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After a Bachmann surge, a Cain surge, a Perry surge, a Newt surge, and a Santorum surge, Romney WINS IOWA!

Yes, everyone is talking about Santorum because America (understandably) loves a good underdog. However, no one would’ve predicted four weeks ago that Gov. Romney would’ve won this state, and he’s the only candidate with the money and organization to run effective campaigns in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida at the same time.

So let’s give Santorum a big congratulations and get ready to win New Hampshire!

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6 Responses to The Come Back Kid!

  1. Jim Tills says:

    Wonderful thrilling win for the next President of the United States! My wife and family stayed up with me to watch until the final tally was finally announed. Earlier we had heard all of the speeches given by the various potential nominees.
    The press made a point that adverely affected my wife. They praised Santorum over and over again for his background connection with the working man. Then, when Mitt came on, he gave his stump speech attacking the failures of Barrack Obama. This my wife had heard and read three or four times in the last week and caused her to make a negative comment about Mitt lacking personal passion in the critical area of relating to her. Both she and I know that this is not true but by neglecting to include a personal story or two in his remarks, Mitt failed to convey the human element so many Americans need to hear and knw about this great man .
    May I suggest that he develop an address for the people who helped him win that not only is the stump anti-Obama points but also personal stories like his father’s becoming Governor in the very State where he once sold paint to be able to buy gas to take his family across America or the story of the Olympian who carried the flag into the Olympic arena with the surrounding awe that inspired in the hearts of Americans, or the torch being carried by his wife who was just barely recovering sufficiently from MS to be able to carry the torch, etc. This human side of Mitt and his family needs to be seen by the American people, as well as his business acumen, his proven leadership, and the dismal failures of Obama and his socialist administrative policies.

    • Terry says:

      I agree with you. Mitt’s just not a very good ad-libber, in my opinion. He seems to do much better with the prepared stuff. He still will need to show his human side with stories like you suggested (without sounding like he’s reading them) if he want’s to really connect with the voters. He’s got to sound home-town American!

  2. Ken Dee says:

    I strongly agree w/d above comment. Hope Mitt should also share his personal side of greatness coz he tends to be so boring by now, keep on repeating his speech. Actually, i feel like, i can now finish his sentence if he’ll use that same speech in the next caucus.:)

  3. Terry says:

    Iowa, Newt, and the Romney Machine

    Multiple leader changes between the top two candidates as each new voter tally was posted, perspiration every time Romney slipped to second, then finally, the Romney eight vote margin of victory. That’s enough reason for a good, stiff shot of caffeine and a tension relieving shower, even if you just had one earlier.

    In listening to the talk shows this morning, the slightly panicked theme appeared to be “how can we stop Mitt”. Romney was also criticized for “not speaking from the heart” when giving his speech near the end of the vote tallies. Also, and grudgingly, certain hosts admitted that none of the other candidates have the political machine Romney has, and that he is probably the only republican candidate who can compete with the resources Obama is expected to have. Adding more speculation to the airwaves was Newt stating that he would team up with Santorum if offered the chance. To be fair, the hosts did state that they would support Romney if he got the nomination.

    Rush’s take was interesting as always, saying that the Romney machine effectively “took out” Perry and Newt, as proved by their low numbers in Iowa. Newt, according to Rush, is now gloves-off-angry and dedicated to “ruining it for Romney”. As a side note, I heard Newt say the day before the Iowa event that he would still continue running a positive campaign, but that “I reserve the right to tell the truth”. I had to wonder if believed that Mitt also had that same “right”.

    When he is ad-libbing, Romney is not a smooth speaker, and I think it turns off some who hear him. In interviews, he speaks quickly but haltingly, as if scrambling to align what comes out of his mouth with what his mind is telling him to say. The effect, in my opinion, gives others the impression of uncertainty, as if he is nervous about what he is saying. And ironically for some, Mitt’s halting ad-libs may also lend credence to their own erroneous beliefs about his supposed flip-flopping–kind of a “yep, look at him squirm when THAT topic comes up” type of observation.

    Make no mistake however. Mitt is a very successful business man. He did an outstanding job as Governor of Massachusetts, and an equally outstanding job with the 2002 Winter Olympics. He knows how to fix things that are broken. For all the conservative naysayers who have jumped on the how-can-we-stop-Romney wagon, I think you’re in for a huge surprise if he wins the nomination. Romney knows what being under extreme pressure is like, and he knows how to perform well under that pressure. Many may believe that Mitt does not have any core values (thus the occasional charge that he’s boring, without passion, etc.), but trust me, he does. Part of the illusion of him not being passionate, stems from his past experience as Governor of Massachusetts when working with a legislature that was 85% Democrat while trying to fix the financial woes of the state. Added to that situation is perhaps the even greater pressure of being called upon to save the Salt Lake City Olympics. And of course there’s his current second try for the GOP nomination for President, knowing that his first try had not been successful. The combined pressure and experience from the aforementioned tests of Romney’s character have, over the years, knocked off some rough edges and rendered him more emotionally cautious, politically speaking. That’s why he can appear–compared with the other candidates–as dry, not very exciting, or supposedly not as passionate as he could be about fixing what’s wrong with the country. He knows what’s ahead, and he knows that that it’s going to take some WORK.

    Romney is very much a patriot who believes passionately in the Constitution of the United States. How do I know this? You’d possibly have to be a Mormon to fully understand, so I’ll explain. One of the things Mormons absolutely believe in is the concept of continuing revelation from God. And among the revelations we accept, is this favorite gem of mine: “And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose.” (D&C 101:80) As far as Mormons are concerned, the constitution didn’t just happen by accident. The Supreme Creator had His hand in it every step of the way. That’s why I can state with confidence that Romney means what he says about getting the country back on track and more in line with what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

    There’s a fight ahead, and it’s going to get ugly. I know, however, that Mitt Romney has the experience, the attitude, and the staying power to overcome whatever Obama’s machine throws at him. Remember the old TV western titled “Bonanza” (1960s era)? One of my favorite lines of the entire series occurred when the Cartwright family came to the aid of one of the sons who found himself in trouble with some less than stellar bad-types. When the family showed up to bail the son out of his woes, one of the bad guys wondered out loud what was going on. “Oh,” another informed him, “that’s the Cartwrights. If you take on one, you gotta take-em all on.” That’s how solid and supportive Romney’s family will be throughout everything that happens.

    One last thing: If Mitt does not get the nomination, you can be assured that he will help whoever does get it in every way possible. Though I could be happy that, ultimate joy is still me witnessing Mitt being sworn-in as President of the United States.

  4. Hannah Rebekah says:

    I think people need to remember that there are personality types that are not great in the emotional down-to-earth compartment. But if they think about it, many of these types are very good with numbers and in business. Some call them the bean counters. Romney reminds me of one of these rational personality types. They are gifted brains who see the whole picture and are system builders and can spot the problems within systems. They are left brain thinkers with intuition and excel in science and mathematics. Their group is smaller in the general population but they generally move to the top of organizations. George Washington reminds me of the type I think Romney is. I’m talking about the Myers-Briggs Type personalities.
    The types who are emotional, warm, down-to-earth, can be very witty and good with people are many times the ones who are voted into office. They many times lack the organizational skills and business skills to run a business or the country and have to count on those who work closely with them to take up the slack.
    At this time we need someone like Romney who will not only have those skills and gifts himself to bring the country back but also the where-with-all to appoint those nearest to him with the skills needed to help him with the massive task ahead.
    I also wonder if the terrible car crash while Romney was on his mission in France where he was thought to be dead may have attributed in some way to the reason he is less emotional or halting in his speech. Maybe he thinks so fast that he has to halt so he can get it out so it makes sense and has to think and pay attention about what he is saying because his brain has already moved ahead.
    Don’t know but it’s only logical that Romney is the President we need and I’m one of the emotional types but it just makes sense to me. Just hope others come to this realization sooner rather than later.

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