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9 Responses to Touching Moment, When Gov. Romney Sings

  1. RC says:

    WOW………That gave me goose bumps from head to toe. Not to mention a few drops. America has always been great, but it can be greater. With Mitt Romney as President, I know in my heart that he can rally the troops (the people) and we can stand proud once again. I love this country. I love America. I want honor and dignity restored to the Oval Office.

    2012 – Mitt Romney

  2. Paula says:

    I was very touched by the singing of America the Beautiful. Never before have I seen such tender patriotism. While Newt wants to colonize the moon Mitt praises America, its culture and people. America needs Romney.

  3. Liz says:

    Romney does love people. What else would drive someone to do all the dirty work he’s done, and to acquire the skill set he has that we need so much right now. I’m a patriot too. I’m an old school patriot, and I love the concepts and wording of our Constitution and national hymns just like Mr. Romney. Cain has the voice, but Romney has the heart and discipline of an American leader.

  4. Gloria says:

    Thanks Nancy and David for all that you do. You are not only helping the best candidate for President, but you are helping close the divide between “some” evangelicals and Mormons. I am a convert to the LDS faith of 30 years and my sister is a member of the Asembly of God church. I have listened politely for many years as she has shared misinformation about my faith. You help by injecting some reason into the conversation. Evangelicals have nothing to fear from Mormons and we love to work with others of like mind to make our country better—–example: Prop 8 in California and the fight against legalizing marijuana and introducing pro-gay curriculum in the schools here in CO.

  5. Donna says:

    It was sincere and unaffected. Many people are so desensitized because of the coarsening of our society that they no longer value true and simple things. This was a beautiful moment. He sang without a care for how it would make him appear. He sang from the heart. What a contrast with Newt. I agree with the first comment. America needs Romney!

    • Rex says:

      My thoughts exactly, Donna.

      In all of the hustle and bustle and pressure of a heavy campaign , this was a wonderful time to pause and reflect as to
      what it’s all about. Good music is soothing and inspiring.

  6. Rev. Ton P. Alcantara says:

    Mitt’s love for the country and its people are beyond question. You can not say the same for Newt who lust for women of America!

  7. ignoramus says:

    Than you, Nancy. I saw the original version before it was yanked. The precious parts were the soliloquy on the rest of the verses which are not shown on any linkable recordings. I cross post EFM and would like to know if anyone has a linkable clip with all the verses for use on
    Mitt can move a crowd from the center without a teleprompter and will never forget the words.
    He not only speaks from the heart which some people might recognize, but also by the Spirit which cause some to some fear.

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