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It’s hard not to be in a bad mood, isn’t it?  With all of the ups and downs of this campaign, it’s way too easy for people like us (those who begin their day on Drudge and National Review) to let our emotions be too directly tied to the polls.

A confession:  that’s what I’ve done for the past few months.  I was up when Gov. Romney surged in Iowa.  I was magnanimous and kind to Gingrich/Perry/Santorum/Cain supporters, because I thought that an Iowa win meant we had it in the bag.  When it looked like these gentlemen were not actual players, I was able to smile and nod understandingly.  After all, I remember what it was like to support a candidate who wasn’t winning.  I supported Mitt in Tennessee during the last campaign, which was kind of like being a Fred Thompson fan in Utah. No, I’d never count my chickens before they hatched, but I felt that winning a “heartland state” so early was a big deal.

Then, New Hampshire was another shot in the arm, wasn’t it?

But do you remember that one bleak day in January when it turns out that Rick Santorum was declared the Iowa victor? Then, we had a bad debate night, and my emotions plunged.

South Carolina was its own special kind of torment.  We even published a book and bought a full page ad which ran in The State to reach voters concerned with conservative politics and Biblical truth. I’ll never be able to vacation there again without thinking of how Newt surged to victory there through the support of evangelical voters, in spite of the fact that Newt’s a serial adulterer currently married to one of his mistresses.

Suddenly, I was less than kind to my Newt supporting friends.  I was testy.  I got into a heated discussion – or two or three or four – at church, at the barbershop, and even on an airplane.

Yes, I caused an argument on an airplane.  This is what happened. My flight landed in Nashville after a nice trip to Florida.  My seatmate had asked what my husband did for a living, and I responded that he was a free speech attorney. A lady who had walked by heard that snippet of our conversation.  When we landed, she passed me her card from about five aisles away.

LADY: I heard your husband’s a free speech attorney.  Will you give him my card?  I’m with Occupy Wall Street and we’re being told to get off some property and need legal help.

ME: You guys are diametrically opposed to everything we believe, so I don’t think I’ll be giving my husband your business card.

SOME RANDOM GUY:  Wow.  You certainly are rude.

ME: It’s not rude for me to disagree with her politics.

SOME OTHER RANDOM GUY: Yes, but you don’t believe in free speech!

ME: I believe in it so much that I’m using it right now to tell you that Occupy Wall Street is socialist and unAmerican.

A GUY IN A BUSINESS SUIT: Yeah!  We’re sick of you guys protesting us.  Why are you against making money?  We’re just business owners trying to put food on the table.

GUY BEHIND ME: You only believe in free speech if you agree with it.

ME: Now, it’s this lady’s Constitutional right to have MY husband represent her in court?

It went downhill from there.  But I’m not sure why, when given the chance to take the card and scoot on out of the airplane, that I didn’t take it.  Instead, I agitated.  I fought.  I refused to sit by and let her live comfortably in her anti-capitalist rhetoric.  By the time I left the plane, there were probably about eight groups of people yelling at each other down the entire length of the plane.

And that’s where I am, in the middle of all this chaos.  I think God is working on my heart throughout this election and He may be working on yours too.

Psalm 57:7 says, “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.”

What is it fixed on?  The ever changing polls?  The latest Gingrich smear?  The most recent Romneycare lie?  Even the future occupant of the Oval Office?

No.  My heart should be fixed on God.

It’s not.

But it should be.

I believe Rick Santorum will endorse Gov. Romney and travel around the nation with him to encourage Republicans to unite against President Obama.  I believe — after many more ups and downs — that Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.

I’m still going to fight.  But, I’m going to advocate for Gov. Romney knowing that God is in control of this election.  I must get my emotions away from the latest so-called “beauty contest” states, from the latest polls, and from the latest headlines, and try to focus on the unchanging, loving God.

We’re heading to CPAC tomorrow (is anyone else going?) to begin what could hopefully be a fun week with the family.  But I’m going to stop believing I’m in control of this election and start trying to trust God no matter how many ups and downs He takes us through.

Will you join me?

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94 Responses to A Confession about This Election

  1. Jeffrey Swanson says:

    Nancy, this is also my philosophy concerning this election. I will work to elect Mitt Romney, but it is ultimatly in the hands of te Lord. I refuse to let each headline control my thoughts or emotions. This will be a long fight. The good news is that if Rick won the nomination I could vote for him with a clear conscience. I would not vote for Newt under any circumstances. My belief in truth and the importance of electing moral men and women to office would make me sit out 2012 if Gingrich was the nominee.

  2. Scott Stenson says:

    I can appreciate the roller coaster effect you speak of. Watching the race can be unsettling. There are so many twists and turns on this journey. My prayer has been all along that God would raise up the best possible leader for America. Leadership is most seriously needed. I believe that Governor Romney would be the best president if nominated and elected. It remains to be seen, however, whether he can endure the process and rise above every challenge in his way. God bless America!

  3. Matt in Idaho says:

    You have such a wonderful perspective Nancy. Thank you so much for this post. Your words speak peace to my troubled heart as I’m sure they do to many others. This truly is what I needed to hear. NO MORE HAND WRINGING! Now, how about that Will Ferrell video clip you promised? :)

  4. apollo says:

    Yes, we have to look at the next hurdle…and hitting those with the knee hurts…but let’s get back up and get to the finish, which is with a President Romney, and Ann as First Lady.

    Yes, we need to see why we lost, what can we change to fix things for the next time…and then actually do those things and move on.

    America is a blessed country, and if we count our blessings, ask for assistance and then do all that we can–good things will happen.

  5. Laura says:

    Beautifully said! And for the record, I would have done exactly what you did on the airplane. My behavior isn’t exactly that of a standard bearer. but I’d have had your back! Anyway- I’ll join you. It’s hard not to be emotionally involved when the soul of our Nation is at stake. Let’s pray and work and see what God has in store for us!

  6. Swmpfx3000 says:

    Thank you for expressing what many of us are feeling. I watch and sometimes think that Karl Rove or some other “architect” is behind the scenes making sure that this plays out a certain way. In some ways that thought is more comforting than me being unable to figure out what is happening and why. I certainly hope that a higher power is helping to make sure this plays out for our best as opposed to letting us as a country continue making decisions that bring about our demise so that we can learn from that lesson (as we saw play out many times in the scriptures). I hope and pray that Romney is the nominee and winner of the general election. If not I fear that we will either go slowly or rapidly (depending on who wins) toward the end of what has been a wonderful country. May God have compassion on us and help us as a nation!!!

  7. Jean says:

    These ups and downs in this election are caused mostly by the so-called conservative talking heads. They nick picking any small gaff that Romney said and sometime using only half of the story. They are looking to make themselves famous by taking side with some loud mouth TEA party ( not all TEA partiers agree with them.) I think people are almost like sheep. The more they listen to other people the more they stop thinking for themselves and start following the one who screams the loudest. One thing I notice about the GOP is that they are not very good as a team players. The Democrats are better in uniting and rooting for their candidate. This is one reason I am afraid that we may lose the election again. Santorum irritated me in hips speech because his accusation of Romney on healthcare, environment, abortion, etc. are completely twisted and wrong. I hope God will help us and save us from a disaster of this election.

  8. Swmpfx3000 says:

    Reading these comments has been very reaffirming and touching. I think it is exactly what is needed. It is good to come to a point where you must pour your soul out and let loose so someone with the power can take over with the big things so we can better focus on the smaller things we do have control over.

  9. Debra says:

    Thank you for your remarks. It is so wonderful to find others that are having the same experiences that I am. I wake each morning and read all the “news” about the political battle. I pray and ask for help in remaining calm and remembering that it is in His hands. I just want others to recognize that Mitt Romney will be the best president if they would only open their minds and find the truth about him.

  10. Annette says:

    I love your spirit. We are all with you. For someone to say that you and your husband are against free speech , because your husband won’t speak about something he doesn’t believe in is just absurd. People need to stop and think through what they are saying, but they don’t.

    Rick Santorum is distorting the truth about Romney. Romney needs to take it to Santorum in the next debate which will come before MI, AZ and Super Tuesday primaries. Santorum’s weaknesses need to be part of the National discourse so that he can be properly vetted like all the other candidates have been. How will he respond to attacks or heavy scrutiny from the media? Probably with whining and a red face. Of course I don’t think we can count on some of the left wing media and certainly not Fox News, so Romney will have to do the job, AGAIN, as he has had to with other candidates.

  11. Liz says:

    Ummm. Do you know how many delegates Mr. Santorum got in his gigantic sweep last night?


    Not One hundred and five, just five.

    Methinks Romney knows what he’s doing and that it matters where you put your limited resources.

    Relax and have some spiced cider.

  12. Lance in TX says:

    Nancy, I understand how you feel. I believe God works in our lives and helps guide those that want and ask for His help and guidance. I believe that is why you and your husband started EFM and why so many people want Mitt to win: To help bring the US back from the brink of Socialism.
    My religion (I am LDS) believes that this wonderful country was founded through God’s direct help and that the Constitution is a document that was inspiried by God and put down on paper by those that asked for guidance from Him. We believe this is a chosen land, as is Israel.
    We also believe we will be given the leaders that we deserve. As the country turns from God, so will God’s protection be turned away. The leaders we elect show our level of commitment to God as a country. For many years we, as a country, have been turning away from God and the leaders chosen show this: Carter, Clinton, Obama, etc.
    My wife and I believe that if the bigotry that has been shown outweighs the goal of removing a leader that demeans Christianity every chance he can, who sides with the anti-Jewish Palestinians every time he can, who sides with Israel’s enemies, and who is constantly apologizing for the US, and bows to the Saudi King and the Communist Leaders instead of choosing a faithful and honest LDS member because of his religion, then we will get what we deserve.
    The choice of Newt will show that adultery is not only approved of by the people who vote for him, but that they embrace it. It was not a “slip” or a “one time thing”. He had the affairs for multiple years EACH and married each of his mistresses. This should not be ignored. He says he will remain faithful and has even signed a pledge. Didn’t he do this when he signed his marriage license each time. Didn’t he make a bigger pledge to God and broke it twice? I am not questioning his faith or his desire to do right with Callista, but I would not trust him when it comes to his pledges.
    I worry for this country every day. We pray for it every day. My family will continue to work toward the election of a person that can help lead this country from the brink. I am not supporting Mitt because he is LDS. I would not support Harry Reid even though he is LDS. I am supporting Mitt because I believe he is the person we need at this time. I think we would have been in a much better place, as a country, if he had been elected last time.

    • cindy says:

      I appreciate your comments. I am a very conservative, evangelical, married middle aged woman. I was honored to give my vote to Romney-I still have the Romney bumper stickers on my car from 08 :) I came to the conclusion if our country was founded by people seeking religious freedom, it is a profound tragedy that people will not vote for a candidate because of their religion. It is obscene to me. In 08 I had many long, some heated discussions with my evangelical friends. This time, they are just avoiding me. I think that defines our friendship, unfortunately.
      I concur with your comments re: Newt. Having a 5 year relationship with your third wife while you are still married to your second wife is not having an affair. It is extreme arrogant narcicism and total disregard of the peron you took an oath to be faithful to. And I don’t know any women who carry on with a married man for 5 years. What kind of woman does that? Is that a woman we can look up to as first lady, that we would want to set an example for women and young girls in America? Seriously?

  13. Katy Searle says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. I have done a lot of hand wringing lately and my husband was so negative last night that I went to bed. He thinks that the whole country is against Mitt….maybe sometimes they are but there are many good people out there who know that God is in charge and all will be well. Thanks.

  14. linda says:


    Mormon here with many evangelical and wonderful family members. I feel the exact same way as you. I have been tied up in knots every time something happens that I feel is so unfair. I think Rick Santorum is a fine man, and I respect his faith and his family, but I hate the misinformation about Mitt. I don’t feel that Rick is the best for our country. I do also need, as well, to back off some and have the faith that if this is the right thing for now, God will help it happen. I have had the same thought many times, but I appreciate the great reminder, especially today. I needed it.

  15. Cynthia N Castro says:

    Dear Nancy,

    I have been your follower in a long time and read many of your articles. I even saw you once in FOX news and I was so delighted to watch that interview you had. This article is well said and written. I feel the same way and wanted to leave it in God’s hands of whatever the outcome of the election. But I also believe that we need to do a lot of praying for this country. Like the rest, our family pray each day for this country and I am hoping someone like Mitt can lead us and get this nation back together again..I know in my heart that he will be a good leader. :)

  16. Christian in California says:

    “I believe in it so much that I’m using it right now to tell you that Occupy Wall Street is socialist and unAmerican.”

    Best response to OWS ever!

    • From Arizona says:

      Since when is OWS un-American? Seems to me a true Christian will mean toward sympathy with their cause.
      Additionally, the very words of Jesus Christ, our Savior, lends toward socialism if you read the bible with an open heart with the intent to understand the word of God.

      • Uaintdown says:

        Your conception of the Bible is very different from mine. The Bible teaches personal accountability and responsibility (See 2 Thes. 3:10; Luke 12:48; Matt. 22:21, etc.) Also you cannot advocate a Theocratic form of government in a fallen world because people are imperfect and a Theocracy only works when run by a perfect Ruler, who is Christ.
        Socialism is unChristian because it is a counterfeit system that leads to enslavement; i.e., communism. Freedom and a free economy is of God and communism is of the devil. You are confusing with the government that Christ will establish when He comes again, which is a Theocracy. Obama is not Christ and we don’t live in a Theocracy.
        Here are the reasons a socialist society will never work in this world:
        1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
        2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
        3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
        4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
        5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
        -Adrian Rogers, 1931

  17. Bryce CA says:

    I’m glad to here that I’m not the only one going crazy because of this election. I feel completely frustrated when I see how everyone votes, and I can’t beleive that they are falling for the lies that are coming from the media. I have stopped watching Fox News. I really think that they are marginalizing themselves by their anti-Romney possition. I find the election coverage is more fair on CNN. When they say something bad, they say it about all the candidates, so I can shrug it off as more leftist drivel. I listened to Wiley’s Roadhouse on the way to work and watched the movie “Red Dawn” that was on the TV at lunch, instead of Fox or any other news. Like someone else mentiond, I can’t stomach voting for Newt or Obama, and won’t vote if that is my choice. I don’t feel too bad, because its not like Calfornia is going to turn Red this election. I started out liking Santorum, but his misrepresenting the truth is hard to stomach. I thought he might make a good VP choice, but I’m starting to change my mind. I hope our prayers are answered soon, because I don’tknow how much more of this I can take.

  18. Annie from Utah says:

    I agree fully with your article and the importance of relying upon God who is certainly in charge.
    Kepp up the good work. I visit your sight each day!

  19. D Blant says:

    I too am frustrated and very upset over all that is going on in this primary. I supported Mitt in 2008 and was devastated that he dropped out. I felt that he was the right choice for a nation in trouble. I am supporting him again and am just praying that he can get through all this turmoil and come out the victor. I can not believe the people who will not look at Romneycare and try to understand it for what it was and not what they hear. I am upset with the conservative talk radio set who constantly shill for Newt or Santorum and talk about the anti Romney candidate. I just want to scream.

    I think that Mitt Romney is THE best candidate that the republican party has had in decades and they are pushing him away with both hands. I think that we as Romney supporters need to do what we can to dispel the myths that are being purported about Romney and just keep the faith that right will prevail. I like Santorum, but I find his attacks against Romney to be somewhat dishonest and this bothers me with him. Politics is just a dirty business. I got comfort in reading these other posts and knowing that I wasn’t alone.


  20. Paulee says:

    My feelings exactly….very nicely put…Mitt is in Maine Friday Night…Can we deliver Maine…?? I sure pray we can..Asking everyone pray with me. Ron Paul has a strong ground group here..So we give it to HIM…His will be done for America….thank you….

  21. marcy harris says:

    It is indeed in the hands of the Lord, but if we are blind guides, he will allow us to fall in the ditch. I see the good and the evil in our nation. The evil is certainly on ascendancy in public policy. I’m afraid the Lord will give us the President we deserve–not the one that we should have if we deserved him. Mitt Romney will win if we are worthy as a nation of having such a fine man as the leader of the free world.

  22. Jean says:


    I was touched by your article as I have been having many of the same feelings that you expressed. I am LDS but have so much respect for other religions and have been particularly uplifted by your website. We are all trying to do what is best for our country and choose a candidate that is the most qualified to lead us and uphold our constitution which I believe to be inspired from God. I purchased your book and found it a great read and have recommended it to other friends I have that share your faith. Your words have been very reassuring and you are correct, it is in the Lord’s hands. We will do all we can to support Mitt Romney and we pray daily for him and his family as they endure this long and winding primary with its ups and downs. Thank you for sharing what we have all been feeling. We will put our faith where it belongs, with the Lord, and move forward from here! Thanks again!

    • Debi Crouch says:

      Jean – thank you for your kind remarks here. Your “tone” is so gentle. How refreshing! The Bible tells us that God chooses the King. That’s what we need to trust. I guess God doesn’t have as much control over who gets in fights on airplanes : )
      Nancy – I am supporting Governor Romney 100%. But I want to be positive. I want to vote FOR him, not rail against them. It’s easy though, to lose your head (especially if yours, like mine, isn’t glued on too well to begin with). Let’s pray together for calmer heads to prevail. A battle well fought, though long and treacherous, is a much sweeter victory in the end anyway. Here’s to peace.
      Have a wonderful time at CPAC.

      Debi Crouch

  23. Marvel says:

    My household was sick yesterday, and my wife wondered if she should go and vote anyway in Colorado. I said you are probably okay, I think Romney has this. No one should make the mistake we made. Don’t take the elections for granted, even the non-binding ones, because it all makes a difference. Get the word out and show up to vote.

  24. Steph says:

    Thank-you so much for your blog today. It has really helped me put this into perspective – remembering who is in control, and that there is a master plan. I am wondering if there were many people like Marvel’s wife above who thought Mitt had it in the bag in Colorado and didn’t make it to vote. I prayed last night that Mitt would be given the vision and insight to see a lighted path forward, and that he would be inspired to move in the right direction with his campaign. In the past when Mitt has been in one of the downward trends you described above, often all I would have to do is see a picture or video of him out campaigning hard the next day, to feel optimistic again, and inspired by his seeming unwavering optimism and determination. His energy and perseverance really does inspire me. Thank-you for reminding me of my true source of strength, and the peace that comes with having faith that God’s hand is over all of this. As many of your readers are, I am LDS, and I feel so grateful for your strong voice out there for Mitt, and for how much your work and blog has done to unite those of us who believe in him. Thank-you!

  25. copp says:

    Forget God for once. God helps those who help themselves – as you did on the plane. You lit a match and got everybody to come out of their shells. That’s what God wants. Action!!!!

  26. Gloria says:

    Thanks Nancy! Now I don’t feel so crazy! My husband tells me every day that it is in the Lord’s hands. I know it in my head—-but, I have to know it in my heart. Your article helped.

    For those who think that all is lost in CO, only the votes of the delegates that are elected to the state convention count. And our precinct elected two Romney supporters to go to the state convention and I know of other precincts who also voted for Romney supporters to go to the convention even though their precinct voted for Santorum. I guess they didn’t understand the system. Gov. Romney could end up with more delegates than Santorum!

  27. Larry says:

    Nancy, quite apart from your political ruminations (which themselves seem to lack reflection and balance) you again offer this offensive and unthinking appraisal of Newt and Callista … “I’ll never be able to vacation there again without thinking of how Newt surged to victory there through the support of evangelical voters, in spite of the fact that Newt’s a serial adulterer currently married to one of his mistresses”.

    Nancy, I can only assume that you have given little thought to both the implications and potential impact of such a reckless remark. Newt and Callista have offered a testimony of repentance, forgiveness and redemption concerning their sin. Yet, you address them and their past as if the blood of Christ and its efficacy are of no consequence. If you are ignorant of this essential doctrine you are in serious error. If you are not, yet still choose to speak of your brethren you are sinning against them, your listeners and the truth.

    It is unseemly to be certain, but worse, it is an act so violent against the truth that it can only do great harm. When you so brazenly disregard the profound effect of redemption you not only discredit Christ … but you place in jeopardy the often fragile hopes of those seeking a new day through forgiveness.

    Paul demanded of Christians a sacred regard for redemption …

    “For the love of Christ controls and urges and impels us, because we are of the opinion and conviction that [if] One died for all, then all died;
    And He died for all, so that all those who live might live no longer to and for themselves, but to and for Him Who died and was raised again for their sake.
    Consequently, from now on we estimate and regard no one from a [purely] human point of view [in terms of natural standards of value]. [No] even though we once did estimate Christ from a human viewpoint and as a man, yet now [we have such knowledge of Him that] we know Him no longer [in terms of the flesh].
    Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!” 2 Cor. 14-17

    Following your logic and example, how might one have reacted to the women caught in the act of adultery and then thrown mercilessly before Jesus by those who sought political gain by her sin. “Stone her!” they demanded, yet Jesus turned a deaf ear to their haughty and self-righteous denunciations. With a single sentence He laid bare their hypocrisy and sent them scurrying into the shadows. ““Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Jesus, now alone with this women held in such contempt, said gently … yet with the unquenchable force of his forgiveness “Where are your accusers? I do not condemn thee … go and sin no more”. In the space of a few moments Jesus revealed his contempt for hypocrisy and self righteousness … the unimaginable, yet accessible promise of complete forgiveness and new life.

    You would do well to reconsider treatment of those for whom Christ paid such a price to redeem … for those He is not ashamed to call brethren. You would do well to consider the harmful effects your dismissive words might have on those who cling desperately to these promises. You would do well to consider the effect your actions and counsel have on those who might find truth among those who claim to represent Evangelicals.

    You would do well to consider how precious this same forgiveness and the wonderful redemption has meant to you.

    • Adrienne says:

      I would very much appreciate it if you could give a link to where there was repentance and a sincere apology. I mean this sincerely. So far, all I could find is statements of how stressful the time was when Gingrich had his affair. I would like to believe that he really is sorry for what he did, but without real evidence I have no reason to trust him. His second wife has, in fact, said that he never apologized to her.

      Thank you in advance.

      One other point – this kind of sin has greater ramifications on a man’s ability to hold office than other sins We should keep in mind that there is a reason why Jesus said that adultery is the only circumstance for which divorce is permissible. I do wish that our society held these standards still.

      Unfortunately, our society is so oversexed now that it has become normative for those in public office to have affairs. There is a huge problem with this. Our country was born on Judeo-Christian values and morality and when that morality isn’t undergirding our society than we have no solid foundation.

      Yes, there is forgiveness where there is clear repentance. But there are consequences for sin that do not go away. We all know that. With the other choices in this race I cannot vote for Gingrich.

      • Larry says:

        Adrienne, it’s difficult to imagine that you’ve searched a great deal. I listened to Gingrich’s confession on James Dobson’s broadcast several years ago. Numerous reports began to surface of meetings with Christian leaders with whom he had met and openly expressed deep regret and heartfelt repentance for his sins. His priest confirms this as do leading Christian ministers who have met privately with him.

        Quite apart from that, however, are his own words. A simple search online will provide you with ample evidence of his repentance. Do you really care to know though? I find troubling the rather convenient nature of your skepticism … it suggests something willful … something indifferent to facts … to the truth. It seems to run rampant among Mitt’s supporters … I wonder why?

        • cindy says:

          Larry- I would not presume to judge Newt for his marital indescretions because that is God’s job. The fact is, I would have more respect for him if he just divorced his wife and moved on. But to carry on for years indicates an interesting character trait. While we engage in sin, we are aware of it, because God brings it to our attention. Continuing to do something for 5 years requires a real stiff necked ability to ignore God. When I look at a candidate I want to give my vote to, I look at all aspects of their life. I liked Newt when he was speaker, but not so much now. In my simple Christian mind, the other 3 candidates running in this race are married to their wife in what seems like very healthy relationships, with families that all of America would do well to emulate. Why would someone overlook these 3 good men to vote for someone who has exhibited lack of self control and bad temper, regardless of what papers he has signed, and what excuses he makes for mistakes of the past? I learned as a Christian that we all sin, we can go to God and be forgiven if we confess our sin, but sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our sin anyway. Perhaps that applies here. I’m not saying I judge him, that is not my place. I’m just saying I cannot vote for him. You seem to not comprehend how anyone can take that position. I wonder why?

          • Larry says:

            Cindy, please re-read my post. That was not my assertion. I took issue with Nancy’s reckless denunciation. I find Mitt’s record a barrier to my support for his candidacy. His serial lying only strengthens
            my resolve to both with hold my vote and labor to expose his rather extraordinary hypocrisy.

          • Rick Schow says:

            sure, even the Biblical prodigal upon his return was forgiven and was received with open arms but was not given the farm

    • Matt says:


      Why do you follow Nancy around like some obsessed stalker, preaching constantly to her about how judgmental she is when you yourself do nothing but stand in judgement of her. Hypocritical? Yes, I’m afraid that sums it up.

      • Larry says:

        Matt, really? Your question requires little imagination. This is a public forum promoting the candidacy of Mitt Romney. I oppose his candidacy for a specific set of reasons … and address them here in order to *gasp* offer an alternative point of view. Frankly, your remark is a bit silly Matt. Your conclusion is equally silly … hypocritical? Matt … think it through before you type it.

        There’s nothing hypocritical about addressing error, particularly error which endangers. Well, that is unless you’re prepared to address Christ’s own efforts toward that end as hypocritical? Are you?

        • Matt says:


          Silly me. In a temporary unimaginative stupor, I thought I recognized you as the man who takes ample opportunity to respond in haste to many of Nancy and David’s posts. You make very clear as to why you oppose Mitt Romney’s candidacy-because he is a Mormon. And your posts seem quite clear as to why you disagree w/ Nancy and David’s support, as Evangelicals, of a *gasp* Mormon. You clearly believe that Mormonism is in “error” and, if I understood you in context, “endangers” the souls of men. That’s quite judgmental of you Larry, and thus hypocritical of you to criticize Nancy for being judgmental of Newt. And yes, I did think that through before I typed it. By the way, I don’t judge you for being judgmental of Mormons…or even judgmental of evangelicals being supportive of a Mormon presidential candidate. God bless you Larry.

          • Larry says:

            Matt, do you ever grow weary of dodging the obvious by hurling the absurd
            and tired charge of anti-Mormonism? It really does wear thin you know. Its as if you’re
            prepared to insert it anywhere real thought might prove inconvenient. Mitt’s Mormonism
            has no bearing … wait … this is pointless. Have a great day Matt

    • Nancy French says:

      Dear Larry,

      Matthew 19:9 is crystal clear: “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

      Does this not apply to Newt?

      So Newt was married to Marianne. He has an affair with a Catholic. While sitting in church with his mistress, he finds God.

      How does he make this right? By reconciling with his wife? Or by divorcing his wife and marrying his mistress?

      He can be forgiven of anything. But what evidence do I have that he’s changed? His promise.

      I will not be the next woman who believes a promise the man makes.

      P.S. I’m anti-stoning and pro-forgiveness. I hope Newt is right with God. I’m not willing to bet that the first scandal free office the man holds is the Oval Office.

      • Larry says:

        Nancy, that is a dreadfully inadequate response. I’m hopeful that upon reflection you migrate to a more more and responsible place, theologically, emotionally and intellectually. Till then … what damage may your very public ideas do?

        • Eichendorff says:

          It’s only inadequate in your opinion because Nancy doesn’t agree with you. It is clear to me that everyone who doesn’t agree with your position is inadequate.

          Also, the “anti-Mormon charge” isn’t tired. It’s the truth, and you know it.

        • Terry says:

          Larry, m’man! You always manage to amuse me. For the record, I’m LDS. I thought Nancy’s reply to you was right on and to the point. What she quoted is Biblical. And she is correct when asking what evidence proves that the Newtster has genuinely changed. All we have is his word for it.
          You know, LDS have a unique verse of scripture that covers this very situation. From the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord states: “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.” (D&C 64:10) Do I personally forgive Newt for his past sins? Absolutely and sincerely. I have no reason not to. But…that does not obligate me to then vote for him for GOP presidential nominee, especially since I had no intentions of doing so in the first place. Being a Minister (or whatever your official religious title is), you should know that only God truly knows a person’s heart, certainly much better than you or me. Forgiveness of past sins does not necessarily equate to instant trust of that person on our part. That is something which must be earned over time by the person forgiven via evidence in future actions.
          Personally, I want our next president to be a man of high moral character, one who has little or no past baggage that the Dems can latch onto in an attempt to sink that person’s candidacy. You can bet that the Obama machine isn’t going to be worrying about Newt’s repentance or giving the slightest thought as to whether they should honor that repentance or not. On the contrary, if he were to somehow win the nomination, they will be coming after him with all the dirt they can dig up or manufacture. That’s why we need a morally grounded person like Mitt Romney, and that’s why I’m voting for him.

          • Larry says:

            Terry, your theology lacks some real depth my friend. You’ll not, if you will simply read my post again (try not to “read between the lines” … when you do you seem to insert whole paragraphs in place of my actual words and intent … it’s an unhelpful habit)find me advocating for Newt (though I do prefer his candidacy). My post was directed entirely to Nancy’s unscriptural and frankly, unchristlike characterization of two fellow believers. Forgiveness and redemption require a radical rethinking of human relationships that places enormous demands on an active and transforming grace … and those who elect to be its agents.

            As to your contention regarding trust … well that’s an important point to be sure. Newt’s years since that failure have convinced me sufficiently. Your reference to Mitt’s character though, I find somewhat humorous. Does the LDS raise lying (frequently, regularly and reflexively) to the status of a virtue? If not, I’m left rather puzzled as to your comfort with Candidate Romney.

            His many lies are now causing him very real problems on the campaign trail. His likeability numbers are in steep decline … you are aware of this, yes? News agencies, fact-finders, candidates and of course average citizens who take the time to conduct their own research have been exposing his serial dishonesty of late. His representations of his record and his many positions have offered a bevy of glaring inconsistencies. Worse, his scandalous lies (slander) regarding his opponents are now returning to haunt him.

            I’m curious Terry, do you simply swallow the campaign talking points unquestioningly … or do you allow yourself to ponder the meaning of a candidate who lies so easily? You realize of course that such frequency and ease suggests long habit, yes? So, how exactly do you square that with your demands for integrity and trustworthiness? Or, is everyone else just plain wrong?

        • Laura says:

          No, Larry. You are inadequate in your response. If you are proven wrong, the best you have is that the other person must be inadequate. Even if we Could trut a serial adulterer to not cheat this time around, the issue is irrelevant. We are choosing a President, NOT awarding salvation. We don’t nominate murders just because they promise they are really sorry. We don’t nominate perfect people, either. But we should nominate someone with proven integrity, somoeone of character. Mitt and Santorum fit that description.

          • cindy says:

            I’m wondering if it occurs to Larry that his continual calling Romney a liar mght be considered what the Proverbs refer to as gossip? I’m wondering if Romney has lied to him personally. If not, he is judging a man on second or third hand information. Does Larry think Romney is a liar because Newt says so? Yeah, now there is a real reliable source.
            The argument wearies me, going to zzzzzz now. There is basically nothing anyone can say to convince me my intuition of Newt is incorrect. He will not get my vote. I am still receiving phone calls from his campaign asking for money, though the Florida primary is long over. I think he is a desperate man. Very sad.

        • Terry says:

          Larry…you claim, falsely so, that I seem to “insert whole paragraphs in place of [your] actual words and intent”. Might I suggest that you re-read the post of mine you were referring to? I was merely supporting Nancy’s assertion about the Newtster, then giving my own personal opinion and feelings about his actions. In no way did I try to insinuate what your position on political candidate Newt was. The only time I addressed you directly was in pointing out, very correctly so, that we as mortals do not know what is in a person’s heart as perfectly as God does. You also state, “your theology lacks some real depth”. Which theology is that? If you are referring to my stance on forgiveness, I disagree. There is nothing hard about understanding the principle of forgiveness. God will forgive whom He will, but he expects us to forgive all those who wrong us (not an easy thing to do, admittedly). My support of Mitt has very little to do with the Newtster’s past shortcomings. I support Mitt because I believe him to be the candidate best suited to pull this country out of the financial mess it is getting into. As to Mitt’s character—or lack of, as you are insinuating because of his “serial lies” (your opinion)—unless you have actually met him and spent time with him as Nancy and David have, you can’t know him as they do. Nor as I do, for that matter. Though I have never met him in person, being LDS, I still know Mitt’s core values in ways that you do not understand. You may accuse him of being a serial liar, but that is your own personal opinion, based on whatever information about him that you have chosen to believe.
          One last point: You asked me, “does LDS raise lying (frequently, regularly and reflexively) to the status of a virtue?” Larry, I’m going to pretend that you were tired or not totally “with it” when you typed that question. If claim in return that you actually did mean to phrase it that way, then I have to tell you that your inquiry ranks as one of the most stupid and unthinking questions anyone has posed to me in many years—literally. However, I do not hold it against you, and I’m not bothered by it. I’m just amused. Again.

          • Larry says:

            Terry, you are acquainted with satire I assume? Do you find it appealing and useful only as you apply it? I do not require personal acquaintance with Mitt to recognize his dishonesty. That’s a rather absurd notion. I have personally observed his lies however. As have millions more. Now, even his ardent supporters are privately questioning his use of deception. Indeed, it has even become fodder for late night comedians. Your unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious doesn’t in any way mitigate its reality … nor the veracity of my observations Terry. And yes, you do insert whole paragraphs. Have you forgotten your constant insistence upon an anti-Mormon motive in my dislike of candidate Romney?

          • Terry says:

            Larry—replying to your post below, I feel genuinely sorry for you. You claim that a personal acquaintance with someone as opposed to merely reading/hearing accusations about that person, makes no difference in judging the person’s character. I believe, my friend, that the absurdity lies with you, and not me. I don’t claim to be the most intelligent person on the planet, but I’m astute enough to recognize arrogance when I see it, and yours is pretty obvious. You expect us to take your word about Mitt’s supposed dishonesty just because it was YOU who made the accusation. Then, you refuse to back up your own claims with proof. For those who ask what proof do you have, you reply with silly statements like “Rick, fingers broken? Unable to conduct your own due diligence so you must rely on others to conduct it for you?” Might I remind you that Rick is not the one who made the claims to begin with. YOU DID. You just don’t seem to get–or perhaps you can’t bring yourself to believe– that I, and others, actually have the intelligence to research the accusations about Mitt on our own, and have actually arrived at a *gasp* different conclusion about his character than you have. What all this boils down to is that our conclusions about Mitt, based on our own research, disagree with your conclusions about Mitt. It’s a matter of which bits of information one chooses to believe and which bits one chooses to reject. You have obviously chosen accept the “bits” that I, and others, chose to reject. But that was your right, which doesn’t necessarily make you right.

    • Jeffrey Swanson says:

      Larry, you overlooked a very important part of the story of the adultress. Jesus did not condemn her, but he also did not forgive her. He said go forth and sin no more. I am sure that if she repented she would be forgiven. Newt’s actions, including the recent bearing of false witness, do not indicated a humble follower of Christ. I am not Newt’s judge, God is. However, that does not mean that I need to put my trust in a man who has repeatedly broken sacred covenants. The Presidency of the United States is the highest honor we can bestow on a fellow citizen. I believe it should be reserved for individuals of honor and commitment. I am not looking for perfection but I am looking for leaders who display humility and consistency in their lives.

      • Larry says:

        Jeffery, that’s a tortured interpretation of the text. No one, allow me to repeat, no one concludes that Jesus did not forgive her … it is implicit in the text. Recall this text,

        So he got into a boat, crossed over, and came to his own city. Then behold, they brought to him a paralytic lying on a bed. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you.” And at once some of the scribes said within themselves, “This man blasphemes!” But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, “Why do you think evil in your hearts? For which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk’? But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins” – then he said to the paralytic, “Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” And he arose and departed to his house. Now when the multitudes saw it, they marveled and glorified God, who had given such power to men. Matthew 9:1-8

        At no juncture does the man request forgiveness and yet Jesus awards it by virtue of the man’s faith in Him. You need badly to rethink your position on this. Now, as to your concerns about lying. I do hope you are aware of the very many lies offered now, serially by Mitt Romney. This behavior, is of course, nothing new. It has existed as a prominent feature in his character for a long while … at least as a candidate. While his dishonesty regarding his own record is concerning, his willingness to libel his opponents regularly is even more worrisome. Slander is not only actionable in a court of law, it betrays a profound lack of concern for others … a lack of both empathy and, of course, basic honesty.

        As bad as that is, though, there is also the strange, gratuitous and unnecessary lies … like the one he told while pandering to an African-American audience. There he explained that “he saw his father march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” Only his father never marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. When confronted days later with evidence of his lie he began, over a series of days, to change his story. In the end it was obvious he had simply lied. There was no shred of truth to the statement … at all.

        Lying of this sort is simply not practiced by people who are honest. It would never occur to them to fabricate out of whole cloth such a story. Yet Mitt did, and does. That suggests both long practice and something approaching pathological. That ought to give you, given your concerns for honesty and integrity, real pause.

        • Kay says:

          The way you present things, gives me reason to question your
          approach, but I don’t even know who you are so……
          God judge you for what you say about Mitt Romney. That is
          what will matter most in your life. Let God judge me and
          let God judge Mitt Romney.

          • Larry says:

            Kay, do your own objective research. It’s not that difficult. I voted for Romney in 2008 … without doing my homework. I was unenthused by the rarely conservative McCain, found Huckabee disingenuous … that left Romney. I bought his narrative without conducting due diligence of any sort. I was at the time negotiating contracts with Chinese firms, here and there, assisting a company in a national rollout … in short, I was enormously busy to the tune of 70+ hours per week. Foolishly, fecklessly I cast my vote in ignorance … shame on me.

            This time around, however, quite prepared to support Mitt … again, I did my homework. What I discovered was a man who is not only very unconservative, but also very dishonest. Dishonest about his own record, dishonest about his opponents. An ambitious, unctuous, self absorbed man whose approach to this effort revealed as much about his most unconservative perspectives as did his record as governor.

            You see, conservatism is a transcendent philosophy … it flows out of a deeply principled belief system which itself disallows the sort of chicanery and dishonesty which is Team Romney’s signature. He has no compelling vision which resonates with voters because his vision is centered in his own narrow ambitions … not in an overarching yearning to serve the interests of liberty or those who value it.

            If you fail to conduct your own due diligence you fail yourself and those who rely on your prudence when you pull the lever. I failed miserably in that regard four years ago … I have no intention of dealy so recklessly with my franchise this time around.

          • Larry says:

            Rick, fingers broken? Unable to conduct your own due diligence so you must rrely on others to conduct it for you? I’m beginning to understand why they’re those who accept, without question, Mitt’s claims. They don’t concern themselves with acquiring facts independently. Do your work for you? Not a chance. On this very site I’ve listed reason after reason, citing evidence … ignored with the most puerile dismissiveness.

            Do your own work Bucko, then perhaps you’ll appreciate its value. If you’re willing to the responsibility like an adult you’ll discover all you need to know within a matter hours (sorry … it will require more than a few minutes … hope that doesn’t dissuade you). It’s all quite available written in language entirely accessible. All you require to discover it is objectivity and courage.

            Or not. You may prefer to remain a slave to what is conveniently offered by the Romney camp … they rely on such indolence and ignorance. If you do, then you’ll find your last post persuasive, satisfying and complete.

          • Kay says:

            Larry, You assume some of us have not done our
            homework on Mitt Romney. You are wrong.
            I have followed him since 2008too and the evidence
            I find is absolutely the opposite of yours. Curious,
            for I am as conservative as it gets. So how
            can I trust you? I k now that you
            will not change your mind, so vote your
            conscience. God bless you.

    • Marvel says:

      Newt’s life is marked by his pattern of adultery, and that means he cannot be trusted. If he has truly repented of his sins, God will forgive him, and we must forgive him, but that forgiveness doesn’t mean that we must trust him right now. Only God knows his heart, and it is wise for us to be leary. He has to earn his trust back, even if he has our forgiveness.

  28. Julie says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I needed this so much, this is exactly how I have been feeling! Deep down I’ve known that God was in charge, now I need to put it His hands! He will prevail and hopefully, Mitt will, too!

  29. Adrienne says:

    I felt like I was riding this along with you, Nancy.

    This is exactly where I’ve been. And while I don’t check Drudge every morning, just about the first thing my son says to me is, “Can I check the polls?” – and my husband greeting me this morning telling me the percentage by which Mitt lost last night in each state.

    And I too, have had conversations with others, but so far I haven’t started “firestorms” on airplanes.

    I am puzzled about all of this. I, too, am being forced to lean on God – whether it is with this election, with my son w/ Asperger’s who is suffering from great anxiety these days, or with the many other things that have come our way recently.

    You are not alone. The stakes are high this time. They always are but this is different.
    I still don’t understand why Obama can’t be impeached for his opposition The Constitution. And that means Ginsberg too, but actually, let’s wait on that until hopefully there is a more conservative President in the White House who would appoint someone who loves our country.

    Blessings. We are praying here too.

  30. Carnie says:

    Thank you for a well-written article expressing exactly how I feel but haven’t been able to express! I thought I was crazy–the only one so obsessed with Mitt winning the election that it has driven my moods. You are so right. We must leave it in the Lord’s hands. We must pray that good and honest Americans will recognize the truth–Mitt Romney is an upright, moral, courageous man of great talent and ability. His record is proven. He has the best chance of saving our nation from a terrible fate.

    God will not take away our agency. If we decide as a nation to return to His values, He will guide us. If we turn away, we are on are own–His hands are tied. Now, I must just relax and leave it to Him who knows all things.
    Thanks again for an important reminder.

  31. cindy says:

    Nancy, So glad I came to the site for comfort. I was up to 2 am watching the horse-race in Colorado, and was stunned when Romney lost the lead that last time. Today I was able to make it through Glenn Beck, but had to turn Rush off. I have had to turn the TV off- but have been reading, knitting, and talking to God. I so admire Mitt Romney and think he would be a superb president, but I recognize that God is sovereigh, and he sets up kings and deposes them. (I presume that also means presidents.) I consider that the current administration is likely chastisement by God for the evil and corruption we, the church have allowed to permeate our society and government, and I hope that our time of chastisement will be overwith soon. I trust that God will give all of us who ask insight and wisdom, and he has equipped the nominee for the job at hand.
    Reading the comments, I agree with the ones that say the could not have voted for Newt Gingrich. I’ll stop there because my mother always told me, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all :)
    Thanks for your column Nancy, it lifted my spirits to read it and all the comments here. I wish Mitt Godspeed.

  32. jrobertoviveiros says:

    After reading your article … I have made a decision … that should bring peace and joy to my heart…. I will rely on the will of our Heavenly Father … no more Fox News and others that distorts the truth … and specially from Santorum/Gingrich … if I may quote a scripture that I love so much … and I know that Our future President “Romney” has knowldge of this …” I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall “prepare” a way for them that they may accomplish the things which He commandeth them …” Faith to each footsteps it is now my motto. You are wonderful people and much respect is felt … great job .. God Bless.

  33. Marilyn Brennan says:

    I am humbled by your deep thoughts and confessions. I have been less than charitable and there is no need for that. The Lord will see that what needs to happen will happen. I will watch with wonder and awe as His will is made known and hope and pray we will have someone as our president whom we can respect and trust, and for me that is Mitt Romney.

  34. Phillip Hall says:

    Thank you Nancy. This really spoke peace to me. Amazingly, this is right where I was this morning. I was just learning to let go, and let God. Sorry for the tired cliche.
    I don’t know why I am so wrapped up to the point of pain in Romney’s candidacy. I didn’t feel this way the last time around. At any rate, I really believe he is going to win.

  35. Kathy says:

    I really needed to read this tonight to be reminded that God is in control and whatever happens He and He alone knows what is best. This whole process has been very frustrating. I have never in my lifetime seen anyone, who is so qualified and so obviously best to be the nominee, treated in this manner. If it were the left wing media and the liberals only, I could accept it, but when it is is every right wing radio show personality, every right wing blogger, and almost all of Fox News…you start to scratch your head and wonder what exactly is going on.

    I have the same highs and lows with each up and down that you expressed, but I have to just have faith in God and in Mitt Romney that things will work out. My mother tells me that they did Ronald Reagan much the same way and look how that turned out!

  36. RC says:

    I was wondering how long it would take Larry to pop his head out of the hole. I believe Larry that you are educated far beyond your intelligence! With that said, I have been a Fox News person from the beginning (about 11 years ago), however, I have noticed that there have been a few comments on how Fox News has turned from their ways. I agree 100 %, I can hardly watch Fox News anymore. I believe Rush is the same way. Innocent in the beginning, but have turned to their own vomit.

    Nancy, you have truly inspired me to do just that – learn to trust in the Lord and not on the arm of flesh. This I can do. It is just difficult though when you come to this realization how others are just totally blinded by the craftiness of men. In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conpsiring men, the Lord is warning us (as a Nation) to serve the God of this land (who is Jesus Christ) or perish. We have the choice.

    Nancy, your words have penetrated deep into my heart. They have caused my heart to stir within me. I am but one man. I will pray for the Lord to turn away his wrath from this nation, but I cannot speak for others, I can only speak and do for myself. Thanks, I am walking on my tip toes again.

  37. Lisa says:

    I have to say that as I began reading the comments I almost began to cry. Why? Because at last I have found a group of people that feel the same way I do. These last few months I have had to stop listening to certain radio personalities and reading certain blogs because of their anti-Romney, pro-Gingrich stance.

    Before all of this mess began I didn’t think Gingrich had a chance because of his history. I was floored when he made such leaps and bounds. The same arguments used again Clinton were being ignored when it came to Gingrich. I even started to question whether my identification as a conservative was wrong and I was instead a closet moderate. However, I am starting to think, that even as the democratic party has been hijacked by the extreme left, the Republican party has been hijacked by the crazy right.

    This horrible, convoluted primary we are in is an utter nightmare. It is just a sampling of the mental fog so many people suffer from. This deranged anti-Romney crowd is like any severe ADD sufferer…unable to concentrate, running from candidate to candidate. Talk about flip-flopping…I think they win the prize!

    Basically what it comes down to is what Nancy stated in her article. We need to turn it over to God. Yes, we can end up with what we deserve (i.e. Obama) or we can fight for this blessed country and pray like we have never prayed before.

  38. Kay says:

    It has been especially rewarding reading the posts on this blog this morning. I too agree that Mitt Romney would be a remarkable President and that his prior preparation in life makes him a great fit for the needs our nation is facing at present. If he loses this election, it will be the nation’s loss for sure

    I do take comfort knowing that if the election goes against Romney, this man and his family will continue to enjoy a really good life. They have a terrific loving family, a strong faith in God which sustains them, financial security which will bless them and others whom they will generously give to. The Romney family will continue to give back to this nation that they love. You can count on it.

    I pray that our nation and its people will understand that honorable men like Mitt Romney are getting harder and harder to come by. God bless America

  39. TeejMac says:

    You’re awesome, Nancy. Well said. Let’s strive and yes, let’s care, but let’s also keep our priorities straight and know that God is over all. Represent all of us who can’t be at CPAC well – we’re with you in spirit.

  40. Jordan Foutz says:

    I love your site/blog and am following you guys on Facebook. If more church goers of all denominations maintained your views and positions on God and this country, we would be in so much better of a place as a nation. Thank you for these words!

  41. Liz says:

    OWS is un-American in it’s embrace of violence, greed, jealousy, indolence, and crime. Any questions? Oh, and the 200 lb. pile of human fecal matter they left behind is more swine-like than American. Add that to the list.

  42. Liz says:

    Child abandonment, drug-use, rape, murder, suicide, theft……un-American all of it. Christians are typically diametrically opposed to these types of behaviors. Just saying.

  43. ignoramus says:

    Let not your hearts be troubled as Hanity says. If you realize that there is a lot of Kabuki theater going on in politics you will not get your undies in a bunch. Snatorum needed to win a few so he could raise funds to keep in the race. All pundits realize that the best thing that can happen is that the current four candidates make to to Tampa Bay in August. If Kabuki plays out right it will be exciting all the way to Nov 6!
    Read about Kabuki theater in Politics at

  44. Jim Tills says:

    Great article, Nancy. It was a devastating night when Santurum won Missouri, then Minnesota, and then, amazigly, Colorado. The delegate count didn’t matter as much as the loss of faith in Mitt’s enevitability to be the Nominee. It gives the Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity RINO-types ammunition to use against Mitt.

    Yes, I call them RINO-types because they continuously protray the lies told about Mitt as being truths, and in this way discredit the only real chance we have to derail/defeat Obama. In this way, they are betraying our great Republic, and they ought to be called out for it!

    Larry, as a so-called professed Christian, you are a disgrace! How dare you pretend to be a truth-bearer who has researched out Mitt Romney’s record and to have the last word about what you call his continuing “lies.” You, Larry, are the biggest liar on these comments. You have been asked for “proof” of MItt’s lies, and you come back with hogwash or a request for others to do further research. Well, my not-so-generous hypocritical Christian friend, it is good that our Savior is so forgiving, because you will need an awful lot of it for the damage you are doing to the reputation of one of the greatest potential nomines we have been privileged to have in the past 50 years, Mitt Romney.

    Neither Santorum nor Gingrich can hold a candle to Mitt Romney in character, skill, experience, and the attitude (meaning his calm demeanor under attack) needed to beat Obama. Gingrich is absolutely untrustworthy for a number of reasons (notwithstanding being forgiven by Christ), and Santorum does lie, over and over again, about Mitt’s record, so-called Romneycare, and a multiplicity of political matters regarding his past actions as a Senator (ie. raising of the debt ceiling, earmarks, etc.)

    Hurrah for Nancy and her wonderful husband for standing up for truth and for our magnificent Nation. Even under attack for the truths they espouse, they maintain the fight. Thank you.

    • Larry says:

      Jim, wow … Rush, Hannity and Levine are “RINO types” and I am a “so-called professed Christian” and a “disgrace” to boot. Do I eat babies for breakfast too? Romney boosters share a remarkable gift for condemning their critics with mean-spirited, puerile and abusive language … for any and all who have the temerity of pointing out the obvious character flaws of Mitt Romney. It rather reminds me of those who couldn’t be bothered with facts 4 years ago when they insisted that Obama’s serial dishonesty, record, and past were being misrepresented. I been rather amazed at the similarity in rhetoric and ethos shared now by Romney supporters and those on the Left. I’ve not observed this phenomenon on the Right to this degree in 30 years of political observations.

      Clearly, such fecklessness is not restricted to the Left. Jim, Terry and Kay , as I’ve posted above, I will not do the work which belongs to you. I’ve done so in previous posts to this website as well as David French’s and Timothy Dalrymples. A detailed accounting of Mitt’s record, positions (the timeline which attended those positions)and his numerous lies regarding not only his political record but those he directed toward his opponents. I discovered that I was in effect casting my pearls before swine. Not only were they “trodden under foot” … but as Jim has so beautifully and artfully done … but they have turned to “rend me also”. What you do not wish to hear … you simply will not hear … and those who bear the news become the targets of your fearful anger.

      As I said earlier, I conducted my own research (as a responsible citizen and adult is obliged to). I did so after voting for Mitt in 2008 and fully expecting to do the same this time around. Only then did I change my mind. Your railings against the truth remind me of a man who wanders outside, under the noon day sun, declaring that the sun is a lie. Not only does his ranting change nothing … he simply appears all the more foolish for doing it.

      The same facts which I learned are available to you. You however, as Obama supporters four years ago, can’t be bothered with them. Those unpleasant realities would only interfere with what you now MUST believe. A rather sad picture of an electorate that finds facts so inconvenient.

      • Terry says:

        Larry–I’ve done my “due diligence” as you call it. Turns out that my conclusions are different than yours. I still support Romney. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  45. roland says:

    Conservatives believe in personal responsibility . Romneycare required the 8% ( those who would not pay for their own medical coverage because they new that the tax payers would take care of them) to start being responsible for their own health care .

    • Larry says:

      Conservatives also believe in fealty to the Constitution. Mandates are decidedly UNconstitutional … though such trivialities have clearly never troubled our Mitt … or his adoring acolytes.

  46. Ray says:

    Missouri meant nothing. I live here. It wasn’t even a beauty contest. The entire state has 8% voter turnout and most of that due to local issues on ballots. Mine had only the nonbinding presidential preference on it. Saw a few Santorum TV ads, none for anyone else. This part of the state is very Republican and Evangelical, also Headquarters for the Church of God. When we can get people to truly listen, they recognize Romney’s conservative values. Most are sadly with blinders on.

    On a side note, I notice that the last five ambassadors to the Pope unanimously endorsed Romney who they have seen on the front lines defending their religious freedom in adoption agencies, etc. long before it became the cool issue over the recent Obamacare contraception issue. Romney was chosen over the two Catholics. They recognize a true conservative fighter because they have seen one in action.

    • Larry says:

      Missouri counted … as did Colorado … as did Minnesota … as did Iowa … as did South Carolina.
      Didn’t count? You must mean CPAC. Mr. Inevitability is clearly anything but … and now he’s behind in Michigan. Michigan! The state where his father served as governor and where he was considered an odds on favorite. He’s not only not inevitable … he may be becoming unlikely.

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