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He can dish it out but he can’t take it.

Newt Gingrich’s entire career has been filled with unbelievable vitriol against his opponents, yet when he’s hit by Romney’s SuperPAC he wilts.

He stomps his feet.

He calls Mitt a liar.

Yes, Mr. Positive – the one who vowed to run a positive campaign — now has been reduced to calling people names.  Newt, the one who compliments other candidates for running a nicer campaign not like somebody we know.

This petulance is understandable for someone who thought he was going to win Iowa and be crowned President simply by virtue of his own awesomeness.

But reality is a stubborn thing.

After a debilitating showing last night, Newt is left thinking Mitt Romney is the reason he isn’t going to hear Hail to the Chief played for him anytime soon.  His ego cannot comprehend that – possibly – Newt is the reason Newt lost.  After all, he’s simply not a good candidate and negative ads only revealed this fact. Here’s what he did before the 2012 Presidential run:

- He shut down the government partially because he was annoyed at his seating on Air Force One . . . and admitted it to the press.

- He was reprimanded for ethics violations.

- He has been arguably the least-liked politician in the entire country and known as the “nation’s most unpopular politician.”

- He was carrying on an affair (and not his first), while trying to impeach Clinton and didn’t publicly admit this until 2007, as he mulled a presidential run.

-He endured revolts against his leadership and finally resigned in disgrace in 1998 even as his nemesis, Bill Clinton, continued to enjoy shockingly high approval ratings.

And here’s (a little) of what he did during his 2012 Presidential run:

He failed to qualify for the Virginia ballot.

He compared his inability to file proper paperwork and collect signatures to a national tragedy that killed over 2,400 Americans.

He criticized the individual mandate, before a video of him praising it emerged.

In other words, Newt gave his opponents a great deal to work with.  And we should be thankful that Republicans revealed this instead of Barack Obama several months later.

Be prepared, however, for the coming onslaught.  Now that Newt understands he can’t win, he has decided to do all it takes to make sure Mitt won’t either.

He’ll whine.

He’ll cry.

He’ll keep stomping his feet.

He’ll remind everyone how smart he is, compared to that Massachusetts guy who only has two degrees from Harvard.

But Mitt said it best:

“Newt’s obviously a very angry person… I’m glad that Newt is no longer relentlessly positive. Now, apparently, he’s going to try the relentlessly negative. Obviously what he said was filled with inaccuracies… You have to understand that politics have been going on a long time and I’m just surprised the speaker is having such a hard time with it.” Speaking on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Romney added this: “Pretending that somehow politics is played like a game of bridge is, I think, unrealistic.”

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4 Responses to The Delicacy of Newt Gingrich’s Ego and So-Called “Negative” Campaigning

  1. Frozone says:

    Time to take the microphone away from Newt. No more free “negative advertising” in the guise of interviews. Time to move on…

  2. Eichendorff says:

    Gingrich continues to trash Romney at every turn. It’s a long time since I have witnessed such an angry, vengeful, and vindictive person. It is ironic that all the attacks Gingrich has leveled at Romney are worse than anything the super-PAC put in any of the ads in Iowa.

  3. ALS says:

    How happy I was to find this site!! All I have heard lately is how the evangelicals are united against Romney so they gathered in Texas and selected Santorum as an alternative. Some things I hear them say make me ask, “What is a Christian? Isn’t a Christian one who follows Christ, is his disciple, and tries to obey and do the very things that Christ taught such as loving and serving others? Isn’t that what is meant in the Bible (Matthew 7:16) “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Didn’t Christ say “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35) Isn’t love then the hallmark or distinguishing characteristic of Christians or it should be? I am sad to say that so much discourse coming from some evangelical leaders does not seem to be loving in any way. Christ also said judge not and condemn not (Luke 6:37). Yet I hear so much condemnation. It makes me sad, disappointed, and upset.
    It seems to me that Gingrich’s history of infidelity, his many flip-flops, his ridiculous statements, his bitter accusations, his alienation of so many former colleagues, his constant condemnation of others that those trying to walk on the straight and narrow and do what Jesus would do would be repulsed by his continued angry, cutting, and nasty rhetoric.

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