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Mitt Romney celebrates primary victory in Florida

Once again Mitt has come through when it mattered most.  After ten contests, Mitt has won 6, Santorum 3, and Gingrich 1.  Mitt’s popular vote totals dwarf his competitors, and he has shattered the alleged 25% ceiling.  For a guy that many said couldn’t appeal to conservatives, he’s appealing to conservatives more than anyone else.

Here’s the fundamental reality: Mitt is competitive everywhere, while his opponents have proven that they can only win states when they pick their spots.  There is still a long road ahead, but the momentum is ours.

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26 Responses to A Huge Night for Mitt

  1. Layne Pitcher says:

    Thanks Jon, I’ll have to keep that in my bag of facts. So excited that Romney over came some huge obstacles this last week for some great wins. No time to rest though, time to start working on wins for Super Tuesday.

  2. jrobertoviveiros says:

    ” To seek by Prayer and Supplications, with Fasting ..” Dan 9.3 The Lord does answer our prayers and specially through fasting … great day !

  3. Steven Schmidt says:

    I was thinking the other day…. I bet there’s a lot more of Mitt Romney’s supporters praying for him than there are of Obama’s supporters praying for Obama…. (given… of course, that much fewer of Obama’s supporters are of the praying type…) Just a thought. :-) Oh, and make sure to remember your Prayers of Thanks, too!

  4. Jim Tills says:

    Two huge wins for our Man among men. Michigan was huge especially since Santorum used dirty politics by doing everything he could to get Democrats to violate decency trying to stack the deck against Mitt. I used to think Santorum was a decent man but after that tactic, I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances. I can’t stand Gingrich but if he won the nomination, I would vote for him; not so for the psuedo-conservative, Santorum. His despicable actions and lies against Mitt and his record are disgusting. When he spoke after he lost tonight, I thought he looked positively ugly—just like the inner hypocrite that I now think lurks behind a facade. I believe Ron Paul was correct: Santorum is a fake.

  5. Kirk says:

    It was a great night for the entire country. Some don’t realize it yet, but when Mitt gets in there, starts to really fix things, everyone will benefit. I believe history will regard him in Reaganesque terms. I don’t say that lightly.
    Thanks to the folks here at Evangelicals for Mitt. Your work is essential.

    • Terry says:

      Agreeing with Rex

      Actually, I’m looking forward–with some admitted amusement–to witnessing “President Mitt” up to his elbows, in the midst of fixing everything he promised he would fix. My amusement will come from the surprised exclamation of “whoa!” emanating from all the naysayers who just knew that Mitt had been conning the electorate with big but empty talk to get where he is. Much to their baffled surprise however, the flip-flopper is actually doing what he said he would do.

      At some point in his presidency, Mitt is going to garner comparisons to Ronald Reagan among conservatives in the country.

  6. Rex says:

    No one can predict how Romney will do on Super Tuesday, or how long it will take to garner the magic 1144 votes to secure the nomination. However, if you fire up your EXCEL spreadsheet and do the basic math from the CNN delegate tracker website posted as of Tuesday night, the early trend is very favorable for Romney —

    In terms of total votes, Romney has won 60.2% of all reportable delegate votes cast thus far (leaving out ‘beauty contests’ like Missouri) — not too shabby given that there were 8 or 9 candidates earlier on, and 4 as of yesterday. 60.2% delegates is a VERY respectable total, with so many competitors in the race.

    Romney (165 votes, equals 60.2% of total delegates)
    Santorum (44 votes, equals 16.1% of total delegates)
    Gingrich (38 votes, equals 13.9% of total delegates)
    Paul (27 votes, equals 9.9% of total delegates)

    Romney has a net total of 56 delegates, as of last night, MORE than the other 3 competitors combined! When push comes to shove, the other candidates are finding it hard to figure out how to beat Romney on a consistent basis.

    To suggest the growing ‘pressure cooker’ on each of the other candidates, in the next week and the weeks that follow,

    Romney’s total of 165 delegates, as a ratio, is
    3.8 times Santorum’s total of 44 delegates;
    4.3 times Gingrich’s total of 38 delegates;
    6.1 times Paul’s total of 27 delegates.

    If this was 3 simultaneous basketball games against Romney, while very early in the first quarter, Romney’s ratio of delegates would be like

    – being ahead of Santorum by a score of 38 to 10;
    – being ahead of Gingrich by a score of 43 to 10;
    – being ahead of Paul by a score of 61 to 10;

    all very, very early in the game.

    When a strong basketball opponent jumps all over a weak opponent early in the game, it is by no means a prediction of final ratio or margin of victory or outcome. However, Romney and each opponent have to know that the winner will need at least 50.1% of all votes that could be cast. The fact that Romney has, by himself, has garnered 60.2% of the total votes cast, is remarkable, particularly when the next highest percent is Santorum, with only 16.1% of the total votes garnered.

    If all of these other competitors, combined, cannot knock Romney’s cumulative total of delegates won from week to week down to below 50.1%, he will win the nomination before the convention. The more the state contests spread out, and the more resources he gathers, the tougher it will be to knock him off the 60.2% pace he’s set so far, down to 49%+ where the others have a mathematical chance — and then, which one? Someone with 16% of the cumulative total? 24%? The math favors such a strong starter, especially if he can maintained his 60% winning pace.

    The larger Romney’s ratio over each competitor, the more desperate they will each feel to have a big breakthrough. As Santorum just demonstrated, it’s tough to be a front runner and not shoot yourself in the foot when media pressure rises and other opponents see the bullseye on YOUR back, instead of Romney’s back.

    The fact that Obama and the media have also been targeting Romney for many months, and he has been targeted by all of the GOP competitors, says to me that Romney’s current lead is substantial — especially given the narrow demographic groups he must face.

    I get irritated with media commentators refering to Ohio or any other proportional state being a “must win” for Romney. During the early states, if Romney pulls in 40% or so of the vote totals, he eats some of the oxygen from the other competitors and will wear them down with attrition over a 50 state field.

    60.2% of all delegates cast so far is terrific, given the alligator swamp he’s been marching through.

    If the math is off a bit, such as when Wyoming’s caucus gets awarded tomorrow night or if there is some adjustment in the Michigan totals, the general trend is important. The opposition needs to bust this trend, or they are cooked. The pressure is on them, already, to overcome Romney’s huge early lead, just like a basketball team that has fallen way behind.

    • BrentW says:

      It’s always surprising when somebody besides Ron Paul wins an online pol. The Paulites were usually all over the place looking for such polls.

  7. RC says:

    Well said, REX

    The one big issue that I took coming away from last nights outcome was how “fake” (spot on Jim Tills) Santorum really is. He spoke for rougly 30 minutes and I can’t even tell you this morning what he even talked about. All he did was ramble on and on and on with no substance. He appeared to be a little hostile, arrogant, rude and condescending.

    On the other hand, Mitt decisively brought to the table exactly what he intends to do. And do, he will! His countenance was totally Presidential, I was so excited, I mean really excited, to see all of the media / pundits swallow their pride. It was exhilerating.

    Then there is the Newtster, he is totally out. Maybe he can spend more time now at his lunar spa in the 51st State. And Ron Paul is Ron Paul, good guy, no chance.

    President Romney – 2012

  8. Terry says:

    Re: Santorum. I agree with Jim and RC. As for appearing “little hostile, arrogant, rude and condescending”, I picked up on that also. Part of the attitude goes beyond the fact that he lost in both states, in my opinion. A week or so ago, he and his wife appeared on the Glenn Beck program, where Karen Santorum announced that Rick’s running for president was “God’s will”. She stated that it was God who had set Rick on the path to the presidency. She presented Rick’s then quick surging in the polls a proof. Now, I’m not criticizing the Santorum’s religious beliefs, but if they were so strongly convinced that God was taking a personal interest in Rick’s campaign, that might explain Rick’s attitude of last night, and possibly even his previous underhanded behavior when he was calling on Democrats to vote for him. As an old retired coot, I’ve seen people do strange things in the name of God when they were certain that God was on their side. This is just speculation on my part, but if he felt strongly that God was directing things on his behalf, he might even have felt that calling on Democrats to vote for him was inspiration from God. (I know that what he did is not illegal in Michigan voting, but it does raise the question: was the act one of a true Christian?) I can imagine the Santorum’s confusion and subsequent let-down when it became obvious that Romney would emerge victorious in both states. Perhaps they will think of last night as a test from God–a challenge to stay the course and reap blessings at the end if they do. Who knows. As I said, speculation on my part. It’s going to be interesting however, to see if Rick’s condescending behavior mellows any after his double defeat of last night.

  9. Dan says:

    and yet (regretably), Byron York and Bill Bennett still say that Mitt’s not as conservative as Santorum and that more people have voted against Romney than for him (not breaking the 50% barrier). Fortunately they said that Mitt won Michigan instead of Santorum losing MI, but they seemed to insinuate that if Santorum wouldn’t have had a bad debate and a bad week he likely would have won. They almost seem convinced that Santorum will and should win Ohio because it is like MI without the “native son” factor.

    Ugh…. anyway, very nice wins by Mitt, and great speech by him last night. On to Super Tuesday!

    GO MITT!

    • RC says:

      “not breaking the 50% barrier”……..

      I don’t see the other GOP candidates breaking that barrier, not even close to it, let alone a 20% barrier!!! Why are they always shoving this down our throats. The other candidates can’t even break a simple, uhm, let’s see – a 10 or 20% barrier.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      I have my disagreements with Romney, but that raises the question: What is better: A politician you agree so much with and are comfortable about, or one in which you have disagreements, and know you won’t be comfortable with it?

    • Terry says:

      Limbaugh told a caller that “voters in Michigan thought they were voting for a conservative”. He claimed no slam on Mitt, and told the caller to take the remark “however you want to”.

      Overall, Rush seemed neutral in his comments about Romney.

    • Rodney Jackson says:

      That wasn’t my take on Rush, I had to turn him off this morning… and yesterday… and lately. It made me sick to hear Limbaugh spin how it was more a win for Santorum and a loss for Romney. Imagine if we were watching the NFL playoffs this year and it was reported like this election by Rush and everyone:

      (New Hampshire) “The Patriots only beat the Broncos by 35 points, looks like the Patriots aren’t as formidable as we thought!” (Been a Bronco fan my whole life – it was a painful loss.)

      (Michigan) “Despite the fact that the refs were trying to throw the game for the Ravens, and the fact that the Patriots won the game by 3 points, because they had home field advantage they should have won by more so the Ravens actually won!! Yippee!”

      (Romney and “the base”) “Eli Manning just can’t seem to connect with his receivers. I know they won the Super Bowl, and the Patriots scored even less, but they just can’t seem to connect.”

      (Rush) “The NFL Establishment will do whatever it can to make sure the Giants win the Super Bowl. If they lose, the “Establishment” will still make sure they win. Never mind that the players (every day voter) are playing the game, it’s the NFL Establishment that is determining this NFL season.” (Didn’t know I was “the Establishment,” thanks for clearing that up Rush. By the way, where does the Establishment meet, haven’t been to a meeting yet?

      (Santorum) “Nobody will play fair when I’m in the game (a debate) and keeps picking on me! (Re-watch the debates, he complains ALL THE TIME). Hey ref (democrats), will you help me?!”

      (The rest of the media) “Sure the Giants had more points, more yards, and more success, they’re not winning.”

      Say wha?!!!!!!!

      (Romney supporters) “Is it just me, or is the loser now the winner? Did the rules change and we weren’t notified?”

      (Me) “AWESOME! Since the loser is the winner that means I can consider the Broncos the 2012 champs. Sweeeeeeeeet! Where can I get my t-shirt?!”

  10. Ray says:

    Santorum and Gingrich combined got 44% of the Catholic vote in Michigan. Romney got that by himself. Rick hurt himself by criticizing Kennedy’s famous speech on religion and the Presidency. Big gaping hole in his foot from that! Romney was at the forefront fighting for Catholic religious freedom as governor like when Catholic adoption agencies were forced to close or offer adoptions to gay couples against heir beliefs. The last five US Ambassadors to the Vatican all endorsed Romney because they saw him battle for them when other current and former politicians stood on the sidelines and watched. Lastly the disingenuous robo call intended to sound like the unions were trying to rally a crossover vote against Romney only identified itself as coming from Santorum if the listener went to the last couple of seconds. It is one thing to openly ask Democrats to vote for you and another to try to trick them into so doing. Like my old Methodist Sunday School teacher used to say ” if it is meant to deceive or conceal the full truth, then it is still a lie”. It seemed more like a calculating former member of Congress technique, much like our former Congressman who is now President. Why do we think people coming from an institution of 10% approval will be good Presidents? It didn’t work in 2008 and it won’t now. Washington cannot fix Washington.

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