mormon doctrine?”


            I’ve written this since 2005. So, show me one instance where I did that, please.

          • Nancy French says:

            Also, I’ve not mocked Christian leaders for expressing
            concern. I’ve carefully explained our position,
            repeatedly since 2005… and with respect.

        • Helen says:


          Everyone here is trying to made a rational and calmly statement. Why are you so filled with hatred and prejudice? There are only two forces in the Universe, if it’s not from God, then you know it’s from the Spiritual Adversary. There are two steps of true repentance: to ask forgiveness from the person you offend, and to ask God for forgiveness. Newt misses the complete picture of asking forgiveness. Only God knows Newt’s heart. If he’s forgiven, he should have peace in his heart, with meekness and gratitude. Do you see that in him? especially when he got angry and blast at John King? At quiet moments, have you ever listen to your heart, inviting the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and guide you to choose a righteous leader for this grea
          t nation?

  3. Jamie Franks says:

    Newt is a dirty cheating whore! I won’t vote if he wins the nom. Voting for a dirty whore named Newt is like casting a vote for Obama.

  4. Don Habbert says:

    Newt is a dirt bag! He joined the Catholic church to get the Catholic vote. How can any good Christian vote for a man who claims to have repented but has not asked forgiveness from his ex wife who he left while she was sick! What a dirt bag! If Newt gets elected his wife will be known as the 3rd lady! He probably has a new hooker on the side! I bet Calista is a health nut. If she gets the flu, she starts getting paranoid! If she catches a cold, she probably starts checking Newt’s phone while he asleep. What a freaking loser. The guy would ditch his own mom for a vote. What a freaking dirt bag!

  5. Frank Holver says:

    I love how this site takes down anything that doesn’t support Newt. Sound like this site is run by communists! Newt is horrible!

  6. Sherri Voebel says:

    When a person is truly repents, , there is a change not in their heart toward God and an outward change in their behavior. I am not seeing a white heart in Newt. If he is elected as GOP nominee, we can kiss the election good bye and look forward to four more years with Obama.

  7. concerned christian says:

    Mrs French, looks like you’ve become a desperate woman, sinking to such trashy displays(video). Are you afraid Gov. Romney can’t win the nomination on his record? What has Gov. Romney promised the French family if he wins?
    This site is a disgrace to evangelicals. Why would anyone want to become a Christian after reading how so called evangelicals behave? Praying for you to see the light.

    • Nancy French says:

      Why is it desperate? We’re ahead? What is strange to me is that you know of Newt’s affairs and ethical failures, yet you choose to call the above video as “trashy.” Your candidate is trashy. (But keep praying for me. I’ll take tthose prayers.)

      • Chris says:

        Nancy don’t be swayed or discouraged by these haters. They live in fear and and don’t posess the courage you do to think for yourself. The closer Romney gets to the nomination, the more of this you’re going to see from your fellow “Christians”. Keep up the good work.

  8. Larry says:

    Nancy, really? The offerings of this site regarding the serious errors of Mormonism are a study in obtuseness. The denunciation of Christians who offer legitimate concerns are legion. This post alone is disqualifying … sadly, though, it is only one such instance. Glibly sweeping them aside achieves nothing more than more clearly aligning you with the ethos that animates Mitt Romney. An ethos which finds truth inconvenient and malleable and deception a handy tool indeed … particularly when behind.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Romney isn’t a preacher. As he said, you can go ask some leader of his church if you somehow had some interest in knowing more about it. GW Bush wasn’t really much for spreading Born Again Christianity either. As for the presidency, it’s a serious job, and it’s one in which you are going to have all sorts of pressure pointed in your direction.

      Do tell me, what has Nancy done to advance Romney’s Religion?

      As for Gingrich, I forgive him, but he still isn’t exactly presidential material. His emotional instability, and his fluctuating intellect pose serious problems to actually trying to be in the oval office. However, there are other places where his talent would be okay, such as writing books, in which you can still gain recognition, and sell books, as well as offer some academic points which perhaps even a president or other politicians may want to add to their own library. Again, being the president is a job that no sane person should envy, you’re asking for someone to get pulled in who knows how many directions, have to make decisions against a polar divide in public opinion, and so on. Gingrich would have a hard time with that, both from how I have known him in the 1990s, down until today, and this past year. I do thank Stephen Colbert for helping me lighten up my disappointment of some of what has happened with one of his comedy routines.

  9. Nancy French says:

    Larry, so once again — this post says nothing about the theology of Mormonism. This post does NOT disregard “serious errors in theology,” does it? This post doesn’t denounce thoughtful Christian leaders who express legitimate concerns. I have a feeling that you are simply unable to find ONE post since 2005 that does this. Am I right?

    • Larry says:

      “This post” … did you read my post Nancy … it referred to the full menu of posts which you all have offered here. That’s a rather tricky employ of semantics Nancy … Team Romney’s rubbing off on you.

      I’ve offered rebuttals for several months now Nancy … is there another Evangelicals for Mitt site I’ve been posting to?

      • Chris says:

        Hey Larry,

        You’re good for a laugh. I love all the pseudo-intellectualism going on here. Guess what? God loves Mormons, too. Not voting for Mitt Romney because he’s Mormon just makes you a dingbat, not a Christian.

        What a waste of a brain.

  10. Larry says:

    BTW, Nancy … how do you defend such a disrespectful treatment of Newt’s redemption? How would this post and its implications play in your church?

  11. Liz says:

    I’m sorry, I cannot understand Larry. I’m thinking he really doesn’t like Mormons is pretty much what he’s saying. Bless his heart.

  12. Dusty Hansard says:

    I am sure your intent was good, but this is NOT becoming. Does not help Mitt in any fashion, and really is unChristian. Love Mitt, but this is not the way to handle the topic!

  13. Dusty Hansard says:

    I am sure your intent was good, but this is NOT becoming. Does not help Mitt in any fashion, and really is unChristian. Love Mitt, but this is not the way to handle the topic!

  14. Cambodia_Girl says:

    No apologies, but the doctrine of “Mormonism” (or the Gospel of Jesus Christ) is a beautiful living doctrine. I don’t understand the negative remarks made by the “evangelicals” about something millions of people hold dear. Jesus said, “Come drink of living water and you will never thirst again.” I have found that the living gospel of Jesus Christ (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) quenches my thirst and it is forever flowing, embracing all truth in the world. The true gospel of Christ will never be uprooted no matter how many other people or churches try to tear it apart and cut it down. The gospel of Jesus Christ moves peacefully onward. You can see it in the lives and in the hearts of members of the LDS church. Trying to do good, not tearing anyone down. And that is what you see when you see Mitt Romney. A man with a love for his family, his faith and his country. He is a man of integrity and those who want to tear him apart will only find an honest hardworking man who obeys the law. He is not perfect, none of us are and I do not vote for him because he belongs to the same church as I do, but because I want someone I can trust and someone my children and grandchildren can look up to. He is a true leader and I have faith that he can work with both the Democrats and Republicans to unite together and get the economy going and the debts paid.

    So please be kind and love one another as Jesus has loved all of us. Look for the goodness in others no matter what their race or creed might be. And thank you for the goodness you, Nancy and David, are trying to do. It is certainly appreciated by those of us who see clearly that Mitt is the man who can lead our country.

  15. Rev. Ton P. Alcantara says:

    This is funny and laughable about Newt’s hypocracy. But this would be equally very sad if he becomes president because this will be a reflection of the voters who chose him. Heaven forbids that this would happen!

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