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What you may have missed:

Huntsman fails to qualify for Arizona’s ballot, because he didn’t notarize his signature.  Yes, that just happened.

Romney winning in New Hampshire so far.  After only two communities vote, it’s Romney (seven votes), Paul (five), Huntsman (four), and Gingrich (two).


Make that three interesting items!  This has got to be the best line of the day:

If Romney’s opponents embrace the rhetoric and class warfare of the Occupy Wall Street crowd any closer, they’re going to start pooping on police cars.




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2 Responses to Two Interesting Nuggets for This Morning

  1. Vineyard says:

    The line of the day make me almost spit my morning Coca-Cola out of my mouth as I envisioned skinny Huntsman dropping his drawers like the infamous photo.

  2. Annette says:

    Not only are Huntsman, Gingrich and Perry using the Democratic anti-capitalist argument against Romney but they have all attacked Romney on other issues using false information. Huntsman has accused Romney of being against the Bush tax cuts with no evidence to back that up. Gingrich took a snippet of footage of Romney and built a false ad around it misrepresenting Romney’s immigration policies. It was put it on the internet. Gingrich has falsely accused MA Healthcare of helping to fund abortions and raising taxes in MA. All the while Gingrich is whining about the injustice that has been lodged against him. Negative ads against Gingrich is false, but negative ads against Romney is the truth according to Gingrich.

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