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In light of Perry’s recent Newt endorsement, Drudge reminds us of this debate moment.

Are any of you watching Fox News?  It is truly, truly comical the way they slam Gov. Romney as much as possible.  For example, “Who will Rick Perry’s voters support now?  Gingrich?  Santorum?  Or even — could it be possible? — even Mitt Romney?”  Previously this morning, their correspondent quoted a pastor named Buster Brown who said it “wouldn’t be a disaster” for evangelicals if Mitt Romney won.

At any rate, things are definitely exciting.  Have you read our new book?  Please buy it — for yourself and your Aunt Mary who hasn’t yet warmed up towards Mitt.  It’s time to convince everyone to take a stand.

Vote for the candidate who’s been faithful — to his wife, his family, and our values!

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One Response to Perry: “If You’ll Cheat On Your Wife… You’ll Cheat on Anybody”

  1. RosaMaria Hurst says:

    I agree completely with the statement “If you cheat on your wife… you will cheat on anybody” It will be a disaster for the nation if Mr. Gingrich is the nominee, I for once will not vote in the elections if that is the case. So, I am hoping that Mr. Romney and all his aids start explaining well about his financial status. I believe that Mitt as a member of the LDS Church is honorable and he couldn’t have been dishonest in his dealings with God and his fellow man. My prayers and support are with him.

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